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Cable News Attention Deficit Disorder Is Harming America and Preventing Progressive Change

We need MSNBC to step up, admit the disease and lead the way to a cure.


The NRA, climate destroyers and other corporate actors harming our culture and society rely on the myopic, single-issue nature of cable news to promote their agendas and maintain the status-quo. It doesn?t have to be this way.

The evening news broadcasts report on the stockmarket every day. Local news programs report on weather and sports every day. It is imperative cable news channels develop formats and allocate time to report on climate change, gun violence and other critical issues, every single day, or those who keep their foot on the gas will prevail. 

These formats do not need to consume an inordinate amount of on-air time. Cable news programmers could learn from the short, informative, often-silent news videos reaching mobile-first news-consuming millennials. They watch over a billion videos a month by Attn and Now This alone. Vice News Tonight often manages to report on a wider range of world news within a single 30-minute daily program than cable news channels cover in 24 hours. 

Bump stocks? A distant memory. Mental health and gun violence? So yesterday. The struggles in Puerto Rico? Fuhgeddaboudit.   

The weekly Big Four?Meet the Press on NBC, Face the Nation on CBS, This Week on ABC, and Fox News Sunday on Fox, as well as the other Sunday morning programs?set the tone and are reflective of the stories covered in repetitive fashion all week by MSNBC, CNN and Fox News. While watched by a little over 10 million Americans at broadcast, repeats, clips and soundbites from these programs recycle through Facebook, Google News, YouTube and thousands of other news sites all week.  

On the November 12 Sunday morning shows, Roy Moore, Republican senatorial candidate in Alabama, featured sexual scandal and the political horse race. Louis C.K., Kevin Spacey and other revelations by prominent media figures combined to make sexual harassment the number-one story of the week. And rightfully so. The 2017 election results and their implications for 2018, President Trump's Asia trip and to a lesser extent the Republican tax plan and the latest Russia revelations rounded out the Sunday coverage. The problem is what cable news did not cover, and the corresponding absence of congressional action. 

When 26 people were gunned down in a Texas church on November 5, the largest mass shooting in Texas history, the story received blanket cable news coverage. Gaps were exposed in the national gun database system and the defense department?s crime reporting process. The need for more mental health services was broached once again. Weeks earlier, the Las Vegas shooting exposed bump stocks and their ability to enhance legal guns to become repetitive killing machines. 

26 people perished November 5, but more have died due to gun violence since. The 26 are covered 24/7 for a few days, and the next 30 receive zero national coverage. According to FiveThirtyEight there are approximately 33,000 gun deaths a year, and over 12,000 homicides. With warlike figures and a lack of legal action, gun violence warrants daily reminders as part of regular cable news programming. 

According to Health and Human Services, the United States is in the midst of an opioid epidemic. It was only a few weeks ago, to great fanfare, that President Trump, Chris Christie and Acting Health and Human Services Secretary Eric D. Harman declared the epidemic a ?nationwide public health emergency.? What happened? We haven?t heard much on cable news since, but ?91 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose (that includes heroin and prescription drugs," according to the CDC.     

Unfortunately, MSNBC is equally culpable, and progressives need to press Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O?Donnell, Chris Matthews, Chris Hayes, Joy Reid and the rest of the news reporting team to reduce the single-issue, often blanket coverage and find solutions. The time spent on Roy Moore, hurricanes and other hot-button stories are simply not, as John Oliver would say, ?proportionate? news reporting. Blanket coverage consistently drowns out issues that need continuous daily reporting. If you watched the Sunday shows this week, you wouldn?t even know there was a worldwide climate conference going on in Bonn right now. 

There are some basic fixes MSNBC could try. In times of war, it is common for news programs to report war deaths every day. Why not begin to do the same for gun and opioid deaths in America at the end of one or more of their weekly daily programs? Maybe one program reports opioid deaths and legislative progress each day, and another gun deaths. It would be a good start.

Instead of each MSNBC show cycling through the same stories, maybe each program could reserve a small portion of their shows, even five minutes a day, to broaden their reporting scope and consistently track a major issue. Chris Hayes could do five minutes each night on climate change, Lawrence O?Donnell on income inequality and so on. Something relevant happens every single day somewhere in the world on each of these big-ticket issues, and the shift of focus would be refreshing.

According to the National Institute of Health, ?Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a brain disorder marked by an ongoing pattern of inattention and/or hyperactivity-impulsivity that interferes with functioning or development.? I couldn?t think of a more perfect description of cable news if I tried. There is an ?ongoing pattern of inattention? to the biggest issues of our time. It is interfering with America ?functioning? and cable news program ?development??but benefiting the NRA and the swamp creatures.  

It is too easy to blame the fleeting attention span of the American public. Cable news organizations can do better. Rachel, Lawrence, Joy, Chris and Chris?lead the way.


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Source: Cable News Attention Deficit Disorder Is Harming America and Preventing Progressive Change
Anarchist News dot Org / Anews Podcast ? episode 38
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Anews Podcast ? episode 38

Welcome to the anews podcast. This is episode 38 for November 17. This  podcast covers anarchist activity, ideas, and conversations from the previous week.

Editorial: Mass Shootings are on the Rise

TOTW ? Public Relations

Question of the Week: What do you think of worker-owned businesses?

this podcast

This podcast is the effort of many people. This week this podcast was

* sound edited by Linn O?Mable

* editorial by chisel

* written by jackie

* narrated by chisel and a friend

* Thanks to Aragorn! and rydra for their help with the topic of the week

* Contact us at

To learn more

Introduction to anarchism:

Books and other anarchist material:

News and up to the minute commentary:


Source: Anews Podcast ? episode 38
Italy: Declaration of Anarchists Claudia and Stefano facing Trial as a result of Operation ?Scripta Manent?

From Act for Freedom now!

