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Rules, Disclaimers, Guidelines

Started by Tony Budak, May 13, 2007, 03:15:32 pm

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Tony Budak

Every website needs it's guidlines.

Sections of this document include:

- Rules
- Disclaimers
- Guidelines

Community Labor News Forum is a community for writers by writers. This means we are aware that writing not only includes a wide variety of genres, but a wide range of opinions and ways for writers to express themselves, and we like to be as tolerant as we can to all these differneces.

Having said that, however, we also believe that for the benefit of all who belong to this community, there should be some basic rules that ensure the smooth running of the board and a hassle and harassment free environment for the members. These rules are strictly enforced when necessary. They also serve as guidelines for arbitration should conflicts between members occur.

In practical application, we won't ban anyone outright for their first violation of a rule; instead a first violation will usually be followed up with a warning from a moderator and possibly a request for clarification. Repeated violations or more serious ones will lead to a temporary ban on the forum the violation occurred in, and chronic abuse to the rules and the webstie as a whole will lead to a permanent site-wide ban.

You will find these rules below. Please note that rules are subject to change as needed.


* Signatures and forum handles can not contain obscene or otherwise unsuitable material.

* Flaming and personal attacks will not be tolerated. This is a writing forum and critiques are expected; all comments, however, have to address the work, not the author. If you don't like someone's writing, tell the author what you do not like about it, and what you would change - most writer's appreciate constructive criticism - but do not, repeat NOT, under any circumstances engage in any attacks on the author's character, beliefs, or any other personal issues. Not only will any comments directed at a person instead of the post be deleted by the staff, indulging in behaviour like that is also one of the fastest ways to get yourself banned.

* Do not spam. Pick the most appropriate forum and post your thread there. Do not put the same (or slightly altered) post in each and every forum on the board.If you are not sure which forum is most appropriate, feel free to ask a staff member, or post in a forum you feel is closest to what you are looking for. If you feel there is no forum your post would fit in, please suggest one in the "Suggestions/Feedback/Questions" forum.

* Multiple accounts are not permitted. Do not sign up for more than one account, or it will be deleted. If you share your computer with a room mate or partner, please inform us if they also wish to open an account at Community Labor News Forum to avoid deleting of that account.

* No advertising that hasn't been approved by the management. You may have a link to your website in your signature and you are certainly encouraged to display your work in the "Rough Draft" categories, but please do not post anything that's plain advertising. If you want to advertise something writing related, please contact one of the moderators and your request will be discussed. Non-writing related advertisements aren't accepted on Community Labor News Forum.

* We implement a zero tolerance policy on links to warez, warez sites, or sites with pornographic or otherwise objectionable and/or illegal content. Posting such links can and will get you banned.

* Signatures must be limited to 4-5 lines. No excessive font use (like a million colors or 4 point fonts etc). Signatures may contain images, but those may not be animated. Signatures of images and text combined may not exceed 4 lines in height.

* All materials involving explicit content (18+). Must have a warning in the thread title or the byline. Please label accordingly (18+, explicit content, mature 18+, mature) etc.



Community Labor News Forum provides its members with a forum to present their works and share their ideas. Both rights to and responsibility for the content of a post remains with the person of the poster.

However, Community Labor News Forum retains the right to edit or remove content that is deemed illegal or otherwise inappropriate. In such a case a notice of editing will be added to the post; if a post was deleted the notice of that act will replace the original text.

Community Labor News Forum remains the sole judge of what is or is not appropriate material to post on this forum. However, if you feel that a post of yours has been treated unfairly, please contact one of the moderators for clarification and, hopefully, a solution of the matter.


Community Labor News Forum respects the privacy of its users. No member of the moderation team will ever approach a user with the request for private information, regardless whether online or offline matters, including but not limited to such items as password, address, telephone number and so on. Should anyone, at any time at all, approach you under the guise of a moderator or administrator to request such information, please instantly contact the administrator(s) of the board.

Furthermore, while Community Labor News Forum does not in any way accept responsiblity for its users behaviour while interacting with one another, we still encourage you to bring any inappropriate behaviour by another member to the moderators' attention. Keep a sense of proportion, though, and do not complain about minor issues that you might find personally annoying, but do not constitute a violation of what would generally be considered acceptable behaviour.

In such cases as outlined above, please provide any and all information you have related to the incident. Also, please bring issues of that kind to the attention of the appropriate person(s) privately, though PM or e-mail, not by posting about it on the forum. For the protection of all involved, any such posts will be deleted.

Lastly, Community Labor News Forum does not accept responsibility for any inconveniences or damages that may possibly result to a user caused by their own negligence or irresponsibility. To avoid any such possibility we strongly recommend that you do not share any private information with any person you do not really or only casually know. If you share any such information with someone, make sure it is someone you know reasonably well and can trust. Protecting your privacy is first and foremost your own responsibility. Be smart about it.


If rules are comparable to laws, then guidelines might be comparable to manners: they aren't as fixed as laws and people and usually aren't as strictly enforced. However, keeping them in mind usually makes for much smoother social interactions on the website. Equally, constantly disregarding them is very likely to make a person very unpopular. Unrepentant, perpetual, obnoxious behaviour can still get someone banned, even if in the literal sense no rule was violated.

Below are the CLN Forum's guidelines:

* Participate. Make good content posts. In particular, take the time to critique other member's contributions and do so properly (click here to learn how).

* Use appropriate language. Excessive use of profanity is frowned upon and should be avoided. When in doubt, use less. Community Labor News Forum will be the sole judge of what is considered appropriate and what not.

* If your post does contain material that is potentially offensive to others, for example using profanity or excessive violence or adult themes etc, please put a disclaimer before your work begins. Moderators who find a work potentially offensive may add a disclaimer if you have not done so.

* No "elite" or Chat Speak. We don't want to see a sentence composed solely of chat abbreviations, like "rofl 0mfg lyk tht shyt was tyte." It's okay to write a sentence and end it with "lol" or something like that, but excessive use will be edited and/or removed.

* No Caps Lock. Caps are considered shouting online and we consider constantly shouting at others impolite. Please do not post messages with the subject or post all in capital letters, or your message will be deleted.

* Quoting is encouraged, but please don't quote 5 paragraphs and reply with one line. Quote enough material to show what you are replying to.

* Please do not post simply for the sake of posting, just to drive your point's count up. We realize that at times very short posts and one-liners are appropriate, but in general, we discourage those. Please use good judgement.
With Respect and Cheers,
Tony Budak, Site Owner and Webmaster

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