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WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE # 11 by Marty Goodman

Started by GREGORYABUTLER, May 07, 2007, 02:20:01 pm

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"WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE" # 11 by Marty Goodman

Marty Goodman 4/28/07

Below is the text only version of my #11 "With Friends Like These"
newsletter which examines the role of the Democratic and Republican
parties as the twin parties of management, owners, capital, etc. It
is written from the perspective of New York City transit workers in
TWU Local 100.

The version below does not contain two pictures in the original.
Email me at spewnyc@aol.com for the original version.

This issue was completed in March, before the NY State budget was
passed. Various time constraints prevented me from sending it until
now. A long "footnotes" section follows, which can be included or
omitted in any print-outs that people wish to make. It is on Legal
(8.5 X 11") sized paper.

This edition - a long one - touches on these issues:

1. TWU Local 100's mistaken election support to millionaire Eliot
Spitzer, now New York Governor.
2. An extensive profile of MTA CEO Eliot Sander, a Spitzer appointee.
Despite Sander's seemingly friendly approach, he is nevertheless part
of a corporate world that is involved in A) New Orleans disaster work
for the Bush Administration B) A lay-off scheme for New Orleans
transit workers C) "Private" support for the Defense Department and
the war for oil in Iraq.
3. The record of several "progressives" in the Democratic Party in
New York City. Highlighted is the vote to layoff municipal workers by
Charles Barron, a former Black Panther member, now Democratic
Councilman. Barron, along with the Democratic City Council majority,
voted to approve Bloomberg's 2004 budget. Laid-off were over 4,000
municipal workers.
4. We need a party of our own - a fighting labor party!


A newsletter dedicated to the notion that the Democrats and
Republicans are just a bunch of rich
schmucks that don't really care about transit workers. By Marty
Goodman, Station Agent, TWU Local 100


"On day one everything changes." Governor Eliot Spitzer "A
Democrat ain't nothing but a Dixiecrat." Malcolm X

TWU Local 100 President Roger Toussaint would have us believe that a
better contract can be won from Democrats. Oh, really? Short memory.
Our 1980 strike was against Democrats Governor Hugh Carey and Mayor
Ed Koch. During the strike, Koch - like Bloomberg - showed his racist
contempt for transit workers when he called us "bums." Koch led a
rush-hour procession of yuppies over the Brooklyn bridge to show his
contempt for strikers. In reality, our most successful strike was our
12-day strike in 1966 against Republican Mayor Lindsey, when the City
ran Transit. What mattered wasn't the mayor but TWU founding Pres.
Mike Quill's fighting strategy. Unlike Toussaint, Quill never
accepted a zero!

In `06, Toussaint, Watt and Lawson and other labor misleaders had
such a love affair with Democratic candidate Eliot Spitzer that it
got downright embarrassing. Labor Democrats were joined in their
Spitzer love-fest by the labor haters on the editorial boards of "The
Daily News" and "The Post." A Nov. 06 Local 100 Express headline
read, "Labor Scores Big."

As Attorney General, Spitzer played MTA hit-man against Local 100,
writing injunctions against us in 1999, 2002 and 2005. The
injunctions were based on the infamous anti-strike Taylor Law, passed
by both Democrats and Republicans after our 1966 strike. A union
buster, pro-war Democrat and supporter of the racist death penalty,
Spitzer deserves the contempt of labor [E-mail spewnyc@aol.com for my
Aug. 06 issue and/or my numbered footnotes listed in the text

The Governor wants to close many hospitals and clinics that include
big job cuts recommended by "The Berger Commission." The cuts hit
services for the poor, many in minority neighborhoods (see note #1).
He also wants to cut worker compensation and use pension funds to
subsidize housing. Hospital worker leader Dennis Rivera says
Spitzer's cuts are, "consistent with right-wing Republicans." (2)

Playing labor for chumps, Spitzer early on distanced himself from
unions, such as hospital workers. In December, Spitzer's eager
corporate sponsors erected a grotesque Stalin-era like exhibition at
Grand Central Station dedicated to their millionaire hero. It
featured hundreds of campaign photos projected on a wall. There was a
occasional union T-shirt visible but not a single photo of Spitzer at
a union rally or union hall. Sponsors included Roger Toussaint's
pricey Hollywood P.R. pimps, "Ken Sunshine Associates."

