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October 26, 2020, 08:22:11 pm


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Six Years "already" Join me at SF Police Commission City Hall 6-13-07

Started by iolmisha, June 10, 2007, 09:53:27 am

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Six Years "already" ? Coming up :
Anniversary of Idriss "E" Stelley 's Execution
by the Thugs in Blue

By meshá Mongé-Irizarry, Idriss' Mom

The dreaded countdown is on again. It seems like yesterday...

As every relative and extended families of Loved Ones Murdered  by Law Enforcement,  I still routinely hear to this day:

"Yeah.... But what did he do ?"

"Idriss WHO ?.... OH YEAH ! That Black raging nut with a knife, like, 10 years ago?"

Idriss Stelley Foundation, that provides direct services for Victims and Survivors of Police Brutality, in the very heart of SF Bayview,  suffered 2 break-ins last year, still get flooded with the usual racial slurs postings on its website, and "anonymous" death threats slipped under the office door at night on a routine basis. We just file them away. Business as usual.

Our 24 HR Bilingual Spanish Crisis Line is ringing off the hook, days and nights. Mary and Willie Ratcliff of the SF Bayview Newspaper send us new clients every other day, we work in the same building complex...

On Wednesday 6-13-07, to honor the memory and legacy of my only child Idriss "E" Stelley, 23 yr. AfriKan American honor student, I will, once more, bore  the Police Commission, the top SFPD brass staff, the Police Officers Association, and the Holice fans populating the Commission's Chamber,

(sadly, no community and grieving family members care to show up any longer nowadays, having  lost all hope in the SF Justice System... Hopefully our new Police Commissioner President, Theresa Sparks, Commissioners Petra de Jesus and David Campos are about to  rekindle their faith... to the demise of soon to depart Mayor Gavin Newsome...)

The hearing will be at 5:30 pm, City Hall,  room #400...

On the very same day of the week,a Wednesday that Idriss left our Valley of Injustice. I still wake up screaming,  reliving that dreadful night, when I heard the 48 shots through his girlfriend cell phone, 11:09 p.m.

Please join me to demand Transparency and Accessibility from SFPD, SF District Attorney and SF City HELL, for ALL our Families devastated by Law Enforcement Murders.

Adversely reacting to the Killing of young AfriKan student Amadou Diallo in New york in 1999, the FBI drastically reduced their investigations on Police Misconduct. 2 years later, 3 months after Idriss' Murder, 9/11.... 65% of FBI staff was rerouted into "Homeland Security" and Anti Terrorist Hype. .

Because this is not evidently NOT about Idriss Stelley, just one slaughtered Young Brother of Color among too many.

It is about the exacerbation of police assassinations that is sweeping our country, with all impunity..... With the wonderful last week 's exception Activist Juanita Young,
(in spite of repeated intimidation, physical abuse, incarceration, and vilification, shamelessly perpetrated by NYPD, the "conservative community " and the corporate press,  over the past decade), just won a 10 Million settlement ! Which is not bringing her child back...

In 2003, Idriss Stelley Foundation processed its very first donation: $2000 were allocated to Sister Juanita Young, criminalized by NYPD, once again, and facing imminent eviction.

We salute our brighly Shining Star Sister Juanita, whose courage and persistence vindicated the memory of her child, and refuels Hope and Healing for all our Grieving Families !


The Copley Vs. San Diego Supreme Court decision, barring public access to all police misconduct recird, is about to be reversed. The People will prevail.


No... But there is no "time table" for families and friends never ending grief...:

See: Consequences of Law Enforcement Murder on Grieving survivors,
Compiled by Danny Garcia, National President of Families Against Murders by Law Enforcement:

1.` Feelings of Isolation, helplessness in a world that is now seen as hostile and uncaring, and that always blames the victim.

2. `Feelings of guilt for not having been able to protect the victim.

3. Painful memory of a mutilated body at the morgue or in pictures and the knowledge that your loved one suffered.

4. Agony behind waiting during protracted periods of time when attempting the retrieval of personal belongings of a murder victim.

5. Pain inflicted by Sensational and inaccurate media coverage
of loved one and his/her life.

6. Anger and powerlesness over Police and District Attorney withholding information

7. Feelings of powerlesness over Criminal Misconduct and Cover Up.

8. Life Long grief.

9. Loss of ability to function on the job, at home, school, etc.

10.Strain on marriages and relationships , often resulting in divorce, abd family estrangement

11.Devastating impact on health, faith, values and future aspirations.

12. Adverse Iimpact on family members, children, friends, co-workers, future relationships, etc.

13. Compounded grief though the indifference of the community, including professionals, FBI and the Department of Justice to the plight of survivors.

14. Pain inflicted through society's attitude regarding law enforcement Murder as an acceptable behavior.

15. Severe financial hardship of medical and funeral expenses.

16. Burden of high medical expenses incurred through stress related illnesses and professional counseling for surviving family members.

17. Considerable financial burden of hiring lawyers, private investigators, medical professionals, etc.

18. Compounded grief of public and political sympathy for law enforcement murderers.

19. Feelings that law enforcement murderers gets all the help, while; survivors of homicide victims have no rights.

20. Feelings of outrage about no criminal charges ever being filed.

21. Feelings of outrage about the absence of independent government investigations

22. Feelings of powerlesness around disparities in the Judicial System: frequently prosecution of property crimes is greater than the prosecution around taking a human life).

23. Anger over basic procedural violations that the internal or judicial system are unwilling to prosecute when law enforcement Murders.

24. Despair about Unanswered Questions about the Killing of a Loved One: What REALLY happened?

25. Feelings of powerlesness around Unanswered Questions:
Why do the District Attorney, the State Attorney General office, the FBI or Justice Department fail to prosecute for blatant crimes ?

26. Bitterness and loss of faith in the American criminal justice system.

27 Life long re-exacerbation of Grief everytime one reads about new Law Enforcement Murders

28 Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD)

(For individual &Family Counseling,
and VictoryOverViolence Support Groups,
please call (415) 595-8251
Idriss Stelley Foundation
In Collaboration with F-A-M-L-E
24HR Bilingual Confidential Crisis Line).

SF_VILLAGE_VOICE Community Radio 100.5 f.m.
in the Heart of SF Bayview Hunters Point
A project of idriss Stelley Foundattion
Call live on the air: (415) 822-4732.
For booking interviews, and Free M.C. Training
Call Radio Station Manager Fernando Venceramos
(415) 504-4764 or (415) 822-4732

?Each new hour holds new chances for new beginnings.? - Maya Angelou

Photos Below, Left to Right:

1 - Idriss with "my dog Nanok, Tyler my kitty remember me ?"

2 - Idriss, 14 yr. volunteer on SFGH AIDS ward with his mom

3 - Last picture of "E" alive with mesha days before his murder

4 - Idriss ready to play some football______________________________________