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October 26, 2020, 08:18:07 pm


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Socialism has advanced the USA

Started by Jim Jordan, September 05, 2007, 09:16:33 am

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Jim Jordan

September 05, 2007, 09:16:33 am Last Edit: September 05, 2007, 09:21:31 am by Jim Jordan
This an letter to the editor of the Warren Tribune in Warren Ohio. It is in response to letters attacking socialism.


The last two Sundays have featured letters to the editor saying,
"Socialism not the answer for the country.' Both have featured all the
corporate media phrases like: "Liberal, cradle to the grave mentality,
big government and big brother." They both used the saying, "Don't let
the camel's nose in the tent because shortly it's whole body will be in
there" to describe socialism as some kind of creeping evil.

When I see the average citizen fall for this rhetoric I know that the
real big brother, corporations and the right-wing think tanks that they
own have succeeded in their propaganda. These think tanks succeeded when
they were able to get the middle class to label the poor getting
assistance as, "welfare queens." This while the real welfare queen, a
corporation that owns the biggest discount store in the world got 1
billion in tax payer subsidies. This while a Massachusetts Institute of
Technology study found, 11 of the 14 most medically significant drugs
developed in the United States between 1970 and 1995 originated with
government-funded research. Then this public investment is privatized in
exclusive licenses to drug companies without return to taxpayers. Anyone
remember Neil Bush and the savings and loan scandal the taxpayers bailed
out? That bailout proved that, the foundation of corporate welfare is to
socialize the cost and privatize the profits

Most businesses wouldn't be able to survive in a free market system
because the government would not be able to protect them from free
market discipline. Dwayne Andreas, CEO of corporate giant Archer Daniels
Midland (ADM), in 1995 told a reporter, "the only place you see a free
market is in the speeches of politicians. People do not understand that
this is a socialist country."

Andreas and the letter writers are right we have socialism in this
country (the camel is under the tent) and it's not going away. If the
corporations and their think tanks have their way socialism to help the
needy will disappear and be funneled to help the greedy. Right now we
have a government of big business, by big business and for big business.
We need a separation of corporate and state.

Letter writer Karen Combs says we don't need Socialism; we need folks
like the Greatest Generation who provided for their own family. I think
she's absolutely right that we need lots of the things they were able to
utilize that made them the inspiration they are today. Things like
President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal socialized programs that
provided, direct relief, economic recovery, and financial reform that
benefited the Greatest Generation's parents and them. Then you had
socialized programs like the GI Bill, which offered young war veterans
cheap loans to pursue business opportunities and education that before
World War II would have been out of their reach. This government
assistance produced a thriving middle class. It educated hundreds of
thousands of teachers, scientists, doctors and engineers who fueled the
long postwar economic expansion. It made that generation stress the
value of education and of taking advantage of great government programs
to better your self. It taught that generation that programs like Social
Security and Medicare were worth fighting for. We need to remember that
the people are the government and our tax dollars should benefit us not
corporations that have no loyalty to this country.

Jim Jordan
Vienna, OH