Toussaint, Watt and Lawson bought into the devil's bargain. They
supported a millionaire Democrat hoping to show members goodies at
election time. Never mind that Spitzer wants to screw working people
out of jobs and services. Just like the former Local 100 leaderships
they say `me first' and to hell with other workers!

But one of Gov. Spitzer's first acts was to stab Local 100 in the
back. Spitzer promoted Judge Theodore Jones to the NY State Appeals
Court, NY's highest. The rat Jones fined Local 100 $2.5 million, cut-
off dues check-off and jailed Toussaint for striking. It was
Spitzer's thank you from every boss. Much of the world views striking
as a Human Right - not Spitzer!

After endless puff-pieces, the media has not seriously challenged
Spitzer's big lie that he is somehow a so-called `progressive.'
Governor Spitzer, is in the mold of the pro-war, pro-Israel Senator
Hillary Clinton. Under the guise of "fighting terrorism," Hillary
Clinton supported the "Patriot Act," which attacks civil liberties,
including labor's right to strike. In 2001, Spitzer wrote the "Anti-
Terrorism Act," a NY State version of the Patriot Act (3).

Why must we support millionaires like Spitzer and his pro-boss party?
Local 100 should stop wasting our time and money on Democrats and
Republicans. We need to begin building a fighting labor party of


Spitzer has appointed Eliot "Lee" Sander as head of the Metropolitan
Transportation Authority. Some believe that because Sander was
appointed by a Democratic Governor, and not some crooked Republican,
he's somehow for us. Some even see in Sander's staged forays into
stations and bus terminals as a sign of change. Yeah sure, like
Bloomberg's subway rides or Bush's trips to Katrina ravaged New
Orleans. I say, check your next contract!

Eliot Sander is a company man and a corporate big-shot, like Kalikow.
The only difference is that, unlike Kalilkow, he may believe that you
can get more concessions from workers with a little sweet-talk. Don't
be fooled, the new MTA Chief has a corporate agenda just like

Below is an examination of Sander's corporate ties. The corporate
world he is part of has been involved in New Orleans transportation
and disaster preparation before and after Katrina. His corporate ties
link him with the Defense Department and the war in Iraq. While he
may or may not be involved directly in these areas, as a top
corporate executive, the likelihood of that being so is, in my
opinion, high.

Sander will receive $340,000 a year as an MTA chief, more than
Governor Spitzer. Sander was Chief of Transportation under the anti-
labor Mayor Rudolph Giuliani (94-96) and once headed Manhattan's MTA
buses. In addition, he is a NYC Taxi Commissioner and served-on or
headed many governmental and private transportation organizations.
He's held posts in housing and real-estate development in post 9-11
lower Manhattan.

Sander is a heavy hitter at a top ranked company called DMJM +
Harris. He is a DMJM Senior V.P. and head of their "Intergovernmental
Relations and International Projects" and is "Director of Strategic
Development." (4) He earned a degree at the CIA spook infested School
of Foreign Service at Georgetown University in 1977. (5)

DMJM has had $400 million in MTA contracts since 2001. It shares $350
million in contracts with the Arup company for designing the 2nd
Avenue subway (6). DMJM is also part of a 3-company $155.6 million
design team contract working on the Transit Hub project for the Port
Authority (7). Sander says he'll divest of all interests in DMJM. Oh,

DMJM was behind the "E-Z Pass" in New Jersey and elsewhere, a job-
busting scheme to automate highway toll-booths. DMJM also
promotes "greater participation by the private sector" as a solution
to transportation under-funding [read: screw unions] (8). Sander, in
agreement with Toussaint's pal Eliot Spitzer, promises that
a "seamless" regional transit "interoperability" will be, "very
aggressively" pursued (9), thus paving the way toward a regional
transit system and downsizing. Downsizing has been Transit's goal
since the introduction of the Metrocard and the sellout 1992 MTA/TWU
Automated Fare Collection Agreement. That agreement was embraced by
present-day Toussaint supporters Darlyne Lawson, Local 100 Treasurer.
At least in words, the TWU correctly opposed a regional transit
system because such a system's huge resources would be difficult to
defeat in a contract fight.

