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Facts For Working People Conference Call Report. Saturday October 14th.

Boston march against nazis and racists.
Facts For Working People  Conference Call Report. Saturday October 14th  2017.

As is usual our conference call tried to develop a view of what is happening worldwide and in the US.

We looked at the conclusion that we have held for some time now that global capitalism, and the dominant imperialist nations, are in political, military, environmental and economic crises. We are seeing the unraveling of the global capitalist order.

We discussed how this is in contrast to the period following World War 11 when under the domination of US imperialism, international capitalist institutions such as the IMF, NATO, WTO and the UN were set up to attempt to give some order and stability to imperialism and prevent its contradictions spinning it out of control. This situation was given some durability by the existence of the Stalinist blocks creating this bi-polar world and relative stability in world relations.

This period was not without turmoil of course. There the colonial revolutions which, in the main, removed imperialism from direct rule over the colonial countries. There were also the conflicts like the civil wars in Korea and Vietnam that US imperialism intervened in and the Stalinist invasion of Hungary, Czechoslovakia, US imperialism?s attempts to crush the Cuban revolution and other events, but overall, the world did not spin out of control. The present world situation, we concluded, shows that this period is coming to an end.

When Stalinism in the Soviet Union collapsed US imperialism thought it could build a new world order under its domination. It spoke of having ?Full Spectrum Dominance?. This did not happen. Instead we have had the rise of Russian imperialism challenging US imperialism. We have the rise of the Chinese regime to where it is now number 1 in purchasing power to where it can challenge US imperialism in South East Asia, in the South China Sea and is challenging it in other areas such as central Asia and Africa. China also has the power to challenge ocean going US battle groups and now has more laboratory scientists than any other country in the world and is the world?s largest producer of electric vehicles and lithium batteries. It is the world?s largest and most profitable auto market. The old world order is fast disappearing.

A major factor in this is the growing economic military and political weakness of US imperialism. It can no longer afford its giant military machine and apparatus worldwide and at the same time keep its own working class at the level to which it became accustomed in the post World War 11 decades. As a result we have the stepped up US capitalist offensive against its own working class and increased class tensions in the US as it tries to make the US working class sacrifice further so US imperialism can maintain its world role. On an international scale and with some qualifications the phrase of the poet Yeats applies: ?Things fall apart the center cannot hold?.

This crisis of US imperialism would have been the case whoever was in the White House in Washington. But making this crisis worse is that US imperialism has the moron in the White House and other spineless morons and Evangelical Christian Zionists-----the US Taliban---controlling the Republican Party, which in turn controls both houses of Congress. Along with this, US capitalism?s other political party, the Democrats, is paralyzed having no real solution to the problem other than its representatives boot-licking the capitalist class hoping to convince it they can better represent it than the Republicans.

Both the Republican and Democratic Parties are in the throes of huge internal tensions, which will most likely lead to splits in these parties in the coming period. As we have pointed out many times on our blog; the era of the two party domination of US politics by the Republicans and Democrats is over. Both parties are being abandoned by the US working class through electoral abstentions or placing their hopes in so-called anti-establishment figures or Mavericks on the left or the right.

How this breakdown of the two capitalist party monopoly will end it is not possible to say. If the union leaders would lead and build a mass labor party then this could develop. But they will not, at least not until their positions are threatened by new movements and forces. So what is likely as we head towards 2020 and new Presidential elections is likely to be numerous parties with significant bases as the two capitalist parties implode. Revolutionary socialists will have to be flexible in how we work as these processes unfold seeking an audience for their views where working class people are fighting, not allowing ourselves to be hamstrung by doctrinaire sectarian ultra left misunderstood historical processes.

Our conference call discussed the more short term and the future of the moron in the White House. The more strategic thinking sections of US imperialism see he is a catastrophe. Threatening to dismantle the Iran nuclear deal. Screaming insults at the North Korea regime. Challenging his own Secretary of State to an IQ contest. The strategic section of the US bourgeois want to be rid of him. But their problem is how do they do this without seriously damaging their own institutions and very possibly splitting the Republican Party. This is paralyzing them. But our conference call considered that this might not be the case for much longer. We did not rule out some move to get rid of the moron sooner rather than later and ride out the damage to their institutions and rule.

US imperialism is being undermined internationally by the day. At home Trump and co will not stop their attacks on women, on minorities, dividing along race and gender and age lines, treating Puerto Rico with contempt, totally different from how Texas and Florida were treated when they were hit by storms. If US imperialism does not get rid of Trump then they will be further weakened and even possibly, though not likely, stumble into a war with North Korea. We think a war with North Korea is just about ruled out. But we have learned to be cautious in our projections. And of course, if there were such a war then all bets are off. We also considered that it cannot be ruled out that Trump might actually resign as the Mueller probe on his activities with Russian imperialism moves closer to home. 

