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October 26, 2020, 08:14:08 pm


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Samir Amin, "The Election of Donald Trump"

Started by Monthy Review, December 05, 2016, 11:00:30 pm

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Monthy Review

Samir Amin, "The Election of Donald Trump"

MRZineThe recent election of Donald Trump after Brexit, the rise of fascist votes in Europe, but also and much better, the electoral victory of SYRIZA and the rise of Podemos are all manifestations of the depth of the crisis of the system of globalized neoliberalism.  This system, which I have always considered unsustainable, is imploding before our eyes at its very heart.  All attempts to save the system -- to avoid the worst -- by minor adjustments are doomed to failure.  The implosion of the system is not synonymous with advances on the path to building a truly better alternative for people: the autumn of capitalism does not coincide automatically with the spring of the peoples.  A caesura separates them, which gives our epoch a dramatic tone conveying the gravest dangers.  Nonetheless, the implosion -- because it is inevitable -- should be grasped precisely as the historic opportunity offered to people.  It paves the way for possible advances towards the construction of the alternative, which comprises two indissociable components: (i) at the national level, the abandonment of the fundamental rules of liberal economic management for the benefit of popular-sovereign projects giving rise to social progress; (ii) at the international level, the construction of a system of negotiated polycentric globalization.  Parallel advances on these two levels will become possible only if the political forces of the radical left conceive the strategy for them and succeed in mobilizing the popular classes to make progress toward their attainment.  That is not the case now, as demonstrated by SYRIZA's retreats, the ambiguities and confusions of the British and US votes, and the extreme timidity of the heirs of euro-communism.

Source: Samir Amin, "The Election of Donald Trump"