[Toussaint gave tacit acceptance to an advanced "second generation"
Metrocard in the 2002 contract. The high-tech E-Z pass technology
cards will accelerate eliminating NYC subway booths, attack job
security and rider safety. New "tap and ride" cards are now being
tested in midtown, using technology developed by E-Z pass. To defeat
downsizing, Toussaint relied on a failed alliance with Democrats and
their yuppie promoters, instead of worker action. Saving subway
booths and conductor jobs was virtually abandoned; save impotent
grievances. Question: What did Toussaint know and when?]

DMJM has its origins as an engineering firm for the U.S. military and
currently has many Defense Department contracts. DMJM is also
involved in major urban transportation systems in the U.S. and
abroad. The company also designs transport for the polluters in the
oil and gas industries. In addition, DMJM provides engineering and
consulting for major construction projects in the U.S., Middle-East,
Asia, Latin America, and Europe (11).

DMJM is a wholly owned by an even bigger corporation, AECOM, ranked
the 82nd largest U.S. corporation by "Forbes Magazine," which has
exceeded the growth rate of Bush-pals in the 9th ranked Bechtel
Company. 85% of AECOM income is from "defense and homeland security."
(12) An AECOM alumni was selected as Homeland Security's second in
command (13). AECOM brags it can, "compress schedules, lower costs,
reduce claims" and "streamline coordination" for transportation
bosses. Both DMJM and AECOM provide so-called civilian "support
services" to the U.S. military in Iraq as part of the criminal war
for oil and other military projects in the Middle-East (for more see
Part II).


In August 2005, hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans with 140 MPH winds,
arriving as a Category #5 storm. Levees were only designed to
withstand a Category #3 storm and not upgraded [some believed it
couldn't even withstand a Category #3 storm]. Despite hurricanes in
recent years, and numerous studies warning of catastrophe, disaster
funding was cut.

The city's system of levees and canals were designed, in large part,
to serve as a shipping lane and convenient sewer for oil industry and
petrochemical factories, The poor, living in low-lying areas, were
left vulnerable. Katrina's surges breached the levees a day after the
storm hit, flooding 80% of New Orleans. Katrina displaced 2.5 million
people and killed up to 2,000 (14). Hundreds died due to poor post-
Katrina health care, estimates Columbia Professor John Mutter (15).
Cuba, which has vast hurricane relief experience, offered to send
1,600 doctors but was rebuffed by Washington (16).

67% of New Orleans residents are African American, 28% living in
poverty. Amongst the worst hit by flooding was a New Orleans
community that was 80% Black. Overall, New Orleans residents have the
lowest percentage of car ownership of any U.S. city, including New
York (17). New Orleans working people depended on public buses.

Large-scale mock disaster drills were conducted in New Orleans in
2000 and `04 by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which
was merged into Homeland Security over protest. Tests revealed that
mass casualties were likely, especially for those without
transportation. FEMA consultant Robert Bea, a life-long engineer who
now teaches at U.C./Berkeley, called the 2000 test a "meltdown,
nothing worked. Its' recommendations not followed to this day" (18)

Decades of racist neglect in New Orleans by both Democratic and
Republican administrations in City, State and Federal government left
the poor and disabled, especially the Black community, vulnerable to
disaster. During Katrina itself, much disaster funding, Army personal
and equipment, had been diverted to Iraq in the bi-partisan war for

Moreover, the New Orleans' power-elite wanted to yuppify the city for
rich whites. Revealing their racist cruelty, Rep. Richard Baker (R,
LA) said, "We finally cleaned up public housing in New Orleans. We
couldn't do it, but God did." (19)

Sander's DMJM was involved in pre-Katrina evacuation and flood
control work. At least as early as 2001, DMJM had participated in
FEMA panels on disasters (20). DMJM won a June 2004 a contract with
FEMA that included, according to DMJM "disaster recovery
assistance," "risk analysis," and "emergency assistance during any
national disaster." (21) Moreover, DMJM was the #17 recipient of
Louisiana State's "professional contractor" funds during fiscal 2004
(22). During Katrina, DMJM was engaged in the City's response (23).
It has two offices in the city (24).