While we feel a war with North Korea is in our opinion very unlikely, or with Iran for that matter, there are other shocks that are inevitable. The present crises unfold even as the world economy continues grow, albeit at a slow rate. But this will not last indefinitely. This period of growth will end. The world's stock markets will plunge. Unemployment will explode. This economic development will intensify the contradictions and crises on all other fronts, inter-capitalist tensions and conflicts, class conflicts, political crises. An even more explosive situation will open up. 

Along with this, the environmental crises will deepen, is deepening. Harvey, Maria, Irma, Puerto Rico, the fires in California, all demonstrate the  environmental crisis and catastrophe of capitalism. As this environmental crisis worsens and more of these shocks take place, the working class and also the middle classes will be increasingly forced to recognize that they cannot escape the effects of capitalist caused climate change and global warming. The middle classes cannot escape the crisis of capitalism by retreating to the beautiful environs of places like the Napa Valley, Hawaii or Bali for that matter. End capitalism or capitalism will end life on Earth as we know it: this harsh reality will increasingly be driven home.   

We had a very brief discussion on the rise of the tech giants. Amazon. Facebook. Apple. Microsoft. Alphabet, and how these were run by either political morons like Zuckerberg of Facebook, by people who had no concept of the role of and contradictions of the ruling class and especially no concept that there is a working class which can build a new world. So these giant companies stumble into all kinds of problems such as Zuckerberg has being used by Russian imperialism. The irony is that a major element in imperialism?s world offensive has been deregulation. Now significant elements of imperialism are crying out for regulation of the tech giants. Bitten by its own dog!  The Internet is 'too free'.

Our conference call discussed numerous other issues. One being that revolutionary socialists are faced with tasks on two fronts. One front is helping the struggle of the working class and minorities against the capitalist offensive. Neither those of us around the Facts For Working People Blog nor all the left combined, afflicted as so much of  it is by sectarianism, can affect this mass struggle in any significant way. This struggle will stagger to its feet under the leadership of accidental figures and organizations. At some stage the union leadership will be forced to act, but the movement will have to threaten the leaderships hold on the leadership of the unions before it will do so. It is impossible to say how the struggles against the capitalist offensive will manifest themselves. The left, to the extent it exists, should seek to develop united front work, should seek to break from its sectarianism and ultra leftism in order to help this movement. The socialist left is overwhelmingly petit bourgeois if not in its membership certainly its culture. This much change if the left wants to have any serious influence in the US working class.

The other front facing anti capitalist activists and revolutionaries is to build a non-sectarian revolutionary current, which can be part of and help the movements that are  to come. Facts For Working People is a Think Tank, an activist current which seeks to clarify ideas, which seeks to help in the task of building a revolutionary socialist current with a healthy democratic culture and with roots in the mass movements, in the working class.

There are many many more people who consider themselves revolutionary socialists outside revolutionary socialist organizations than inside revolutionary socialist organizations. The conclusion is inescapable. There is something fundamentally wrong with the existing revolutionary organizations. Facts For Working people seeks to help build a revolutionary socialist current with a healthy culture and with roots in the working class. We ask those who wish to do likewise to contact us.

As always we discussed the special oppression of women. We believe that revolutionary socialist organizations did not sufficiently fight on this front in the past. We are seeking to ensure that we are not part of this mistake being continued into the future. The US House of Representatives just passed a resolution making it a crime for any doctor to perform an abortion after 20 weeks. This is part of the war against women. This war continues with intensity. But we also reminded ourselves of the millions strong women?s marches and the increased power of women as they have entered the paid workforce.  It is this increased power of women that leads to the increased exposure of misogyny as in the case of the Hollywood capitalist Weinstein. The special oppression of women, the war against women is being stepped up but so also the battle against the special oppression of women is gaining strength.

We discussed the issue of prostitution. That at root this was an issue rooted in the existing system, an issue of poverty and alienation and abuse under capitalism. How many women would go into prostitution if they had a well paid job, childcare facilities, emotional and psychological help and support etc. While being against any criminalizing of prostitution we posed the need to fight for the alternative of good jobs etc. and an end to the system which keeps so many in poverty and which brutalizes personal and sexual relations.

We also discussed the issue of a women?s right to choose. And how this also was rooted in the economic and political system in which we live. We stressed how we stood for the right to choose in the full sense. That is for women to have the full decision making power either to end a pregnancy or to continue with a pregnancy, either to have a child or not have a child. This means the availability, free at the point of use, of all medical facilities to have a legal abortion. It also meant the right of a woman to have a child which means the availability to all women of a well paying job, an affordable home, childcare at all places of work and in the communities staffed by paid professionals. The right to have a child is also part of the women?s right to choose. It is insufficiently stressed by the women?s movement as this movement tends to be dominated by middle class better off women.   