We find ourselves facing you in order to be judged. Guilty or innocent? But what are we accused of? In the thousands of pages produced by the prosecutor, over twenty years? history of anarchist struggle in Italy are covered and not only, specific facts are mentioned to back up suppositions and conjecture, but in fact what do you want to convince yourselves of with all that mountain of paper? You want to convince yourselves that we are anarchists. That we don?t passively accept the system that governs us, the inevitability of man?s domination over man and nature. They are asking you to condemn the love that unites the human beings who share the unstoppable desire for freedom bound by their common contempt for authority. If that?s why we are here let?s put an end to this farce before it begins. We are guilty.

We are guilty of being aware that the democratic regime is nothing other than the ruthless supremacy of the strongest over the weakest, which supports itself by spreading particles of power to satisfy the ego of human beings educated to seek privilege, and by flattening individual attitudes, seeking protection in the consensus of the masses.

We are guilty of not accepting these conditions, of not wanting to participate in the distribution of those driblets of power, of not wanting to live on the blood and the sweat of those who suffer a less favourable condition than our own. This does not mean that we stay stuck in a corner devoted to sacrifice to live alongside the weakest; we live for ourselves, to fully satisfy our needs without waiting or asking permission, struggling against everything that prevents us. We are not dreaming of a revolution, but we continue to fuel the revolt against all constraint, surpassing our limits and those that are imposed on us.

A few days ago our son was studying something called ?civic education?, repeating aloud the principles of the constitution that guarantee freedom of speech and expression, and so on. Even though we consciously threw him into the belly of the beast by confronting him with public education, relying on his intelligence and the critical thinking that he acquire, I could not help butting in to explain to him that this is a lie, that laws are dictated by those who conceive them to maintain their own power and that it is not true that everyone can express their own opinion, because [when they do] it obstructs them, they are crushed, as is happening to his mother and father.

For this reason, in order not to perpetuate this lie, we will continue to struggle heads held high so that future generations may have a different vision of reality and won?t remain hostage to biased truth.

We have decided to read this document to face you with your responsibility in defending the hypocrisy of the constitution upon which you have sworn. We want you to see the monster?s hand stroking your head like faithful little dogs each time you look in the mirror. We don?t want to give you the chance to hide behind the rotten corrupt principle of justice that elevates you as inquisitors.

The fact that our comrades are being denied the right to physically attend the courtroom, that the principle of participation in the defence, which the law that supports the democratic lie guarantees, is thus cancelled, is yet another demonstration of how partisan the use of legality is. Especially for this reason, we will no longer take part in this farce, deserting the hearings and entrusting technical defence to lawyers aiming to bring out as far as possible the contradictions that support this system, without justifying our being and without claiming any crumbs of democracy.

So we decided [not] to fight closed within the limits of your law. Outside these boundaries it is always we who decide how and when to fight.

The good PM Sparagna, champion of the struggle against the mafias or dog that bites the master?s hand that tosses him a piece of bread, thought he could deal with anarchists as he does with the mafiosi, without realizing that what distinguishes us is something that goes far beyond his miserable conception of existence and solidarity. In a cowardly way he might even try to use the experience of each one of us to look for flaws into which to creep, but he will never succeed.

Honour and boundless love to our sisters and brothers hostages of the state.

Paladins of justice: what is ours will never be yours, not even after years of spying on and studying our lives.

Guilty of loving without conditions

Guilty of hating with full cognition



Translated by Act for freedom now!


Source: Italy: Declaration of Anarchists Claudia and Stefano facing Trial as a result of Operation ?Scripta Manent?
AlterNet / Why Trump Lies
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Why Trump Lies

Lies are the way authoritarians exercise power. While in office, Trump has lied 1,628 times.


You want to know how inured we are to Trump?s lies? A headline in the Washington Post this week passed almost without notice. ?President Trump has made 1628 false or misleading claims in 298 days.? I?ll bet it went right by you, along with this: ?In the past 35 days, Trump has averaged an astonishing nine claims a day.? That would be false claims, in case you were wondering. According to the Post?s calculations, Trump has averaged 5.5 lies a day, putting him ?on track to reach 1,999 claims by the end of his first year in office, though he obviously would easily exceed 2,000 if he maintained the pace of the past month.?

The Post is pussyfooting around by calling Trump?s lies ?false and misleading claims.? To use only one of the Post?s examples, Trump has said the Affordable Care Act was dying or dead at least 60 times since taking office, despite the fact that the Congressional Budget Office has repeatedly found that the health care exchanges are ?expected to remain stable for the foreseeable future,? according to the Post. The Hill reported last week that more than 200,000 people signed up for Obamacare on the first day of open enrollment, with over a million visiting the sign-up site. By any reasonable measure, calling a functioning federal program ?dead? when in fact it is alive and well is not ?misleading,? it?s a lie. With Trump?s repetitions, it is 60 lies.

But it?s not how many times Trump has lied that makes him remarkable. It is how he lied, and why.  It would appear that Trump lies instinctively, automatically, reflexively, almost as a matter of course. But he doesn?t lie that way at all. Trump tells lies as a way to exercise power. He used lies to accumulate wealth as a businessman. He used lies to accumulate votes as a candidate. He used lies to accumulate power as a president. Now he?s using lies to keep himself from being removed from office.

It?s amazing how similar Trump?s lies are to the perpetual campaign of propaganda used by Russian President Vladimir Putin to maintain power. After taking power in 2000, the first thing Putin did was seize or co-opt most of Russian news media by jailing or exiling its oligarch owners. Once he controlled the media, he set about firing executives of state-owned outlets like the RIA Novosti news agency, liquidating their assets and remaking them in his image. This resulted in classic Soviet-style-all-lies-all-the-time Russian propaganda cranked out around the clock on TV and newspapers across Russia. The only difference between what Putin does and the way Trump behaves here is ownership of the media. The perpetual production and dissemination of lies are exactly the same. Lies are the way authoritarians exercise power. If you are governed by a set of rules and laws, and then tell lies that enable you to break those rules and laws, the lies give you power. It?s like you?re standing astride the life of the nation and saying, I know I?m lying. You know I?m lying. I?m powerful and you?re not. Fuck you.

There?s only one thing Trump and Putin care about: power. They showed their affinity for each other last week in Vietnam when Trump repeatedly and affirmatively quoted Putin denying that Russia had anything to do with ?meddling? in U.S. elections last year, despite irrefutable evidence to the contrary that has built up since American intelligence agencies concluded over a year ago that Russia had hacked Democratic party servers and sought to disrupt our elections.