The world now knows that the city's Black community was left without
adequate protection or realistic evacuation plans. DMJM certainly
knew it well; three hurricanes hit the South after DMJM's FEMA
contract in 2004. So intimately involved was DMJM that after Katrina,
Thomas Jackson, a, Senior V.P. at DMJM, was asked to serve on a
federal post-Katrina review panel for the Bush administration

Before and after Katrina, Sander's DMJM were involved as consultants
on New Orleans public transportation projects (26). Unclear however
is the full relationship between the pre-Katrina DMJM and the much-
criticized Regional Transit Authority (RTA), the New Orleans public
bus company. It was definitely an RTA consultant after Katrina.

The RTA was designated as "the lead agency" to provide evacuation
transportation during a disaster as part of the city's official "New
Orleans Plan" (27). Not only was DMJM obligated to provide FEMA
with "risk analysis" on disaster issues, such as dams, etc, but it
also had, at the very least, a moral obligation to warn the public
about the irresponsible (racist) policies of the RTA and other

What happened during Katrina? Not only were Bush's FEMA buses not
dispatched in time to evacuate the mostly Black communities - despite
days of warning as Katrina intensified over the Gulf - but dozens of
RTA buses sat in garages. 197 buses were destroyed, according to the
RTA, instead of being used to take poor residents out of New Orleans
(28). A month before Katrina, RTA said that their disaster
plan "might" use "as many as 100" buses (60 persons per bus max), out
of a fleet of 364 (29). That would evacuate 22,000 or less than 1/5
the number estimated to need public buses. The RTA's inadequate plan
wasn't even followed. Many bus drivers, without seeing a serious plan
to rescue New Orleans residents, fled town.

The Houston Chronicle reported, "City officials had 550 municipal
buses and hundreds of additional school buses at their disposal but
made no plans to use them to get people out of New Orleans before the
storm, said Chester Wilmot, a civil engineering professor at
Louisiana State University and an expert in transportation planning,
who helped the city put together its evacuation plan." (30) As
Hurricane Katrina approached Sunday morning, New Orleans officials
finally told residents that city buses would be used to pick people
up at 12 sites and be taken to "shelters of last resort." One was the
hell-hole that was to be the Astrodome. The city's evacuation order
was issued just 19 hours before landfall.

As the world turned to the horrors of Katrina, Sander, as head of
DMJM's "Intergovernmental Relations" (since 2000) and "Director of
Strategic Development," was surely focused on New Orleans. He must
have been under pressure to explain the role of DMJM, FEMA and the
lack of RTA buses.

With DMJM's insider knowledge, did DMJM stand in front of TV cameras,
as others did, to expose the murderous policies that led to needless
death and suffering, particularly while it was happening? No. Did
DMJM quit FEMA in protest? No. Did DMJM Senior VP Sander speak out?
Maybe, but there's no evidence of that that I can find. Instead, DMJM
preferred to stay on Bush's gravy train, voicing only mild criticism
of engineering studies (31).

All of the corporate and government entities involved in the Katrina
tragedy should be held accountable at an open, public hearing and
subject to prosecution, if warranted, for their role in the Katrina

In 2002, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, an African-American Democrat,
appointed Jamea Reiss, a wealthy real-estate businessman, to head the
RTA. Mayor Nagin viewed himself as `a fan' of Reiss (32). Reiss
specialized in `turning-around' companies `in trouble' (read: attack
workers). Nagin later appointed Reiss to a blue ribbon panel to
oversee New Orleans "recovery" (33) Shortly before Katrina, Nagin
made a public statement warning to those who couldn't find
transportation out of the city, "you are on your own," the Democratic
party's death sentence for the poor.
A few days after the storm, the RTA's Reiss told "The Wall Street
Journal," ''Those who want to see this city rebuilt want to see it
done in a completely different way: demographically, geographically
and politically'' (34). Just like Israel's racist policies
in "occupied territories," the New Orleans elite hoped unbearable
conditions would provoke a permanent exodus of African-Americans and
other poor residents. In part, their criminal scheme worked.
According to the NYT, Reiss actually stated that he would leave town
unless there were `fewer poor people.' (35)