We also discussed racism and sexism. How Malcolm X was correct when he said you cannot have capitalism without racism. We restated our view that racism cannot be eliminated without eliminating capitalism. This is what flows from Malcolm X?s position. We also restated our position that you cannot have capitalism without sexism and misogyny. That is, you cannot end sexism and misogyny without ending capitalism. We also underlined that capitalism cannot be over thrown except by a united working class and that you cannot have a united working class unless racism and sexism and misogyny are fought as an integral part of the struggle of the working class against capitalism. The struggles are inseparably linked. Unfortunately many of the middle class people who put themselves at the head of many of the movements against racism and sexism do not accept this. Many of them accept steps up for themselves in the capitalist world and from there allow themselves to be used by capitalism to keep down the mass of the minorities, the mass of women, that is the working class of the minorities, the working class women. We repeated the old maxim. You should not seek to rise out of your class, should not seek to rise out of your specially oppressed group, you should seek to rise with your class as part of your class, you should seek to rise with your specially oppressed group as part of your specially oppressed group.

We affirmed that we must also stress but not by shaming and blaming others, that for specially oppressed sections of society, often called ?marginalized? today, that white workers or workers of any dominant culture in any situation, Hindus in India, Protestants in Northern Ireland, Han in China, etc. that they face two very distinct but linked issues, in the US for example being black or Latino?oppressed on the basis of color----and being a worker---oppressed on the basis of class.

Finally we discussed the need to publish our material on what a socialist world would look like and how it would be brought about. The transitional method and transitional demands are essential to build united mass fighting movements. But there are many people for whom this is insufficient. There are many people who hold back from organizing as they see that it is a more fundamental problem, that is how the working class can take power, how a socialist society would work. We decided we would publish some material we have on this topic, on how the collective power of the working class would express itself, how the collective power of the working class would organize and run a democratic socialist world, how the collective brain of the working class would express itself and build a new world through democratic workers and peasants councils. We will publish this material in the near future.

In the meantime we invite those who consider our views of interest and wish to discuss these to check out our Blog further and to consider working together with us to contact us. Give a summing up of your views, give a short history of what if any organizations you are in or have been in, and hopefully you can be part of our conference calls and help enrich and expand the ideas and together help build a revolutionary socialist current with a non sectarian approach and a healthy democratic culture.  

Source: Facts For Working People Conference Call Report. Saturday October 14th.
AlterNet / John Oliver Has the Perfect Analogy for Trump's Iran 'Policy'
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John Oliver Has the Perfect Analogy for Trump's Iran 'Policy'

"He's like a scared monkey in a submarine randomly pushing buttons."


On Sunday?s edition of ?Last Week Tonight,? host John Oliver jabbed President Donald Trump?s complete ignorance and ?incoherence? with regards to the Iran nuclear deal.

First, Oliver pointed out that Trump?s executive order killing federal subsidies to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will not only result in fewer Americans having health coverage, it will cost the federal government hundreds of billions of dollars.

?The problem is, Republicans are playing checkers while Trump is playing Chex,? said Oliver. ?That?s right, Chex, the game of stress-eating Chex Mix because you do not understand your job.?

Trump decertified the Iran nuclear deal in spite of the fact that his advisers warned against it, the other signees in the agreement warned against it and, by all indications, the Iranians have held up their side of the deal.

Now, Iranian officials are wondering if U.S. agreements can ever be honored again if they?re only going to last until the term of the current president.

?And that is a huge problem. Countries need to know that America will honor its agreements because if they don?t, that?s going to be an issue, no matter who the next president is,? said Oliver.

Trump?s decision is ?equal parts dangerous and bizarre,? Oliver said.

?Look, as foreign policies go, this is incoherent. You can?t call it realism or idealism or neo-liberalism,? he said. ?You can barely even call it foreign policy. Honestly, the thing it?s closest to is a scared monkey in a submarine, randomly pushing buttons.?

?And sure,? he went on, ?that might be fun to watch until it suddenly hits you, ?Oh, shit! We?re all on the submarine with that f*cking monkey.?

