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Title: What's your pet's name
Post by: Tony Budak on April 08, 2007, 06:57:44 pm
There are two dogs, a gray ghost Weimaraner, Che, and a elderly German Shepard Doberman mix, Pria the Good, a Calico cat named Mellow, then there is a Leghorn white rooster, Big Bob, and his two hens, the Rhode Inland Red, She's the First Lady and a Black Fancy Chick, name of Betty Davis.

Ok now it's your turn, click the "post reply" button and tell us, "What's your pet's name?"
Title: What's your pet's name
Post by: iolmisha on June 08, 2007, 08:37:52 am
Ok Tony.

Good move!
EVERYONE loves to talk about their pets LOL

NANOK. my son's dog,
black and white cow-pattern coat

(Idriss Stelley, my only child was killed by SFPD, 48 bullets, 9 "peace officers", and rescued Nanok from a fighting ring when she was 10-month old).
She is still with me, all I have left from Idriss besides 12 pounds of ashes in a shrine in my living room.
She is 120 pds of cranky fun, Mastiff & Pittbull mix,  love her to pieces.
NO intruders, NO burglars, Woof, Woof.
I can walk in SF Bayview at 2 am, even the KKKops stay safely away LOL.\
Ocasional comments:
"Damn !!! That's a Big M...F... COW you got here ! What Y'all feed her ?"
I just cover her ears, de ol' Gurl is sensitive.
Tricks? Eat stuffed toys (and throw the stuffing all over the house) that I bring her from Goodwill. Once in a while she elects one as her "Baby" and just sleeps with it. Delicately Nibbles on Firy Hot enchiladas. NO Beer.

rescued cat, Calico & Turtoise,
won first prize at a beauty contest at SF Cow Palace 2 years ago, took a 6-month training with "Pets on Camera" , has done calendars, videos etc, hopefully someday a fundraiser for Idriss Stelley Foundation !  
Tricks? Runs on command, jumps through hulahoops, enthusiastically kisses you on the mouth (has been painstakingly taught : NO TONGUE),
does "Pat-A-Cake", tolerates ridiculous costumes for protracted periods of time,and lots of warning bites when one fails to acknowlege her Kween status, and neglects her for the laptop.

"AZIZ", rescued, old, obese and HyperFluffy angora orange tabby, lost his twin "ABDUL" to Feline Aids 2 years ago. Did I mention Abdul was Gay ?
(authentic... So was my Late Kat Moka, currently partying in FairyFurryParadise).
I named them a week after 911.
Tricks ? Feeding, shedding,  mo' feeding. and the curiously distraught and totally silent meeaawwhhh along with desperate glare, , in front of empty bowl.
KYA, 1/3 of his size,  beats the living **** out of him on a routine basis.

3 fat fishies, Monic, Unic and Manic, undisclosed gender.
Tricks? Occasional leaping out when the water seriously needs changing.

And F_L_E_E_S.
Lots of Flees.

NO Rodents
Title: What's your pet's name
Post by: Tony Budak on June 12, 2007, 05:50:39 am

I LOVE your animal stories. Absolutly the best feeling comes from reading  about your friends. Thanks so much for taking the time to publish about your  pets and your life.