Trump may not own the media in this country, but he has been unnervingly successful in bending it to his will. Fox News, of course, willingly and aggressively parrots the Trump propaganda line. Other news outlets, from cable news to the pages of major newspapers, have simply been overwhelmed by Trump?s lies. And then there have been the seemingly off-the-cuff threats Trump has made against the broadcast licenses of television networks he?s not happy with ? hello, CNN and NBC ? not to mention threats to jail journalists over ?leaks? he hasn?t liked, nearly every one of which has come straight from his own White House.

It?s hard to remember just how extraordinary it is that we are even talking about a president of the United States lying. It was only a little over a year ago that the New York Times first used the word ?lie? to describe something Trump said, at that time as a candidate. On Sept. 16 of last year, the Times first called Trump a liar, most prominently in a front-page headline. ?Trump gives up a lie but refuses to repent,? the Times splashed across a story about Trump?s begrudging admission that Obama was born in the United States after five years of assertions that Obama was foreign-born.

The Times also used ?lie? in another story about Trump?s claims about a $1 trillion small business tax cut. With what we?ve known about Obama?s birth all along, and what we?ve learned this week about the $1 billion tax cut Trump will get from the House bill passed this week, can there really any argument that Trump was lying on both counts? And yet the Times felt it necessary last year to trot out Liz Spayd, its public editor, to explain why for the first time it was calling a presidential candidate a liar. ?A lie is different from the spin, exaggerations and squabbling between candidates that are commonplace in politics,? explained Times political editor Carolyn Ryan. ?It?s not a word we will use lightly.? That promise was circling the drain by June 21 of this year when the Times ran a full page of Trump?s falsehoods under the headline ?Trump?s Lies,? including a calculation that ?Trump told public lies or falsehoods every day for his first 40 days.?

Stories like these by the Washington Post and the New York Times mark the first time that as a country we have encountered a professional liar as president of the United States. Trump has been lying for his entire life. He doubtlessly learned to lie early in life from his parents and then employed lying as a real estate developer in New York City. Over the years, Trump lied in every conceivable way you can think of. He lied about the number of floors in Trump Tower. He lied that he was going to build projects he never intended to build. He lied about the number of condos he sold in his buildings. He lied about the prices he got for those condos. He lied about how much he paid for buildings he bought, like the Plaza Hotel, and then lied again about how much he sold them for. He lied about how much he owed to banks. He lied about how much he had paid on his loans. He lied to contractors about how much he would pay them. He lied to people who signed up for Trump University about what they would learn and who would teach them. He lied when he said he would never settle the Trump University lawsuit filed against him.

He lied repeatedly and egregiously as a candidate for president. He has lied repeatedly as president ? at least 5.5 times a day, according to the Post. He even lied on his very first day on the job when he sent Sean Spicer out to tell the blatant lie that his inaugural crowd had been the largest in history, and then repeated the lie himself out loud the next day when he went over to address the CIA, standing in front of its Wall of Heroes.

And then we come to the lies he has told that have put his presidency in jeopardy. I?m referring here to his lie on March 4 of this year when he woke up dawn at Mar a Lago and tweeted, ?Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my ?wires tapped? in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!? He went on to call for a congressional investigation of this alleged Obama wiretapping, which the Republican-led congress was only too happy to do for him. This led to the appearance just two weeks later by FBI Director James Comey before the House Intelligence Committee. While Comey told the committee there was no evidence whatsoever of Obama administration wiretapping, he proceeded to astound the country by announcing that the FBI had had Trump and his campaign and transition team under criminal and counter-intelligence investigation for more than nine months.

This sent Trump into a rage, and he fired Comey a little more than a month later, which of course he lied about by getting Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to concoct a letter justifying the firing on phony grounds. Trump is now under investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller for obstruction of justice in the firing of Comey, as well as for colluding with Russian propagandists in influencing last year?s election.

It would be comforting to be able to say that lies and propaganda have only so much power, but I?m afraid we?re well past that. I?m old enough to remember the dark days of the Cold War, when Russian propaganda was pointed to as the way evil commies maintained their grip on power in the Soviet Union. Even while the evening news here would show long lines for bread in Moscow, the Soviets produced glorious documentaries showing lines of tractors harvesting fields of waving grain on collective farms and posters of iconographic Russian workers smiling robotically into sunsets over the steppes. It would have been laughable if it wasn?t presented as such an ominous threat to Democracy and the American Way of Life.

And then this week we turn on the TV and what do we see? An ad put out by the 45 Committee, funded by conservative financier Joe Ricketts, shows iconographic American workers staring smilingly into the camera while nonsense is spouted about  the great tax cuts they?re going to get from the Republican ?middle class? tax bill. Which, by the way, will actually result in everyone who earns less than $75,000 a year (which is pretty much the entire ?middle class? in this country) paying more taxes over its 10-year lifespan.

So far, Trump?s hundreds and hundreds of lies haven?t had the power to push through the passage of even one promise he made during the blizzard of lies of last year?s campaign. But in the words of the Liar in Chief, I guess time will tell.



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Source: Why Trump Lies
Anarchist News dot Org / TFSRadio: A Refugee on Manus Island & the 2018 Certain Days Calendar
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TFSRadio: A Refugee on Manus Island & the 2018 Certain Days Calendar

Airs on WSFM-LP 103.3 in Asheville / streaming at AshevilleFM from 3am EST on November 20th through November 26th, 2017 and podcasting on

For a 59 minute long, radio clean version for syndication purposes, please visit the collection.

This week on the Final Straw we feature 2 interviews.

Walid, an asylum seeker held at the Manus Regional Process Center, Papua New Guinea

First up, you'll hear a conversation that Bursts had with a refugee seeking asylum in Australia. His name is Walid, he is 24 years old and from Afghanistan. Manus Regional Processing Centre, where Walid is being held alongside nearly 450 other men, is a facility on Papua New Guinea on the PNG Lombrum Naval Base. The processing center, from here out called Manus for short or MRPC, was run up until October 31st by the Spanish multinational company Grupo Ferrovial on behalf of the Australian Government as a way of off-shoring the housing of people seeking asylum. The center was closed October 31st after the Papuan Supreme Court determined the facility unconstitutional in breech of the promise of personal liberty.

