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Title: Israel the Victim.
Post by: Richard Mellor on May 15, 2018, 06:00:41 PM
Israel the Victim.

Reprinted from Mondoweiss

Israel distorts timeline of events to play victim in the dangerous escalation with Iran and Syria


Here?s the actual order of events:

* Just one hour after Donald Trump violated the Iran  nuclear deal on May 8, Israel launched missiles against targets south  of Damascus, Syria, reportedly killing 15 people, at least 8 of them  Iranians.

* In response, Iran early this morning  apparently struck back with 20 rockets aimed at the Golan Heights,  (which is occupied by Israel since 1967 but is still legally part of  Syria).

* Hours later, Israeli warplanes attacked dozens of allegedly Iranian targets in Syria.

The mainstream Western media is falling into  Israel?s propaganda trap. Most reports are treating the Iranian rockets  as the original provocation, and framing Israel?s massive air strikes as  the (understandable) response. Unusually, the New York Times coverage was actually moderately less biased than other outlets, such as the Washington Post and the BBC. The Times at least noted ? down in paragraph 12 ? that Israel had first attacked Syria right after Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Iran deal.

Nor, so far, are the major media connecting Benjamin  Netanyahu?s belligerence to his desperate need to distract from the  multiple domestic corruption investigations against him and his wife ?  an angle some of the Israeli press is not too squeamish to note. In the  excellent online publication, +972, Dahlia Scheindlin notes today that Netanyahu?s strategy is working; he ?appears to have inoculated  himself against looming corruption charges due to the dramatic  developments on the security front.? She adds that the latest Israeli  opinion polls show Netanyahu?s Likud party with its highest level of  support in a decade.

Larry Derfner, the American-turned-Israeli who is  one of that country?s most experienced reporters, is hammering away at  the truth on his Facebook page:
I?ve been arguing all day against  Israel?s policy of continually bombing Syria, Lebanon and Iran, pointing  out that they?re not bombing us, we?re bombing them, which means we?re  not acting in self defense, we?re the aggressors. . . For [people with  the opposing opinion] it doesn?t matter how many times Israel bombs the  enemy and the enemy doesn?t bomb back ? Israel is still bombing in  self-defense and the other side is still the aggressor. Why? Because  Israel is Israel and Iran/Syria/Lebanon is Iran/Syria/Lebanon. Israel is  right because it is good and they are wrong because they are bad. . .

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