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[1] The Trials of Julian Assange. Why Washington Sees Wikileaks as an Existential Threat

[2] Kiev Provocations directed against Russia, Ukraine Attempts to Usurp UN Security Council Agenda, Martial Law

[3] Seven Days of Failures for the American Empire

[4] Are the Gilets Jaunes Today?s Sans-Culottes?

[5] The Significance of Human Duties and Responsibilities

[6] Selected Articles: Assaults on Freedom of Speech

[7] Trump Regime ?Revolving Door? Changes: William Barr as Attorney General

[8] The Deathly Insect Dilemma. ?It is not Normal for 50%-to-90% of a Species to Drop Dead?

[9] China?s Ban on Imports of ?Foreign Garbage?: No More of Your Junk


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