In June 2006, nearly a year later, the RTA, with greatly reduced
revenue, faced a cut-off of FEMA funding by the end of the month.
Reiss had hand-picked three corporate consultants to came up with a
plan to `save' the RTA. The consultants were "HNTB, a national firm
with experience in transportation; the PricewaterhouseCoopers
accounting firm; and the engineering firm DMJM." (36)

The consultant's plan was music to Reiss' ears. The plan? "Further
reduce the city's already limited bus service and lay off more than
half the agency's 760 employees." (37) The plan included
suspending "virtually all bus service in Eastern New Orleans, a
section hard-hit by Katrina's floodwaters that is struggling to come
back." (38) The corporate criminals recommended, reported "The Times-
Picayune," that "a reconfigured system will "lead the recovery"
rather than react to it." (39) The plan was submitted to the RTA
Board, which unanimously rejected it on June 16th. Said RTA Board
member Connie Goodly, "People want to know (there will be bus
service) before they come back." A few days later, Reiss resigned,
still committed to laying-off workers and slashing service.

As we've seen, the corporate consultant's agenda was in-sync with
the "ethnic cleansing" desired by the New Orleans elite. RTA workers,
mostly African-American, would be out of jobs and would likely not
return to their neighborhoods. Like the phony "budget deficits" at
the MTA or municipal layoffs due to successive NY City budget crisis
(see below), the burden is always placed on the backs of working
people by corporate criminals like Reiss and his consultants. [Look
out Local 100 members: MTA Chief Sander says there's a billion plus
deficit coming up in 2008!]

In the end, the RTA received an extension of funding and restored
partial service. But, layoffs occurred anyway, including low-
seniority bus drivers that stayed at their posts after Katrina. Said
one, "It's a kick in the face!" (41) According to one report, RTA
buses in service is still down 83% in 2007 (42).


DMJM, which has several subdivisions, is wholly owned by AECOM (43).
AECOM had its origins in Ashland Oil of Kentucky. In 1975, Ashland
admitted to secretly funneling $700,000 to re-elect Watergate
criminal Richard Nixon and other Republicans and Democrats. Also
in '75, its' CEO, Orin Atkins, guru of Ashland expansion, admitted
paying $500,000 in bribes to officials in Nigeria, Gabon, the
Dominican Republic and Libya. In 1980, the SEC accused Atkins of
paying millions in bribes to the sultan of Oman, after which Atkins
resigned (44).

AECOM, formed in 1990, ranked as the 82nd largest U.S. corporation by
Forbes Magazine in '06 (45). It receives nearly $1 billion in
government contracts, 85% of which is from the Defense Department and
Department of Homeland Security (46). AECOM's subsidiary DMJM H & N
maintained a "large presence" in several Mid-East countries
specializing in "operations and maintenance of military systems"
(47). Today, AECOM's DMJM H&N successor "AGS," in a three company
partnership, maintains U.S. attack aircraft, rocket systems, tanks,
artillery, bulldozers and Humvees (48). AGS, says it, "manages 3,5000
employees on this $1.4 billion (estimated) contract to provide
support for the U.S. Army Central Command-Kuwait" during "Operation
Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom." AGS boasts, "During
the height of military operations, we supported 70 fuel tankers...per
month" (49)

AECOM-DMJM is in Iraq providing so-called "civilian support services"
to the military (50). In fiscal 2004, AECOM won a $21.6 million
contract to provide, according to "The Center for Public
Integrity," "support for the Coalition Provisional Authority's six
sector program management offices." (51) In fiscal 2005, AECOM had
federal contracts totaling over $159.5 million, about 90% from the
Department of Defense (DOD) (52). In 2005, AECOM-DMJM had three DOD
contracts performed inside Iraq totaling about $50 million (53). In
2006, AECOM won a $50 million contract to "oversee reconstruction
efforts" in Iraq, helping the U.S. put a `humanitarian' face on its'
oil grab, during which over 600,000 Iraq's and 3,000 GI's have now
died (54). AECOM firms PADCO, DMJM and Maunsell are managing the $18
billion post-war reconstruction program (55). Recently, U.S. funded
corporate "reconstruction" projects in Iraq were the subject of a 579
page report by a U.S. Inspector General, charging widespread
corruption and waste.