Watch the video, embedded below:


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Source: John Oliver Has the Perfect Analogy for Trump's Iran 'Policy'
Centre for Research on Globalisation / Malabarismos Políticos do Cão Arrependido e Novo Autgolpe do PT
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Malabarismos Políticos do Cão Arrependido e Novo Autgolpe do PT

Sociedade polarizada pega-se em ódio, alimentado também pela mídia em geral; Luiz Inácio tenta, prcariamente, retomar aspecto de “esquerda” enquanto, nos bastidores da politicagem mais baixa, alia-se a velhos algozes.  Alguém já viu chihahuas e iorque-cháiars perdidos pelas vias públicas, …

Source: Malabarismos Políticos do Cão Arrependido e Novo Autgolpe do PT
Centre for Research on Globalisation / The Unraveling of American/Russian Relations
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The Unraveling of American/Russian Relations

I agree that the official Las Vegas story seems to be unraveling. A public mass shooting should be transparent, not opaque. I think we explored the story long enough to discover that without knowing the facts, we cannot arrive at

Source: The Unraveling of American/Russian Relations
Coming to the Rescue of the Victims of Natural Disasters: Spending for War vs. Natural Disaster Relief

I have an aunt who lives in paradise ? Paradise, California, that is. But in 2017 it has been anything but, as the communities surrounding Paradise have been evacuated on two separate occasions due to natural disasters and crumbling infrastructure.

Source: Coming to the Rescue of the Victims of Natural Disasters: Spending for War vs. Natural Disaster Relief
Anarchist News dot Org / What's New with LBC - Fall of 2017
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What's New with LBC - Fall of 2017

From Little Black Cart

Welcome to the quarterly newsletter of the Little Black Cart project. We distribute anarchist anti-political books, pamphlets, and newspapers. This quarter we present to you two new books and six new pamphlets on a variety of topics from abortion to communism, informants to antifa, and the paths along the way.

We are proud of our two books this quarter. The first is a collection from anarchist prisoners Travis Washington and Sean Swain and their collaborators Jeremy Hammond, Comrade Migs, Anthony Rayson, Todd Tarselli, Kevin "Rashid" Johnson, and Howard Stephens called /The Last Act of the Circus Animals/. The second is the complex story of what is the actual experience of Somalian pirates originally published in French by the publisher L'Insomniaque, a project we hope to do more with in the future.

This season has been particularly interesting for us at LBC. We have really had to examine what it means to publish controversial ideas. To suffer the slings and arrows of All The Bad Names and consider exactly what is the power of the petty tyrants calling themselves anarchists yet who ban, censor, and marginalize voices considered Bad (but usually not actually read or understood). We want to thank our haters because in addition to forcing us to take a stronger stand in defense of the free expression of ideas we have had more varied interest in our project over the last quarter than in the past few years. It isn't exactly true that controversy sells books but it does energize people to talk about ideas in a more engaged and passionate way than they would otherwise. So thanks for that even though we fear that this current generation of wrong-headed people might ruin the good name of a passionate, chaotic, anarchistic space, but perhaps antifa has already done that.

New Titles

Last Act of the Circus Animals - By Travis Washington and Sean Swain

This is an anarchist Animal Farm but more it is an expression of solidarity from a group of men whose feelings for each other ring louder than their charming tale of a prison escape. I envy this and wish it were as easy to have such unity out here as it appears to be in there.

A story for children of all ages!

2017 is the tenth anniversary of this fable by two long-term political prisoners, Travis Washington and anarchist Sean Swain. Originally told in three pamphlets (and distributed by Anthony Rayson), this story has been making the rounds of prisons in the u.s., and inspiring prisoners, for all those years. Little Black Cart is delighted to present the full story in a single volume, with introductory comments by Rayson, Jeremy Hammond, and Comrade Migs, and as many of the original drawings as we could fit in.

This is one more amazing example demonstrating that prison is not the end of radical, interesting, funny, profound thought and activity.

During the night, after the sudden burst of  rain, a mist had settled in low to the ground, while in the moonlight where it meandered across the open expanses?large swaths of  sun-baked earth where nothing grew. In the grassy areas, the mist moved around the stalks of  weeds and blades of  grass, serving sometimes  as  additional  cover  for  the  life  that  lived  there, concealed. Where the grasslands met the denser growth of  the jungle, the mist glowed against the darkness of  the triple-canopy refuge that shut out even the moonlight.

As  the  sun  rose  and  the  rays  of   light  stretched  long shadows across the surface of  things, a light breeze caressed the gently swaying long grasses, emerald and yellow, and the light and the breeze melted away much of  the moisture from the night before. All the world inhaled deeply, vibrant with life at the  birthpangs of  the new day.

Everything was alive.

For more information - Last Act of the Circus Animals

Brethren of the Coast - by Iskashato

A memoir in support of Somali pirates, hunted down by all the world powers.

Translated from the French, this book brings first person narratives and interviews with political and economic analysis to contextualize the reality and the public perception of people publicized as pirates, who sometimes are, and sometimes are not, as well as how they are treated (horribly), when they are taken into custody, usually far from their homes. Written from an anarchist perspective, this is a start view of what modern-day colonialism looks like, and what fighting it looks like too.

