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Title: Mentoring
Post by: Millwright Ron on February 09, 2008, 04:50:29 pm
Our member's willingness to continually upgrade and share their
skills is what separates us from the competition."
"Brotherhood is: defined as a fraternity of men with a common
interest and creed. We can have a very strong Brotherhood."
Mentoring is: the process in which journeymen go out of
their way to help other journeymen to develop their skills and Pride in Their Union."
"There is no better joy than to give back to that, which has been
given to you"
"The ability to provide assistance creates an environment to promote
Brotherhood and Unionism. It is both rewarding and empowering. "
" By stepping forward to accept this challenge, you have shown the
spirit needed for growth and survival in the new millennium."
Does your Union have a Mentoring program? Can you except this
challenge? Are you a can do Union man? Where do you want your Union
to be in the Future? It is up to us to make our Unions Strong and Live.
Millwright Ron
Be Proud and Say It Loud.