In the U.S., DMJM's DOD contracts include supposedly `non-combat'
services like "maintenance, repair and rebuilding of equipment"
and "professional, administrative and support," and also "utilities
and housekeeping services" contracts, (the latter in Louisiana,
perhaps Katrina related?) (57). AECOM is also in partnership with
the Omega Training Group, Inc., which serves a dozen key Army camps,
like Fort Benning, GA and Fort Bragg, NC. Omega supplies "trained
personnel to manage mobilization planning" and "full personnel
support for mobilization, deployment, redeployment and
demobilization." Omega also provides "weapons training," including
personnel that will "supervise live fire ranges." (58).

AECOM also provides "blast resistant design" for government and
corporate projects in the Middle-East and elsewhere (59). The 60%
owned AECOM company, "Combat Support Services" (CSA), is in Kuwait,
doing base support and equipment maintenance to the U.S. Army and
conducting "live-fire exercises." (60) After the `91 war, CSA was
under contract in Camp Doha, Kuwait, a strategic jump-off point for
U.S. aggression against Iraq in 2003. CSA supplies "force on force
training, range control and camp security."(61)

AECOM-DMJM as it is sometimes hyphenated, provides crucial
transportation, engineering, food, etc. needs of an occupation. Of
course, such private "support" frees more money and personnel for
strictly combat purposes. It also promotes a corrupt and
downsized "private sector" model in occupied third-world countries.
AECOM-DMJM are no less a part of the Iraq slaughter than the U.S.
military brass and war criminals like Bush.

The growing "privatization of war" began under Democrat Bill Clinton
(62). Military privatization contributed to abominations like the
torture of Iraqis at the Abu Ghraib prison and widespread corruption
(Halliburton). What do Iraqi's think of so-called private "support
services?" In 2004, an Iraqi crowd seized four Halliburton security
guards and had them, "burnt, beaten, dragged through the streets and...
hung from a bridge." (63)

AECOM, in partnership with its' subsidy AGS, also has a so-
called "Civilian Police Program" to "recruit, house, equip, train,
and deploy law enforcement personnel...[and] provide logistical
services (in joint venture)" in such banner human rights nations as
Haiti, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Jordan, etc. (64). AECOM brags it also
works with the U.S. Agency for International Development, a notorious
CIA conduit (65).

Whatever pseudo "Human Rights" goals AECOM might claim, its' role
helps rationalize and reinforce the brutal U.S. military intervention
in Iraq, Afghanistan and Haiti, etc. and train a new corps of thugs
required to help maintain order, that is, occupation, i.e., profits.

In December 2005, DMJM announced a partnership with Strategy X, Inc.,
to acquire Homeland Security contracts. Strategy X, Inc. is involved
in "security assessments, installations, integration management and
maintenance on all of the Air Force's highest priority resources and
security systems including the nation's highest priority weapons
systems." (66). Strategy X was also teamed with L-3 Government
Services, Inc. to engineer and design systems "for ground combat
forces throughout SW Asia in support of the Marine Corps." (please
see 67)

DMJM's parent AECOM is part of a joint venture with top high-tech
weapons manufacturer Northrup Grumman (NG), which landed an
incredible $2.5 billion contract in 2006 to run the Nevada Test Site,
a top nuclear weapons facility (68). NG is the world's #2 defense
contractor (69). NG's "Vinnell Corporation," received at least $48
million to train the new Iraqi army (70). Vinnell had previously
trained the Saudi National Guard for the corrupt
Royal Saudi dictatorship (71).