In our times, piracy, which was never eradicated but has  long  remained  confined  in  the  archipelagoes  of southeast  Asia,  is  seeing  a  revival  in  several  poorly controlled maritime  zones  of  the  planet, notably Africa. But it is what is raging off the Somali coast that has  recently  caused  the  most  losses  and  disruption, and has kept the media?s attention. Once again, myth finds its way into the story, and the journalists have sought  to  forge  a  new  malevolent  figure,  one  who menaces the well being of western consumers in upsetting petroleum and merchandise imports produced in countries with extremely low wages: the Somali pirate, like the eastern barbarian, is driven not by political or religious fanaticism but by the even more vile lure of money.

So,  looking  closely  at  what  is  really  going  on with the pirates of the Horn, at their motivations and their practices, it?s actually the myth of David and Goliath that comes to mind: their cause, which is just short of  being  universal,  comes  largely  out  of  self-defense against the voracity of the powerful, as we will see in the coming pages; there aren?t very many of them and they  have  little to  eat;  their  means,  particularly  their weapons, are ridiculous; the highly diverse coalition of their enemies controls the world empire?more particularly the seas?and has incomparable technical mastery of naval combat.

As this aspect of things inevitably became more clear?despite  the  dissimulation  or  the  lies  of  the military-industrial complex?s parrots, and at the risk of tarnishing the glory of the brave gendarmes of the sea?the public powers and their media relays have progressively  de-dramatized  their  discussion  of  the Somali  pirates. 

For more information - Brethren of the Coast


Voltairine de Cleyre: Thoughts on Communism

In the swings of the pendulum when anarchism is a more popular word, it can get confusing to know what anarchism means (as people interpret it in such wildly divergent ways). Voltairine is one person who dealt with similar questions in her life, and was both open (she talks about how and when she changes her mind in her life), and steady in her resolve. So she remains a lynchpin for how to maintain both flexibility and a strong vision. This pamphlet includes an excerpt from her biography by Hippolyte Havel, and the three pieces, "A Glance at Communism," "The Economics of Dyer D. Lum," and "The Individualist and the Communist." De Cleyre was remarkable for many things, not least of which were her capacities to learn, to write, and to change her mind publicly and articulately. Here she discusses what communism meant to her, a conversation that never stops needing to be had, apparently.

Against the Couple Form/They Who Marry Do Ill

People tend to be more familiar with Emma Goldman's thoughts on relationships, as she was a remarkable speaker, and free love was one of her most provocative topics. But Voltairine's article "They Who Marry do Ill," is one of the most compelling pieces on how formal coupling does a disservice to the people involved, and it continues to speak to some of us today. It is contextualized here with "Against the Couple Form," a recent piece from Lies: A Journal of Materialist (ie Marxist) Feminism. 

Informant Series

In the interest of exposing and exploring what the various faces of infiltration are, how different people and scenes have dealt with them, how they were outed, and more, we introduce our Informant Series. This series is not about name-calling or grandstanding; it is definitely about having a realistic sense of what infiltrators have looked like, sounded like, and how they have acted, and sometimes, about what not to do in the future.The series will emphasize first-person accounts.

Even in the best case scenario, infiltration is never an easy thing to recover from, scenes have been betrayed, and even if folks made no mistakes in their security, we're left feeling disoriented and destabilized. More stories about how infiltration actually happens can only help us to prepare and recover from the future instances we all know will happen.


In the days of an active anarchist scene in Tacoma, Washington, there was an informant who infiltrated that scene. This pamphlet is from first-person accounts of two of the anarchists who were closest to him during his time undercover.


Brandon Darby is anomalous in the world of informants, not because what he did is so unusual, but because he claimed to be proud of his turncoat behavior, and has gone on to be so successful and public on the other side (as a commentator for Breitbart). His apparent lack of shame, evident in the interviews he did afterwards, provides some perspective that we don't usually get on why informants do what they do, and how they rationalize it to themselves. There is a lot of public information about Darby (the movie Informant, most notably, but also multiple interviews), but this pamphlet compiles information from various sources, most of whom knew Darby and worked with him, sometimes for a long time.

wild carrot seed 101

In the u.s., abortion continues to be under attack, as it has been for decades, both before and after Roe v. Wade. Those attacks are getting more and more blatant (in California there is an initiative aiming to make birth control legally count as abortion). For those who don't want to bear children, and especially for those who don't have healthcare, we continue to look to the plant world for (at least temporary) solutions.

There are many pamphlets in the world about how to induce miscarriage, or how to encourage your period. Some of them are out of date, some of them are wrong, and some are confusing. This is a pamphlet made by someone we know and trust, about a lesser-known option for people who are not trying to get pregnant.

