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Forum Ground Rules

Started by Tony Budak, May 31, 2007, 10:44:41 am

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Tony Budak

May 31, 2007, 10:44:41 am Last Edit: February 17, 2008, 04:43:18 pm by Tony Budak

The following policies are posted to protect the work of this forum and to assist in making the communications here as valuable as possible for the greatest number of people. We appreciate your taking the time to read through them and your assistance in complying with the policies to the greatest extent possible.
The best on-line communities are "self-policing" and focused on the common good of the community. We welcome your contributions, support and suggestions.      The following General Policies are subject to change as experience and community demands require.      

NOTE: All users must log in at least once every 60 days to maintain an active account. Inactive accounts are routinely deleted.

Freedom of Speech?
Although the constitution of the US guarantees that Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech, this website is not a Congressional nor  U.S. Governmental site. Freedom of speech rights do not extend to this privately owned website. The TOS/Forum Ground Rules of this website governs the behaviors and activities of the members. If you choose not to follow the guidelines agreed to during registration, the result is a disabling of your account.

Rule #1: NO FLAMMING any post, or reply, or about anyone, on the forum! The purpose of this forum is a learning one. The wild free speech post is for what happens outside this forum. Disrespect will only get you in trouble. We enforce this rule more than any other!

Rule #2: No outside job postings ... PERIOD. If found they will be deleted! Next you will be banned, no excuses or exceptions.

Rule #3: No pointing fingers If you have problems with someone, let an administrator know, and proper action will be taken.

Rule #4: No Double Posting. By this we mean do not post your topic, then go into another forum and post the same. This will only cause confusion for others.

Rule #5: No Spamming  Do not start this. You get one warning, then you get banned.

Rule #6: The Search Function is a handy gizmo, remember to use it.

Rule #7: All advertising must be approved.

Rule #8: Avatar Limits
Rule #9: Signiture Limits
  • Signature's length cannot be greater than 4 lines
  • Signiture's text size connot be greater then size 4
  • Signatures must be in English only
  • Links to adult sites are not allowed
  • Political, religion & racist signatures are not allowed
Content is responsibility of authors & is not necessarily fact.  
Relax, learn, and have fun. Remember that.
With Respect and Cheers,
Tony Budak, Site Owner and Webmaster

Please do not email or PM me for CLNews technical  support. Instead Post Questions and Concerns Here