So, the Australian government withdrew it's medical workers, shut off electricity and water and food shipments. However, the residents of MRPC have refused to be resettled into other facilities in PNG due to fears of physical harm by members of the PNG Defence Forces, as is alleged to have happened in April of this year, as well as violence coming from local gangs wielding machetes and other weapons. The population of the island is just short of 6,000 people and locals have expressed concern that resettlement would affect their economy greatly. In the conversation, Walid mentions two fellows from the MRPC who were found recently hung by their necks in the jungle near the Processing Centre as a proof of danger the refugees face if they leave the premises.

The Obama administration had agreed in 2016 to resettle many of Australia's asylum seekers. However, do you remember that first presidential phone call that Trump made, where he ended by saying it was a stupid deal and it was the worst conversation ever? That was #45 chatting with Australia's Prime Minister Turnbull about the resettlement deal for refugees on Nauru and Manus Islands. Cancelling that at the time fed into the issues in PNG & Australia's national politics with the refugees being caught in the middle as pawns. The U.S. has now apparently changed it's tune about the Asylum seekers, having applied for whatever "extreme vetting" it was seeking and has taken in 24 of the men and resettling them.

I will admit to being a bit ignorant of the situation in Manus that people like Walid are facing, but what I do understand is this: borders are imprisoning some of the most marginalized people fleeing dangerous situations and holding them in dire circumstances. The men at the Manus Regional Processing Centre are refusing to leave for fear of their lives and in hopes of reaching a safer space and are being starved by bureaucracy. And many Australians are voicing a desire to resettle these people on the mainland.

We at the Final Straw wish the residents of MRPC the best of luck and solidarity and will continue to air their words as we receive them.

Aaaaalso, a big big big thanks to Linda from Subversion1312 podcast for helping us make this contact with Walid and with some pointers on the questions. Definitely check out their work, it's (under various names) one of the longer running English-language anarchist radio shows and is jam packed

Sara Falconer and Daniel McGowan on the 2018 Certain Days Calendar for Political Prisoners

Secondly, we are airing an interview presented recently by the Which Side media collective with Sara Falconer and Daniel McGowan about the 2018 Certain Days Calendar for Political Prisoners. Jordan Halliday and Jeremy Parkin host the interview, and range along a wide array of ideas and topics.

From the show notes "The calendar is a joint fundraising and educational project between outside organizers in Montreal and Toronto, and three political prisoners being held in maximum-security prisons in New York State: David Gilbert, Robert Seth Hayes and Herman Bell. The initial project was suggested by Herman, and has been shaped throughout the process by all of our ideas, discussions, and analysis. All of the members of the outside collective are involved in day-to-day organizing work other than the calendar, on issues ranging from refugee and immigrant solidarity to community media to prisoner justice. We work from an anti-imperialist, anti-racist, anti-capitalist, feminist, queer and trans positive position."

You can check out the Which Side online store to see some giveaway deals regarding the Certain Days calendar by visiting and see more from this project at

If you'd like to hear The Final Straw's conversation with Herman Bell's daughter in law Dr Kihana Ross which details the incident mentioned in the interview plus some more about his case, you can visit our website.

Whichside Podcast is a member of the Channel Zero Network of anarchist podcasts, of which we are as well.  Check out our website for a steady stream of up to date anarchist audios and keep an eye out for our mobile app coming soon.

Audios of Interest:

Just a heads up, if you missed it. we launched our occasionally weekly intro to tech security podcast series, Error451 this week with a conversation on safer approaches to burner phones.  Check it out and keep an ear out for more!

Also, the Anarchist Radio Network just released the November episode of B(A)DNews: Angry Voices From Around The World, which is up on the new A-Radio Network website.  Keep up on episodes there.


Source: TFSRadio: A Refugee on Manus Island & the 2018 Certain Days Calendar
Bra$il ? ?Operation Érebo? the earth moves. Agitations and anarchic reflections the wind blows.?

From Tormentas de Fogo

via e-mail


?Operation Érebo? the earth moves.

Agitations and anarchic reflections the wind blows.?

At dawn on October 25, 2017 the weather darkened for the anarchists of Porto Alegre. The Civil Police with the so called ?Operation Érebo [Erebus]? launched raids and assaults televised by the local media and transmitted by the speakers of the system in maximum volume.

From this police reaction, from the show and media scrape, and from the agitation in the anarchist orbit a thousand and one needs, urgencies, ideas, impulses and feelings have crossed us. From this reflection was born this will to communicate. We point our determination against the enemy and we strengthen our pace with those who live anarchy in its positions and practices.

Our natural tendency to chaos.

We are, we exist and we act beyond the state, the laws and democracy. We seek and spread autonomy, but we know that we can?t achieve it through negotiation with power1.

Heirs of the struggles for freedom and land, of the warriors who still teach us that we can exist in many ways beyond the society imposed against us. We feel an inconformity that persists and insists.

Looking from this side of the river, democracy is just another form (the current) in which civilization dominates, kills and tries to erase forms of existence that leaked from the military order and blind obedience. Even more, this democracy that presents itself as the one value of fashion. And many fall blindly, or dazzle their eyes with democracy?s brightness. But those who love to be free know that this is only a way of governing and life is ungovernable, like the rivers that change its paths, like the animals that attack its tamers, like the people who do not ?sell? themselves to the slave labor of the western society. Thus democracy is an ideal incompatible with those who do not let themselves be governed.

Its axioms, the rights, are tools of colonization and a form of humanism that still distinguishes humans from first, second, third, and more categories. Can anyone argue that?

Their punishments, the laws, are chains that some love, but that punish and mark those who starve and therefore steal what they need instead of begging for it.

Negotiation with this world is impossible, our relationship with it can only be antagonism2.

They try to dominate and we can not stop fighting this, without respite. In this instinctive tendency to freedom without rules and order, we recognize ourselves in the chaos of anarchy.