In the spirit of DIY and reclaiming information about our bodies and non-industrial options for health, we're happy to provide this. (Obviously nothing is a panacaea, but more options are better than fewer.)

When Insurrections Die

This essay by Gilles Dauvé, originally titled Fascism and Anti-fascism, looks at insurrections in Europe in the early 1900s (Brest-Litovsk, Rome, Turin, Berlin, Barcelona), discusses the Second World War and the difference between collectivising and communalising. Originally translated by Pannekoek Press, and posted originally on the Troploin website.

For years Dauvé has had clear, normal language, analysis on the state of capitalism, and here he brings his normal incisive anti-state perspective to the question of how to actually fight not just obvious fascism, but the underlying factors as well. These days definitions of fascism are rampant, and frequently unclear (or tacit), so whether you agree or not with his particular definition, it's a good practice in clear writing and thinking about the topic.

Recent LBC Titles & Distro Items

  1. Toward an Army of Ghosts
     - The second volume by Tom Nom@d on insurgent strategy

  2. Single Copy of Black Seed - Contemporary Green Anarchist paper

  3. An Inquiry into the Causes and Nature of the Misery of People - By Jean-Pierre Voyer

  4. The Wandering of Humanity - By Jacques Camatte

  5. Anarchist Speculations - The writings of John Moore

  6. Atassa: Readings in eco-extremism

  7. Anarchy & Nietzsche

  8. Elpis Journal - A Journal of Pessimistic writing

  9. Feral Consciousness

LBC Years in Review 2017

Feel free to download the 2017 LBC Review for your amusement, edification, and to learn some of what we've been thinking during the past few years.

Slingshot Organizer

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Spiral Bound

Pocket edition

LBC t-shirts

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Little Black Cart 2017

The rest

The LBC Catalog

Not that you'd ever deign to use it but the LBC Catalog is available as a PDF. We tend to only print these things for special events but we get it, we read in the bathroom too!

Most recent LBC Catalog

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Become an Intern

In a program that we're really happy with, LBC hosts a new intern every three months. If you are interested in becoming a close friend with LBC and being exposed to the ideas and personalities around the project and our environs, if you've been wanting time and encouragement to work on or start that awesome anarchist project you've had in mind, feel free to reach out to us at our email address for more information. We are currently looking for an intern for the Fall of 2018. !!!

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Politics is the enemy of anarchy, and it knows it.


Source: What's New with LBC - Fall of 2017
Anarchist News dot Org / Book extract: Deep Ecology and Anarchism
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Book extract: Deep Ecology and Anarchism

From Freedom News

Marking the run-up to the launch of deep ecology and anarchism at this year?s London Anarchist Bookfair on October 28th, below is the latter part of an essay by Robert Hart, a founding mover of the forest gardening and permaculture movements.

The main cause of the ecological crisis is not the ?population explosion,? as many Northern analysts claim, but gross under-use of the world?s land resources.

Apart from totally unproductive deserts, which cover one-third of the Earth?s land surface, there are vast areas of grassland, much of very poor quality, which is used for grazing cattle and sheep. The average food production of such areas is about half a hundredweight per acre per year. In the Highlands of Scotland it is reckoned that it takes five acres of grassland and moorland to support one sheep. Much of the rest of the world?s agricultural land is used for the monocropping of cereals, with an average production of two to four tons per acre per year. But under agroforestry systems annual production exceeding a hundred tons per acre per year is possible. Moreover, under such systems, a wide diversity of food and other useful plants is produced, supplying well balanced diets, as well as fuel, building materials and other necessities.

The food plants produced by an agroforestry system supply the most important factors in human nutrition, in which most diets, in the poor and rich worlds alike, are gravely deficient. These are fruit, whose natural sugars feed the brain and energise the body, and green plants, whose chlorophyll ? the basic constituent of all physical life ? has a special affinity for the blood. A diet designed for optimum positive health should comprise seventy percent of fruit and green vegetables, preferably consumed fresh and raw.

A disaster afflicting today?s world, which is at least as serious as any actual or potential environmental disaster, is the colossal toll of disease caused by bad or inadequate food. The malnutrition of poverty in the Third World is no more drastic in its effects than the malnutrition of affluence in the rich sector ? the malnutrition caused by excess of fatty, clogging, over-flavoured and chemically processed foods causes the ?diseases of civilisation? which are no less lethal than the diseases caused by destitution and dirt.

