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Posting Specifics

Started by Tony Budak, May 31, 2007, 11:22:21 am

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Tony Budak

May 31, 2007, 11:22:21 am Last Edit: September 24, 2007, 06:35:31 pm by Tony Budak
Posting Specifics
       a) Use of Copyrighted Material: Please do not post entire copyrighted articles. If you wish to reference an article, provide excerpts from the most important sections.

       -A link back to the original source is always required.
       Generally, excerpts should not exceed three or four paragraphs. Longer articles may require more to cover the important points.
       We will edit or delete posts that do not comply with this request.
       b) Where to Post: Select the most appropriate Category and Forum in which to post your message. Try to make sure someone else has not already started a discussion on the same subject before you post. Make sure that your subject line is clear and will help others understand what your topic is about without requiring it be opened and read. When posting links to articles, always use the name of the article in the subject line.
       c) Watch for Forum Specific Announcements and Stickies: If special rules apply to a particular forum, they will be posted in an Announcement or Sticky at the top of that forum. You are responsible for looking for, reading and abiding by those notices.
       d) Don't start new topics on existing discussions: If someone has already started a discussion/topic on a particular subject or article, please post your information in a reply instead of starting a new topic.
       e) Update Information on Older Topics: Posting to an older topic will cause it to rise back to the top. This will allow you to post updated information to an older discussion and still have it noticed by the forum participants.

       NOTE: This should NOT be done simply to try and get someone to pay attention to your message, i.e.  bumping  a post to the top. Moderators may bump a message back to the top if it provides an answer to a question being presented to them.
       f) Crossposting: Posting the same message across multiple forums (crossposting) as a complete duplicate is prohibited and will result in duplicate messages being deleted without notice. If you need to make the information available in more than one forum, post the original in the most appropriate forum and then post a link to it in other related forums. Start the subject line with the words, "Cross Link:"
       g) Subject Lines: Subject lines should clearly state what the subject matter is. Use subject lines that are meaningful to the information in your message so that users know if your message has information they are seeking. If posting articles, use the article title for your subject line so other forum participants can see that it has already been posted. Administrators and Moderators have the right to edit message subject lines without notice to the author.
       h) Punctuation and Format: To help make your message easier for members to read and respond to, use standard punctuation. Do not post in ALL CAPS or ALL BOLD.

       If you paste a message in from email or another source, make sure you have cleaned it up to remove line breaks that would cause the message to wrap prematurely. Inappropriate line breaks result in messages that are longer than necessary, causing a reader to have to scroll more. This is inconsiderate to other Forum participants.

       Continually failing to clean up your messages/posts will result in having them deleted or edited out by a moderator without notice. Our moderators are volunteers and are not responsible for constantly cleaning up after inconsiderate members.
       i) Graphics: Linked in graphics must be no more than 450 pixels wide. If your graphic causes the page to widen, a Moderator or Administrator will simply delete it without notice.
       j) Long URLs in Links: Long URLs that would cause the page to widened must be created using code that will provide a shorter text link. Use Snip It!

       k) Advertising: This forum does not permit the posting of unrelated business advertisements. Informing other participants of organizations that provide good tools or information related to the purpose of this forum and its members is allowed after approved by  a  Moderator.
       l) Need Help?: Messages about problems, questions or suggestions concerning this Forum should be posted here:
       m) Publisher Rights: Community Labor News through the appointed Volunteer Moderators and Administrators of this forum, reserves the right to move or delete any message that violates these Forum Policies.
       n) User Rights: Your use of this system indicates that you agree to abide by these Forum General Policies.
  Thank you for your attention!
With Respect and Cheers,
Tony Budak, Site Owner and Webmaster

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