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October 28, 2020, 10:00:27 pm


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TOTW: Privacy

Started by AnarchistNews.org, November 07, 2017, 11:05:36 am

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TOTW: Privacy

As many of you know we at https://anarchistnews.org have attempted to preserve your privacy since our founding. The core server does not maintain logs (except when troubleshooting and then they are removed), the Drupal software at the heart of @news has the Indymedia log clearing plugin installed (and removes logs every 20 minutes), we, as a rule, try to remove legal name information. Our question is, does anyone care? I know a few diehard technophiles will jump in and talk about how -their- privacy is the most important thing they own and we are fools to even entertain any other option but is it true?

As far as we can tell, a lot more anarchy talk (which is at the heart of this project) is happening on Facebook than here. Even as we have become more balanced (and not run by one person) their seems to be an increasingly engaged audience that only talks about changing in the world in the most heavily surveilled Internet space every constructed. Yes, there are outliers but many (if not most) users of the Internet seem perfectly fine giving up their privacy for ease of use and lack of friction.

Does this mean that our goals of a broad conversation are misplaced (because corporations are going to be better web designers than DIY projects)? or does it mean that, perhaps, privacy is a bourgeois conceit that makes no sense in this new world we live in?


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