Before there can be an Environmental Revolution there must be a Humanistic Revolution. The reason why ever-growing stretches of the Earth?s surface are hells for human beings, whether they are squalid shanty-towns, polluted and violent inner-city ghettos, squatters? camps, concentration camps or treeless wildernesses, is that the powers who run the world regard people as things, as objects of exploitation or domination. A word coined by Karl Marx in his critique of the capitalist system was verdinglichung ? ?thing-making,? though Communist commissars have proved as guilty in this respect as capitalist entrepreneurs. Both groups regard human beings as mere pawns to be used for the furtherance of their personal power and wealth. Similarly, their only interest in a stretch of beautiful countryside is, not how its beauty can be preserved and enhanced, but how most effectively it can be ?developed;? whether it can be made to generate more wealth as the site of a building estate, an industrial complex, a factory farm, an airfield, a hydro-electric dam, a nuclear power station, a motorway, or a ?theme park.?

The attitude of the powers-that-be towards life in its infinite complexity, whether in the form of a human being or a tropical rainforest, is one of gross over-simplification. The human being is only of interest as ?consumer,? ?investor,? ?labour,? ?voter,? ?soldier? or ?taxpayer.? The forest, with its vast diversity of species, is only of interest as a purveyor of timber, or, burnt to the ground and converted into pasture, as a brief purveyor of hamburgers. The only standard is short-term profit; no regard is paid to longer and wider prospects, to the needs and survival of living beings.

It is among ordinary human beings, not industrial chiefs, bankers, bureaucrats and politicians, that humanistic feelings are found in their greatest intensity. Among our tortured world?s supreme needs is the divine commonsense and compassion of the conscientious mother and housewife. This is a manifestation of the power of Gaia, the grassroots dynamic which must supply much of the motive-force of the Environmental Revolution.

Unlike previous revolutions, this must be overwhelmingly non-violent and constructive. It will comprise an ever-increasing profusion of small growing-points, like the new plants that irresistibly spring forth in an area devastated by volcanic eruption.

Already it is possible to detect a multitude of such growing-points in almost every country. A report critical of industrialism was entitled Limits to Growth, but no limits should be placed on the growth of new village communities, family farms, organic market-gardens, conservation groups, Green organisations, and co-operative enterprises of all kinds. Even now, the people involved in these must number many millions. If only their efforts could be integrated and co-ordinated into a worldwide New Life Network, they could give rise to a non-governmental organisation which could speak with real authority in the United Nations.

As the primary impulse for all activity comes from the human psyche, the first essential, if mankind is to survive the colossal challenges of the present and future, must be a Moral Revolution. Mutual aid, rather than money, power, status and self-indulgence, must be accepted as the basic law of life. Modern communication technology has forcibly brought home the fact that it is one world. Disasters involving human suffering are shown on television screens with equal immediacy, whether they occur in distant countries or the next street. No longer can people shrug off responsibility for the tribulations of their distant cousins. In fact those tribulations are generally caused by negative or positive factors in the worldwide system and ethos which govern the way the majority of the world?s citizens live and work ? a system and ethos based on blind selfishness and materialism.

Gandhi said, ?There is enough in the world to satisfy everyone?s need but not everyone?s greed.? In fact, the technological know-how exists to give every human being adequate food, water, shelter, clothing, energy and opportunity for self-fulfilment. A worldwide campaign of resource development for need could be a ?moral equivalent of war,? which would bring deep psychological as well as physical satisfaction to countless millions, not least among those who at present are seeking the soul-destroying ?satisfaction? of exploiting, dominating or otherwise hurting their fellow human beings.

Such a campaign, wholly constructive and transcending environmental problems as well as human barriers and rivalries ? and involving the planting of trillions of trees ? could usher in a period of positive peace and creative activity such as mankind has never known throughout history. The alternatives face each one of us: a series of ever deepening environmental and economic disasters and conflicts or a world of unprecedented beauty, diversity and abundance.

~ Robert Hart

deep ecology and anarchism is launching at this year?s London Anarchist Bookfair on October 28th, with a talk by contributing author Brian Morris. It?s available for pre-order with a 10% discount here.


Source: Book extract: Deep Ecology and Anarchism
AlterNet / FEMA: 'Not Our Job to Deliver Water and Food' to Puerto Ricans
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FEMA: 'Not Our Job to Deliver Water and Food' to Puerto Ricans

On the Rachel Maddow show, officials pass the blame to the San Juan mayor.

FEMA says it is not their responsibility to distribute food and water to Puerto Rican survivors of Maria and Irma, according to a recent report by Rachel Maddow.  They can?t be serious?! Oh yes, they are.   

That was the response Rachel got when FEMA was asked why it has been almost 3 weeks since the last hurricane hit Aibonito, a small town high in the mountains about an hour south of San Juan, and FEMA has yet to deliver a single bottle of water.

