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We'll Take a Cup of Kindness Yet. Memoir and Manifesto
« on: November 09, 2018, 07:34:50 PM »
We'll Take a Cup of Kindness Yet. Memoir and Manifesto

The video above is from the October 2018 Dublin launch of  ?We?ll take A Cup Of Kindness yet?. In this the author explains why he wrote this book. In the discussion period that followed this introduction his friends and comrades shared their views on the book and also their experiences with the author, his life, and the ideas he raises and their common struggles. A video of the discussion and sum up of the event can be watched here.

By John Throne.   International Socialist.
And best selling-selling author of The Donegal Woman.

The author explains the theme of his book as follows:
Life on earth began 3.8 billion years ago. The first humans emerged 1 to 2 million years ago. Our planet today is full of the most wondrous and beautiful and varied forms of life. Capitalism now threatens this life with its climate change, its environmental degradation and its possibility of nuclear war. However there is an alternative. The collective power and collective brain of working people worldwide acting together can end capitalism and establish a democratic sustainable socialist peaceful world.

Born into a small farming Protestant Orange Order family in East Donegal, in the Republic of Ireland, John Throne became a socialist, an internationalist and an atheist. In this book he weaves together his family, personal, work and political lives. He explains the pain caused to his mother and family as he broke from their ideas and world. He recounts being banned from siblings? funerals. He describes his many illnesses and how these made him a more knowledgeable and capable revolutionary.  

He also explains the excitement and exhilaration as he acquired new knowledge. As he came to understand history, as he came to understand how capitalist society worked, how he came to understand how democratic socialism could work. He also explains the mistakes he and others would make who sought to fight capitalism and to help the working class organize. For some who are familiar with the author they will find it of interest what conclusions he draws from these experiences. And what changes he has made and is making to his revolutionary work.
Finally the author recalls his time in the urban working class centres of Derry, Dublin, London, New York and Chicago.  Yet through it all the whiff of the Irish countryside never leaves him.

Capitalism is on its sick bed ? in the night the Banshee wails.    
Both John Throne?s books,  ?We?ll Take A Cup Of Kindness Yet? and  ?The Donegal Woman? are  available on this link at takes orders to individuals and also bulk orders and posts nationally and internationally. 

A personal individual note. In spite of ?The Donegal Woman being a best seller I John Throne the author of both these books have never been able to get an agent or a publisher for my books. So I would like to make this request. If my readers find these books worthwhile please consider the following. I would be confident that all reading this have access to the Internet, to Facebook, to websites, to discussion lists, to personal and individual friends etc. I am confident that there are many people to whom you have access. So I would ask you please to forward this introduction and video on to your outlets. In this way it will be possible for many more people to see these books, to order them from and or to order them from their local bookshops that can also order them from This would be a very big help to me as the major publishers and agents, with few exceptions, only operate if they can make large profits.

I would also like to ask my readers to go to your local bookstores and ask the bookstores to order copies of both books for sale. With the rising of the women in Ireland and internationally there is much more interest now, particularly in ?The Donegal Woman?, than there was before.  Both books can be ordered by bookstores from or Argosy.   In Ireland the Eason?s stores with the exception of the franchise stores in Letterkenny will only take orders from Gardner?s, the English based distributor. Also I would appeal to my readers to consider that the time for buying presents is coming up and I suggest that either or both of my books would make a good present.  

Thank you. 
John Throne.  Author of ?We?ll take A Cup Of Kindness Yet? and ?The Donegal Woman?. 

I can be reached at:  Also, visit this blog's Facebook page at:
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