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ToTW: Anarchist PR and Recruitment
« on: November 14, 2017, 06:00:03 PM »
ToTW: Anarchist PR and Recruitment

Anarchism has a bad PR problem. For those who are not familiar with anarchism, the image that it has in the mainstream media is that of a bunch of violent crazy people who are up to no good. The way that anarchists often present themselves does not help matters either, with them often giving people the impression that anarchists are all self-righteous arrogant jerks. If the goal is to recruit people to anarchism, i.e., to have there be more anarchists in the world, these are some significant barriers to having new people becoming interested in anarchism.

So what can be done to change all of this? Are anarchist PR firms that actively seek out mainstream media attention the answer? What about sleek publications of introductory material to be left in public places? Back in the 19th century public speaking was more of a thing that anarchists did to spread their ideas: perhaps that could be revived? And given that we are now in the 21st century, perhaps a more significant anarchist YouTube presence could be established as well?

On a more direct and personal level, how about creating mentorship programs for helping people who are new to anarchism? When I was brand new to anarchism myself I had a mentor. I went to him with my various questions and concerns regarding anarchism, and that relationship did a great deal to help me get grounded in anarchist philosophies and politics. Could there be ways to establish these kinds of mentorship relationships with interested newcomers today (while being mindful of the aforementioned pitfalls of self-righteousness and arrogance)?   "


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