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Title: Purpose Statement
Post by: Tony Budak on March 12, 2007, 05:41:39 am
Editor's Note,  If you wish to help, our information and people needs relate to the following text, they are not the last word, but they are a beginning. 

The Community Labor News (home page), ( connects community and labor in solidarity using direct action for working class goals.

  The C. L. Writers' Forum Vision ( , is to host writers, journalists, authors who work their trade and write from a bottom-up working class point of view, and to host a working class readership.

This website forum will explore a politics that affirms:

1. Decentralization, solidarity, and anarchism (   We should not focus our energies on the selection of new national leaders, whether union presidents or presidents of the United States.

There must be complete freedom for rank-and-file shopfloor direct action  at all times (no no-strike clause). 

In the long run there will be no  way to stand up to plant closings until the labor movement together with its  allies in the community is prepared to take over the plants and run them itself  (no management prerogatives clause).

We need to build a horizontal network of self-organized communities and worker-managed workplaces.

2. Internationalism (  Efforts to protect or privilege workers in the United States at the expense of poor people in other countries should be opposed.

The beginning of all wisdom is to recognize that the center of gravity of the  international workers' movement is now in Latin America and other areas outside  the United States.  We in the imperialist heartland cannot win alone.  We must  take whatever small steps we can to begin to be part of something broader than  our own country.  In the words of Tom Paine, William Lloyd Garrison, and Albert  Parsons:  My country is the world, my countrymen are all mankind.

3. Nonviolence (
  Some day they'll have a war and nobody will come. In the meantime, individuals should refuse to take part in imperialist wars.

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