The search for anarchy is itself a challenge to power. All the prospects of anarchy are aimed at dismantling the institutions of power. We may have among us some misunderstandings about how to do it, but every anarchist wants states, corporations, their institutions and values in ruins. We believe we are not mistaken on that. In this way the desire for anarchy in democracy is in itself criminal.

Not being in the penal code, anarchism and affinity with it are not really crimes. Which gives us a margin of action and leaves more freedom to identify with it. But the rope of this freedom is not very long.

The key that undid the mystery. Exotic plants and anarchic agitation.

The idea that alien beings bring ?evil? in is an old mechanism of control and repression. From Europe, several anarchist comrades, expelled or fugitives, arrived in this continent. Here they have been detected and cataloged as exotic plants [translation note: literally, this was how the government called anarchists in their ?first appearance? in the brazilian territory by the year of 1890], trigger of dangerous ideas and actions.

In the last decade of the nineteenth century, the masters of power already expelled anarchists considered to be harmful to ?social peace?. That is, indomitable beings, beasts who did not submit to the laws and order that guarantee exploitation. We remind Giuseppe Gallini that along with other agitators comrades in the city of São Paulo were arrested and expelled. We also remember José Saul, who was expelled from the city of Pelotas for being an anarchist agitator. Other anarchic comrades had the same fate.

In 1907, in response to growing social agitation (revolts, strikes, autonomous workers? organizations) and the growing anarchist presence, the Brazilian government tightens its policies of expulsion against the undesirable. Then ?Adolpho Gordo law? [translation note: A. Gordo was the name of the senator who came up with this law, which mainly aims to expell any ?foreigner who, for any reason, compromises national security or public tranquility, from part or all of the national territory?] this law was made, stitching a new legal fantasy for the repressive dances.

When rulers, judges and police say from 1800 to now that anarchists are ?exotic plants?, they harbor feelings of xenophobia, and they also construct the image of a supposed native ?passivity.?

The policies of expulsion and rejection against those who bring the ?chaos theory?3 was and continues to be a mechanism for dispersing combative meetings. According to these, the anarchic agitation would be exotic and could be torn away by throwing it out of the Garden.

One thing is for sure, the anarchists arrived by boat and continue to come across several trails; however, the anarchic impulse and the fight against domination4 have been in these lands since immemorial times. The desire for freedom has no epoch, homeland or frontiers, and, anarchic as we are, we do not recognize the division of the world into countries, into states. The weakness we would have in thinking the world divided into artificial lines make us sick, without the ability to recognize the land with its own changing borders, mountains, rivers, forests, cribs.

So, therefore, we do not recognize that our comrades belong to one or another country, we are anarchists and comrades because of the affinity we have in opposition to control and domination. We have no homelands or flags and we are far from being guided by nationalist feelings that only flirt with fascism. The world is ours because we are with it, and by the land we inhabit we feel disgusted with progress.

Moreover, the actions taken in the ? Cronologias da Confrontação Anárquica [Chronologies of Anarchic Confrontation]?5 are far from being alien or disoriented within the current context of the territory controlled by the Brazilian State, as we can see.

Political parties PSDB [Social Democrats], PSB [Socialist Party], PSD [Social Democrats], DEM [Democrats] received anarchic visits6. Agribusiness, devastating to the land and people, was attacked with the fire against Bradesco Bank, the destruction of eucalyptus seedlings, as well as incendiary barricades and road blockades in territory struggling against civilization.

Also the militarization of life was clearly rejected with the attack by the ?Galera do Pixo do Triangulo CAV do Terror? graffiti group to the monument of the war praise in the arches of the Redemption with the partial destruction by the ?Group of Hostilities Against Domination? of the monument of the Battalion of Suez/ONU grandfathers of those who militarize Haiti today, and the attack of the ?Anti-authoritarian Wild Vandals? that contributed to the withdrawal of the war tank exposed as a monument on Ipiranga Avenue.

Several of these actions were, we think, incomprehensible to the logic of competition for power. They were actions that neither ask for something nor demanded. They only attacked domination. Until the key appeared that undid the mystery (according to the ?Fantastic TV show? news), the ?Chronologies of Anarchic Confrontation? and the publication ?Welcome to Hell?.

Damned anarchist literature!

The books that are in the sights of cops, besides spreading an idea, speak of real actions. It collect and present various adventures and dares of some indomitable. Several bands that beat against what they felt it oppressed them. Books that a lover of control and submission would never like to see diffused. That is why these books are abominable to the authorities, but also because of this, they are books of high consistency insubmission.

Walking through the anarchic path, several examples of this kind of literary persecution within democracies have taught us that writing about confrontation is considered as an affront to power. The publication ?Armed Joy? written by Alfredo Maria Bonanno provoked his arrest in Italy and years later his edition and printing was one of the ?evidence? of an accusation against the anarchist comrade Spyros Mandylas and Nadir squat in Greece. On the same continent in Spain, the book ?Against Democracy? was used as evidence of a supposed participation in an organization cataloged as a terrorist by the Spanish State, which resulted in several raids, arrests and operations against comrades, which allowed us to join forces with them, to come closer to them and to gain more strength in the search for freedom and in the certainty that we are in antagonistic plans of life; those who love freedom and those who are able to lock up, isolate, control the hours to see the sun and forms of contact.

Yesterday as today, the search for anarchy printed in words on paper has its power of diffusion and inspiration. Panic for the authorities on duty who react with assault, raids and kidnappings.

In 1969, in Rio de Janeiro, the military destroyed and assaulted the space of anarchist agitation, the CEPJO (Center for Studies Professor José Oiticica [note: famous anarchist from the XX century in the territory dominated by the brazilian state]), yet robbing a vast library in the residence of the anarchist Ideal Perez. In addition to stealing the original writings of the book ?Nationalism and Culture? that was about to be edited by the anarchist Edgar Rodrigues, who to recover it bought it back from the repression agents.

