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The Peak: Resisting Line 9 | April 2013

Started by AnarchistNews.org, April 11, 2013, 01:46:48 am

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The Peak: Resisting Line 9 | April 2013

From The Peak

Tar Sands Oil  into Southern Ontario

In this issue of The Peak, we bring together a collection of articles focusing on Enbridge?s Line 9 Pipeline Reversal. As Tar Sands oil expands into the east, its development intersects with environmental injustice, resistance, Indigenous sovereignty and economic plundering. While this pipeline is an environmental catastrophe waiting to happen, it is not the only factor at play. It must be viewed within the dynamics of power, capitalism and colonization within the Canadian state.

Line 9 is an illogical project put forth by the oil rich company called Enbridge. This pipeline reversal would seek to change, for the third time, the directional flow of oil from Sarnia to Westover and onward to Montrèal ports. This west to east reversal would solidify a network that would allow for Tar Sands bitumen to reach the Atlantic coast. If this is successful, it will allow for the expansion of the largest, most destructive industrial construction project on Earth.

This cannot happen.

Line 9 was constructed in 1976, it was never built to handle the type of heavy crude extracted in Alberta. Thus, it is not a matter of if it will break, but a matter of when it will happen. We all need clean water, we need the natural world and this pipeline is going to cross the Grand River, pass through major urban areas and encroach upon many Indigenous reserves without negotiation and without consent.

From the West Coast down to Texas, people are rising up and resisting the implementation of pipelines.

Ask yourself what do you stand for, at what point do you draw the line, and why?

In this issue you?ll find specific information about the Line 9 reversal:  how it will be done, the pipeline?s route, how it relates to other pipeline projects, who stands to benefit, as well as an analysis of the project and the opposition to it in terms of political and economic power relations.  The potential for severe social and environmental consequences is discussed, as well as the potential for severely awesome resistance.  Local organizing in Hamilton, an action group in Guelph, and a new province-wide network are some of the many different ways to get involved - and you can read about them all here.

This is one we can win.  Now?s the time!


The Peak Collective

Volume 52, Issue 4 April 2013
Table of Contents

Introducing...Tar Sands Oil to Southern Ontario by the Peak Collective

Resisting Line 9
Tar Sands Pipelines as Bottle-Necks by Anonymous
Points of Intervention by Anonymous
Against the Reversal by Anonymous
Aamjiwnaang/Sarnia Line 9 Gathering by Zel

News from the Front Lines
Community Picket Line Held at Hamilton High School by Devin K
Responses to Gentrification by A Social Rebel
News Briefs: Spring Issue by Peggy K.
Report Back from Simcoe: Response to EI Cuts for Migrant Workers by Mina Vonnomechingues
Police are the Army of the Rich: International Day Against Police Brutality by Bryan Hill
There is No Justice at Grand Valley by Tammy Lee
Repression News Briefs by Bryan Hill (Guelph ABC)

Arts & Culture
The Memory of Soil: Wonderings from the Guelph Tracking Club by James Nowak
Broken Thunder: The Story of the Passenger Pigeon by James Nowak

Is Gender the Lynchpin to Ending Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining? By Joshua Coby

The Unseen by Bryan Hill
Tangled Roots by Aiden Globe
Flammable by Joshua Coby


Source: The Peak: Resisting Line 9 | April 2013