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November 29, 2021, 09:04:33 am


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Republicans squash bill to pay for Vietnam vets' health care citing deficit woes

Started by AlterNet, December 18, 2018, 01:08:04 pm

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Republicans squash bill to pay for Vietnam vets' health care citing deficit woes

Despite passing 382-0 in the House, the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act has been stalled by the GOP.

In June, the House voted 382-0 to pass the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act, which would extend veterans? benefits to the numerous men who served off the coast of Vietnam during the war. Many of these men have had to spend a considerable part of their lives trying to prove that they were exposed to Agent Orange, leading to some, if not most, of their health problems. Since June, the act has been stuck in the Republican-led Senate. Last Monday, Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (NY) attempted to get the unanimous consent of the Senate to pass the bill.

If the Senate can get unanimous consent on a bill, it can move through approval considerably quicker, and this bill is a seeming no-brainer for Democrats and Republicans. There are no ?poison pills? attached to the act, no secret money for food assistance (giving to people who need it money for food is something that can really scare off Republican legislators). The only drawback to asking for a unanimous approval on the Senate floor is that the moment a single senator opposes the bill, the entire unanimous consent enterprise is scuttled. Of course, who would object to extending healthcare benefits to Vietnam veterans? Like, for real? Who? According to the Stars and Stripes, that would be Senator Mike Enzi (WY-R), chairman of the Senate Budget Committee.

?On this bill, many of us have been made aware of the potential cost growth and the budgetary and operational pressures that would happen at the VA,? he said. ?They?re having a lot of problems, anyway.?

He seems to be referring to the problems Trump?s VA has had doing anything right. Of course, Enzi also voted for the deficit-exploding Republican tax cuts for the wealthy.

?There?s clearly more work to do just on figuring out the spending and administration of this and the deficit impacts this bill will have,? Enzi said on the Senate floor.

Yup. The man that ignored the enormous deficit cost estimates the CBO calculated for his tax cuts is suddenly worried about how much paying for care for veterans with terminal illnesses?the result of them going to war for our country. According to the Stars and Stripes, Utah?s Republican Senator Mike Lee, a man who is so full of manure he could cultivate thousands of acres of soil, said he was waiting on ?science,? specifically a study Republicans asked for, after conservative elements in the VA argued that there wasn?t conclusive evidence that these veterans had imbibed the Agent Orange by way of water distillation plants aboard the carriers they rode during the war.


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Source: Republicans squash bill to pay for Vietnam vets' health care citing deficit woes