I believe AECOM-DMJM may itself be involved in military "security"
projects inside Iraq/Afghanistan is high, given all of the above, but
its' hard to prove. If so, high-tech "security" for weapons systems
and/or military facilities provides a measure of invulnerability for
invading troops. That kind of "security" is `offensive,' not
merely `defensive.' It consolidates imperialistic penetration and
exploitation - and slaughter.

It's no wonder Governor Spitzer, who is pro-war and pro-Israeli
occupation, appointed Sander to a sensitive spot in post-9/11 New
York. AECOM-DMJM is part of what many denounce as the Military-
Industrial Complex.


Not one of New York's so-called "progressive" Democrats challenged
Spitzer's phony reformer image. As Attorney General Spitzer avoided
clashing with millionaire Governor George Pataki's old-boy network.

Neither did they expose Spitzer's Taylor Law loving record, which
includes Spitzer's silence when two mild Taylor Law reforms were
passed by the NY Assembly in August 2006 and vetoed by Pataki. Almost
all of the Assembly Democrats and Republicans voted for the reforms,
but cynically refused to over-ride

Some Democrats, like Roger Toussaint, pretend they're part of the
party's phony "Left Wing." They only help perpetuate the
Democrat's "Big Lie" that there is a progressive wing of this bought
and paid for party. Toussaint endorsed pro-Iraq war Democrats Hillary
Clinton, Chuck Schumer, John Kerry and Eliot Spitzer.

Another "Left wing" Democrat is former Lower-East side Councilwoman
Margarita Lopez. After Bloomberg awarded her projects funding, she
said, "I love him," and supported him for re-election in 2005 (72).

Another is City Councilman Charles Barron, a former Black Panther.
Many of the survivors of the heroic Panthers - many of whom died at
the hands of racist cops - committed political suicide by merging
into the Democratic Party.

In 2005, Barron withdrew his candidacy for Mayor in favor of
supporting ex-civil rights worker turned hack Democrat, Manhattan
Borough President Virginia Fields. As Borough President from 1997 to
2005, Fields never once denounced the three Taylor Law based
injunctions levied against Local 100. In 1999, following the cop
murder of Amadou Diallo, she made excuses for Mayor Giuliani and
Police Commissioner Safir, calling Diallo's murder an "isolated
tragedy." (73) Isolated? Like Abner Louima and Sean Bell?

BOX ON BUDGET VOTE: (below) A partial list of Democratic City Council
votes on the 2004
NYC budget. Barron (my underline) & Lopez voted for Bloomberg's
budget, which included over 4,000 layoffs of municipal workers.

Gotham Gazette Web City Government/City Laws

Passed City Council: June 27, 2003 Mayor not decided

After months of negotiations, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the City
Council agreed on a $43.7 billion budget for the new fiscal year,
which began July 1. Many services that the mayor had threatened to
cut -- child health clinics, libraries, scholarships to city
universities, weekend meals for the elderly, and zoos in Brooklyn and
Queens -- were spared. However, the spending plan still eliminated
jobs for 4,000 city workers, cut stipends for teacher supplies in
half, and closed six firehouses.

How Council members Voted: 48-Yes o-No o-Abstain 3-Absent


Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. Democrat
32 Yes
Tony Avella
Democrat 19 Yes
Maria Baez
Democrat 14 Yes
Charles Barron
Democrat 42 Yes
Tracy L. Boyland Democrat
41 Yes
Gale A. Brewer
Democrat 6 Yes
Yvette D. Clarke
Democrat 40 Yes

Text: www.gothamgazette.com/city/vote_records.php?s=3&id=69


In 2003, Barron, Lopez, and the City Council Democratic majority all
voted for Bloomberg's job-slashing budget [SEE BOX]. The budget cuts
put the burden of a so-called budget crisis on working people, not
Wall Street (sound familiar transit workers?). Over 4,000 municipal
workers, a large number Black and Latino, were laid-off and city
services were cut. (74)

The treacherous role of the Democratic Party in 2004 echoed their
betrayal in the 1970's during the New York City's so-called fiscal
crisis. 63,000 municipal workers were laid off. That historic
betrayal was engineered by the big banks and a Democratic city and
state government, with labor Democrats agreeing to layoffs. (75)
Workers need their own party!



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