In 1973, in Porto Alegre, the DOPS (Department of Political and Social Order [note: main organism of repression against the opposition to the military dictatorship]) headed by the deputee Pedro Seelig invaded the Gráfica Trevo [Graphic Trevo], a graphic led by anarchists who, in addition to commercial prints, printed the anarchist newspapers that circulated at the time: The Protest, sold in the newsstands of Porto Alegre and the newspaper Dealbar, edited by the anarchist Pedro Catalo, spread in São Paulo. They also printed books edited by their distro called Proa [Prow]. On this occasion, the police assault destroyed almost the whole impression of the book ?The future belongs to libertarian socialism? and confiscated copies of future editions. In this storm, houses were destroyed and lives were sadistically beaten.

Damned are our books, newspapers, writings. Damned we, the ones who have the courage and daring to write them, edit them, translate them, print them, spread them.

The state, the police, democracy?

Do not need proof to persecute anarchists.

It is well known that in persecution of anarchists no proof is needed. The books were the only thread they were able to handle to point some people that the bothered from their agitation and propaganda.

Without proof but not without justification, yes, the reaction of power has its justification. And that justification is paradoxically our biggest smile. Knowing that some anarchic gangs have hit power can only value our position since it manifests antagonism. Knowing that some anarchic bands have hit power can only value our position of manifested antagonism. If we call ourselves anarchists it is because we do not admit authority in our lives or on earth, so antagonism to the ruling order is a basic indicator of following the path we say we follow.

?Operation Érebo? ?seeks to deal with the perpetrators of the attacks?, that is to say, pursues actions but seems to go after ideas. Sniffing at the Achaic literature and taking samples of the various trends of anarchy. Confusing the written propaganda with the propaganda by deed.

Written propaganda shows something that they seem to want to keep as a secret: that power can be beaten by anarchists.

It is clear for us that if one pursues the anti-authoritarian positions, it is because the banks, cars and churches were not burned for pyromania but for the active and combative rejection of the mercantilization of life and the punishment and control. And when we talk about it, it is not a complaint but a cry of joy. That is where ideas and affinities ?weigh?. We are several, all, targets in the repressive sight. Then in the storm, in the eye of the hurricane, or we flirt with systemic passivity in the makeup of laws and rights, or we get louder by shouting LONG LIVE ANARCHY against all forms of power.

Light, camera, action. The media show.

Television has overwhelming force in Bra$il. It is a reference in people?s lives to understand their surroundings, to create priorities, to have a position. It is no exaggeration to say that TV trains people, manipulates lives, openly realizes experiences in people?s behavior from the stimuli emitting their waves, in their news advertisements and soap operas.

When we talk about the TV, we line up together their printed newspapers, faces of the same body, like: Zero Hora-RBS.TV/Globo7. These next to the Correio do Povo and SBT8 protagonized lawfully association with the police during the revenge of power against the anarchists.

If TV is the remote control for citizens to know who are the ?new enemies of social peace?? For its enemies, that is, to us anarchists, the show pretends to be the fan that spreads the fear. Dumbly created scenes like the hooded guy reading the Chronology or pet bottle molotovs and the police breaking doors shouting ?police!?, they want to send the message of the persecution, they want to provoke the fear in our band and still in an investigation that claims to be ?top secret?, they slander and expose the ?suspects?.

It is a media lynching and certainly for those who do not seek dialogue with the social order this has a weight. Comments abound in addition to the lynching that ask for photos of the suspects or complain about untying their lives from something that once portrayed as ?evil? so then it has to be banished and thrown away to not pollute their impeccable citizen life.

Political analysts and jurists gave the illustrated touch to spread fear with ?fundament.? Can anarchists be judged by the anti-terrorist law? This was the debate presented by them on the show. In addition to the useful lessons they gave on the subject in the ?Fantastic TV show?, they showed that along with the repressive forces, the sages of society also collaborate with the creation of the new social fear. It is no longer a police note, it is now a social, legal, political, philosophical issue.

The scope of this fable may be greater, fear can silence all kinds of dissent. Thus, the show serves to calm possible protests and nonconformities with the genocidal way of governing democracy.

We know that anarchists and peoples outside of civilization and marginals have an antagonism that remained after the show. But did the other dissidents rush into whitening as obedient citizens? Has fear penetrated to the bones of those who call themselves rebels?

Not among us. This text as well as other manifestations seem to affirm the rejection against the domination and not letting ourselves down by fear.

The show sells and buys. It bought the premise in the police auction of ?Operation Érebo?. And it sells. We know that the news have a purpose, they are elaborated and played on the board of domination, for specific purposes. Of course, they will tell us they are impartial, bearers of the just view of facts, of truth.

There is no media of ?free expression?. The association between the media, police and justice are deep to punish everyone who does not dance to their music.


November 2017.

Our salutes to those who do not let the wind pass without the breath of solidarity:

To those beings who made a solidarity demonstration on the great island of the Pacific

To the comrades who sent solidarity from across the Andes mountain.

The comrade who sent poetry to the persecuted since Rebelion De las Palabras.

To all who did not keep quiet.

All these actions were felt.

1. We distance ourselves from the idea that power is good or bad depending on who exercises it. We toast with Bakunin ?All power corrupts?.

2. We use the word antagonism to express the incompatibility of anarchy with power and domination.

3. Words of the deputee Jardim to the news on the morning of October 25, 2017, trying to define the anarchists investigated.

4. We take as reference the positions against the domination from some of the communiques that claim responsibility for the attacks that detonated ?Operation Érebo?. The struggle against domination, according to these actions, is not an antagonism that prioritizes a line (class, race, gender, defense of the earth), but of an antagonism in conflict with all this and more, against the subtle and complex forms of control and domination.

5. The ?Chronologies of Anarchic Confrontation? are two of the three books that are in the focus of ?Operation Érebo?.

6. According to the ?Chronologies of Anarchic Confrontation? actions of attack claimed as those not claimed (known only by the news) present the anarchic principle if they act in antagonism with the institutions of control and domination. The parties, in this case, are the main contenders in the aim to govern, control and rule over population and territory.

7. The company ?Zero Hora-RBS.TV/Globo? in the prosecution against the so called ?Block of Struggles [group of several autonomous collectives and individualities]? in the uprisings of 2013 disposed of reporter as a witness during the trials.