FEMA claims the roads aren?t passable,   For the record, when I say ?about an hour south? I mean Google Maps puts the drive ? right now ? at 1 hour and 5 minutes if I take the autopista (highway).  BUT it also says there are portions of the road that are closed.  Soooo you have to take route 173 and that takes 1 hour and 24 minutes.  Maybe Google is wrong, right?  It would be nice if someone on the ground could actually make the trip?. oh wait? what?s that?  The MSNBC film crew already made the trip and it took them ?about an hour and a half.?  

As the MSNBC video shows, they got there no problem because the road was clear. No bridges out, no trees in the way, no mudslides, no raging rivers.  Not even bad hombres. I realize the last menace would be Mexicans and there shouldn?t be any Mexicans clogging up the roads in Puerto Rico right now. But we all know to the Trump Klan, Puerto Ricans are just Island Mexicans, so they probably worry about that sort of thing.

Presented with the fact of Maddow?s team having video evidence directly contradicting their claims,  FEMA then dropped this bombshell: Apparently, FEMA says it is the mayor?s job to distribute food and water. They are just there to help people fill out paperwork. Forget the fact that about half of the people in Puerto Rico have no access to clean water. Forget the fact that it is now confirmed that people are dying from waterborne diseases like leptospirosis because they lack potable water. Forget the fact mayors in small towns didn?t even have satellite phones until a couple days ago.  Forget the fact mayors don?t have fleets of trucks at their disposal. They sure as hell don?t have gas for the trucks they do have.  Oh? and when they do, look out the window because the situation can always change on you.  That picture above was from Monday in downtown Santurce, on Fernández Juncos, looking towards Isla Grande airport in Miramar.  Good thing FEMA doesn?t have to deal with that.  We?d really be screwed.

Maybe it?s just too damn bad.  A real tragedy.  If only there was something we could do. If only FEMA could help.  Yeah, I know.  That?s hard to swallow. Especially when FOX News reported THIS about FEMA in Lakeland, FL responding to the crisis following a recent hurricane that hit there

LAKELAND (FOX 13) - People who are worn out from Hurricane Irma are getting help in Polk County.

On Friday, FEMA starting handing out free food and water at 11 different sites around the county, including Victory Church.

A long line of cars formed at 8 a.m., and continued throughout the day. Many of the people who came still don?t have electricity.

The difference?  Unlike Aibonito, Lakeland is over 70% white, and that is the darkest part of Polk County.  But I?m sure that has nothing  to do with it.  While we are pretending this isn?t the most racist federal government in 70 years, explain something to me Mike Pence, you shameless hypocrite. 

When you stood in a House of God in Puerto Rico and declared from the pulpit after reading scripture:

?We are with you today, we are with you tomorrow.?

Were you being literal?  Did you only mean you were with Puerto Ricans until October 8th?  I ask because shortly after you went off to do your Sunday Football PR stunt, you guys let the Jones Act reactivate. Not only did you throw up a choke point on every domestic relief operation heading towards Puerto Rico, you also raised the prices on EVERYTHING coming in to Puerto Rico at a time when people are desperately trying to get stuff to family and friends stranded on an island. In the middle of water. Big water. Ocean water.  You know this isn?t like Lakeland Florida where folks can drive to Georgia if they need to.  Way to go, douchebag.

I suppose I shouldn?t be shocked by this.  I mean, yeah you guys are a bunch of white supremacists and all, but this sure doesn?t sound like the Christian thing to do.  Especially from a guy who has the balls to let his wife lead a church in prayer after reading a bible passage that says:

?Love one another with mutual affection.? 

I?ll be honest.  I?m not shocked.  Not even a little bit.  This confirms what I have been saying all along. 

The game plan in Puerto Rico is clear.

The sons of bitches are going to grind those poor bastards into dust, trigger a mass exodus of those who can afford to leave, and then swoop in and buy up the land at fire sale prices so they can build high priced condos to use as real estate for their next international money laundering scheme.

What surprises me? There are still Puerto Ricans who think the most racist government in 70 years is going to help them.



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Source: FEMA: 'Not Our Job to Deliver Water and Food' to Puerto Ricans
Inter Press Service - Labour / Can the Kenyan Lion Kick High Enough to Be the South Korean Tiger of Africa?
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Can the Kenyan Lion Kick High Enough to Be the South Korean Tiger of Africa?

Dr Mary Kawar is Country Director of the ILO for Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. Follow her on twitter: @mary_kawar

Mr Siddharth Chatterjee is the UN Resident Coordinator to Kenya. Follow him on twitter: @sidchat1

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Inter Press Service - Labour / Land Settlement Empowers: Bangladesh Sets an Example
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Land Settlement Empowers: Bangladesh Sets an Example

History was made for 400 landless families in the remote char lands of Noakhali district. On 4th October, they all received land titles from the government for which they had waited for over two decades. In Bangladesh, as in other countries, the title is a permanent legal ownership document. Over a thousand people, including the […]

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