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Started by Liandra, January 18, 2008, 04:17:43 am

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January 18, 2008, 04:17:43 am Last Edit: January 18, 2008, 04:23:17 am by Liandra
My name is Liandra Medeiros and I plan to save the World. I am a cancer survivor, turned community organizer, political candidate, community activist, life coach and Social Entrepreneur. I work as a TIME BANKS Coordinator in Rhode Island and wondered if anyone is actively working with Cultural & Linguistic Competency at the union/advocacy level. I'm new to this so if you have any suggestions/comments please let me know.
Mi nombre is Liandra Medeiros y planeo salvar el Mundo. Soy una sobreviviente del cancer, organizadora comunitaria, candidata politica, activista comunitaria, entrenadora de vida y empresaria social. Trabajo como coordinadora de TIME BANKS en el estado de Rhode Island y queria saber si hay alguien que este trabajando con COMPETENCIA CULTURAL & LENGUISTICA al nivel de las uniones/avogacia. Soy novicia en esto y si tienen sugerencias/comentarios - favor de dejarme saber.
"BE the change you wish to see in the World..." -Gandhi
"Debemos SER el cambio que queremos ver en el  mundo..." -Gandhi


Hello Liandra,

I am happy to welcome another recruit to the Save The World club.

After you get through experimenting with all those other ideas of yours, I hope you will consider looking into basic socialism. I don't see any way to save the world without first removing the ultra-rich from their positions of world control. They are blocking all avenues for humanity.

But it's good to be ready to save the world.



Quote from: Liandra;6424Cultural & Linguistic Competency at the union/advocacy level.

{I find I'm not going to have time today to compose the somewhat complex comment I had planned. Let me just say that "linguistic competence" is NOT a trait of the individual, like brown hair, tender skin,  big ears, sore muscles, etc. Rather, it is a _relationship_ between the person and the set of social relations within which she operates. Right now, for example, though I've read much interesting scholarship on "linguistic competence," and though I am in fact a very good writer, I lack linguistic competence in this immediate context because (a) I am short for time and (b) I'm not fully shure what _Linda_ means by such competence, nor what kind of linguistic competence is needed or desired by the people she is working with.  I will write again on this. Let just say now, there is _no_ connection between linguistic competence (however defined) and "intelligence," and real or supposed lack of such should not cause anyone to doubt his/her own comptence as a human being.

Carrol Cox



What a beautiful name, and thank you for the work you are doing.

As Carrol states:  
I'm not fully shure what _Linda_ means by such competence, nor what kind of linguistic competence is needed or desired by the people she is working with.

What I believe you are working at is helping people to understand the world they are living in more compentently.  This would include in your case....language?

I have a brother who is dislexic.  He is so cut off from the world and the way things work he is truely handicapped.  It would be the same with those who cannot understand English, living in America.  

I applaud those who are trying and I applaud you for making it possible for them.  You are doing a wonderful service to mankind.