8. On the morning of 10/25/2017, SBT reporter Thiago Zahreddine presented the aberrant mix of anarchists investigated as neo-Nazis, adding: ?They define themselves as vandals of neo-Nazi ideology in order to face everything type of authority ?. Given the receptiveness of people to what TV tells them, that aberration goes beyond the stupidity of the reporter.


Source: Bra$il ? ?Operation Érebo? the earth moves. Agitations and anarchic reflections the wind blows.?
Anarchist News dot Org / TOTW: Fundaisers
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TOTW: Fundaisers

With the increasing popularity of crowdfunding, @s in some cases have lost the capacity to organize a good fundraiser, and forgotten that the point of the fundraiser is not only to raise the maximum amount of money, but also to create a space where supporters of a project or comrade can come together, socialize and renew their commitments to one another as a community/scene/movement/etc.

We are also seeing a rising backlash from far-right trolls who in some cases successfully campaigned to have tech sites to shut down crowdfunding drives for anarchists on vague violations of "terms of use" or "community guidelines." Many anarchists are keeping it IRL with regular creative fundraisers ranging from sports tournaments to stand-up comedy benefits to scamming yuppies.

What are some of your ideas for a good fundraiser?

(Ed. this TOTW came via email, thank you! Please feel free to email if you have ideas for a future TOTW as well)


Source: TOTW: Fundaisers
AlterNet / Sexual Harassment Settlements in Congress Are Costing Taxpayers Millions
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Sexual Harassment Settlements in Congress Are Costing Taxpayers Millions


There's a problem on Capitol Hill and in state legislatures around the country.


It?s unlikely the public will ever truly know how many women in politics have been targets of sexual harassment, or how many lawmakers are sexual predators, but the tip of the iceberg has emerged in recent weeks. Alabama congressional aspirant Roy Moore has been accused of sexual contact in his past by a steady trickle of women who at the time were very young girls, and Minnesota Senator Al Franken allegedly groped and kissed a woman without consent. On Tuesday, California Democratic Representative Jackie Speier testified before the House Administration Committee that two current male members of Congress, a Democrat and a Republican, ?have engaged in sexual harassment.? In the same hearing, Barbara Comstock, a Republican representative from Virginia, described how another sitting congressman had exposed himself to a female member of his staff.

"This member asked a staffer to bring them over some materials to their residence," Comstock stated, according to CBS News. "And a young staffer, it was a young woman, went there and was greeted with a member in a towel. It was a male, who then invited her in. At that point, he decided to expose himself. She left, and then she quit her job."

Those accounts represent a fraction of incidents of sexual abuse and harassment that women in politics are now speaking out about. In a video, Speier described how decades earlier, a congressional chief of staff had ?held my face, kissed me and stuck his tongue in my mouth.? The New York Times recently conducted more than ?50 interviews [with] lawyers, lobbyists and former aides? who told the outlet ?sexual harassment has long been an occupational hazard for those operating in Washington politics.?

Among those who spoke to the Times on the record was a former Capitol Hill staffer who described a Republican senior aide?s attempt to tug open her dress one night in a bar, as he asked why she insisted on ?holding out.? Laura W. Murphy, director of the ACLU?s Washington Legislative Office for 17 years, says that in the early aughts a D.C. politician ?propositioned her for sex? in the midst of a working dinner. Another woman who has since departed her job as a legislative aide told the outlet that ?a congressman grabbed her backside, then winked as he walked away.? Allegations of sexual assault by male politicians have been made by women lawmakers and political staffers in Illinois, Kansas, Rhode Island and Oregon, according to the Washington Post. In California, an open letter signed by nearly 140 women ?ranging from legislators to lobbyists? detailed sexual harassment alongside ?promises, or threats? to ensure they kept quiet about their mistreatment.

The United States Congress Office of Compliance has paid $15.2 million to victims of workplace harassment between 1997 and 2014. That figure, which is made up of taxpayer dollars, includes sexual harassment claims, along with payments to victims of racial, ethnic, religious and other forms of discrimination. The OOC doesn?t offer a breakdown on settlement numbers by complaint type, though Rep. Speier told CNN she is looking into ways to find those specific figures.

But most cases of workplace sexual harassment and assault in political circles, just like those in Hollywood, Silicon Valley and offices around the country, go unreported. In part, because victims are often justifiably concerned their stories may not be believed, or that they may be subject to career-killing retaliatory tactics by the men involved. For women who work on Capitol Hill, reporting involves not just coping with the outsized challenges of implicating powerful men, but a complaint filing system so inefficient that victims are dissuaded from the outset.

"If someone wants to form a complaint they have to go through a month of legal counseling...Then they go through mediation. And then they have to go through a one-month 'cooling off' period, all the while they are still required to work in that office that was a hostile work environment," Speier told CNN during an interview Tuesday. "By the way...the general counsel of the House is representing the harasser. The victim has no counsel, no support."

?The system is so stacked. They don?t want people to come forward,? Debra Katz, a D.C.-based attorney who deals with civil rights, sexual harassment and whistleblower cases, told the Times. In an interview with Rollcall, Katz also pointed to social and political reasons that victims avoid filing. ?There?s a lot of partisan pressure, too, of don?t do this to the party, don?t do this to our leadership, don?t embarrass us."

When victims do take the proper steps to document harassment, the lengthy amount of time involved and confusing fine print can make the process feel like a retraumatizing exercise in futility. M. Reese Everson, a former fellow at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, attempted to file a complaint with the Office of Compliance against a congressman in 2013. Because she worked on the Hill as a fellow instead of a full-time employee, the office turned her away, saying the matter was beyond its purview. The Times reports that with no other viable option, Everson filed complaints with D.C. local government, ?where they have languished for over two years.? Tracy Manzer, Speier?s communications director, told CNN that 80 percent of those who have contacted the congresswoman?s office have declined to report their cases to the Office of Compliance.

"It is like, the place where complaints go to die," a former Senate aide who also tried to file a report with the Office of Compliance told CNN. "It was like I was talking to a black hole of people who didn't care."

The Times notes that some of the women it spoke with had never been made aware the Office of Compliance existed. In fact, a 2016 Rollcall survey of female congressional staffers found 40 percent of respondents said they believed sexual harassment was a serious issue in Capitol Hill, and one out of six surveyed said they had experienced harassment firsthand. Yet almost none of the women were aware there was an office to handle their complaints. ?Only 10 percent of the women who responded...said there was a structure in place for reporting allegations of harassment on Capitol Hill,? Rollcall indicated, ?suggesting either that they aren?t aware of the Office of Compliance or that they find it inadequate.?

On Wednesday, Rep. Speier and New York Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand introduced companion bills in the House and Senate that aim to change the culture on Capitol Hill, and make it easier for victims of harassment to have their complaints recognized and addressed. The bill is called the Member and Employee Training and Oversight On Congress Act, or #MeToo Congress Act, a reference to the social media campaign for survivors of sexual harassment and abuse. A press announcement by Speier indicates the legislation will ?require mandatory annual training for members and staff, implement climate surveys to show the true scope of this problem, afford interns access to the same resources and protections as full-time staff, end forced mediation, and overhaul the process by which congressional staffers report sexual harassment.?

For now, in the absence of a competent response system for sexual harassment allegations, women who work in government?like women in every other industry?rely on word-of-mouth warnings from colleagues. Among a number of infuriating consequences of pervasive sexual harassment, female staffers learn to navigate spaces and limit their lives to avoid run-ins with potential harassers. Claire McCaskill, now a Democratic senator from Missouri, recently described how early in her career, she "learned to avoid elevators because elevators were when you were captured." Several outlets reported on the ?creep list,? a name women staffers used to describe the Hill?s most well-known predators and prolific harassers.

More than half a dozen interviewees independently named one California congressman for pursuing female staffers; another half dozen pointed to a Texas congressman for engaging in inappropriate behavior. CNN is not naming either of those lawmakers because the stories are unverified.

"Amongst ourselves, we know," a former Senate aide told the outlet about serial harassers. "There is a certain code amongst us, we acknowledge among each other what occurs."

?The Congress of the United States should be the one work environment where people are treated with respect, where there isn?t a hostile work environment,? Speier told the Times. ?And frankly, it?s just the opposite. It?s probably among the worst.?


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Source: Sexual Harassment Settlements in Congress Are Costing Taxpayers Millions
Anarchist News dot Org / Ferrara Prison, Italy: New Text from Anarchist Comrade Alfredo Cospito
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Ferrara Prison, Italy: New Text from Anarchist Comrade Alfredo Cospito

From Insurrection News

Originally published in Vetriolo, anarchist journal, number 1 /  Autumn 2017 (this text is also online here).

Note from Insurrection News: This English version of Alfredo?s  text was translated by us from the French language translation by the comrades from Attaque.

Note from Vetriolo: Alfredo wrote this text of salutation for the number zero edition of Vetriolo, in November-December 2016. This letter, as is well known, was blocked by the prisoncensorship. Now we can publish it. We recall that in recent months the censorship has increased a lot, a tightening vise obviously ordered by the Prosecutor Sparagna, and not just the simple zeal of the prison guards. Apparently there are definite orders about what can and cannot be sent or received (Vetriolo, for example, was not received by anybody) [comrades imprisoned for Operation Scripta Manent]. To protest the censorship,
Alfredo went on a hunger strike from May 3 to 13.

Break the isolation!


With charges that could lead to 30 years of prison time hanging over my head like a sword of Damocles, the need to communicate projects and reflections may seem absurd. Under the influence of censorship, which modifies all that I write and say, the fact

that I am continuing imperturbably to communicate and write reflections that inevitably lend themselves to repression, may seem stupid and insane. It is stupidity and madness that I cannot do without, to feel alive and active.

One choice, back against the wall: continue the fight. Continue with all means at my disposal.

The inspiration for writing this article was given to me by the inquisitor Sparagna, who during his ?monologue-interrogation?, maintained, with barely concealed embarrassment, that he would have broken us [the 22 comrades under investigation from Operation Scripta Manent] by isolation, thanks to the ?scorched earth? that the anarchist movement would have made around us in Italy. Is it possible that the anarchist movement has fallen so low in Italy, feeling no empathy for comrades who have fallen

into the net of repression, even to consider us as a foreign body?

The truth cannot be found in the instrumental and insane ?logic? of a Prosecutor from Turin. The truth is hidden in the folds, in the different expressions of solidarity that have been addressed to us, in the opportunity that can be given to us, even by a wave of repression like this one. To demonstrate this, there have been many actions of solidarity with us, all over the world; there are a few, but significant communiques of solidarity

that have reached us. At first glance, these communiques seem to be the usual facade of solidarity, but in reality they take on a great importance to me.

Perhaps, because of their origins, comrades with different projects between them but who, despite everything, felt moved inside themselves. Perhaps because all these comrades participate one way or another in this anarchism of praxis that keep alive, vivacious and reactive anarchy in this world. For these reasons and many more, these words of solidarity are not small things and can become an opportunity, especially it they manage to go beyond the repression.

The opportunity that presents itself to us is the real possibility that routes that are different, but are all determined and aggressive, may, at times, intersect. It?s not for nothing that power tends to separate anarchists between good and bad.

And there Vetriolo comes in. I cannot help myself. When realism and logic tell me to shut up and wait, I rise. Vetriolo, an anarchist periodical of a deepness where one can confront in a clear and fair way, without false pretences, different positions and ideas: ?social? and ?antisocial?, ?organizing? and ?anti-organizing? attitudes, partisans of anonymity or not.

I am convinced that until some knots are undone, we will continue to be tangled. I am not interested in the sterile, mathematical, quantitative unity; but in the real possibility

that comrades with different perspectives can collaborate without reciprocal conditioning, without yielding anything and without distorting their own projectuality. It?s a simple question of method. In my head I have a thousand questions and some answers to which a journal of theoretical deepening like Vetriolo should face. Like all of those who try and put into practice what they say, I have many more doubts than certainties.

On a theoretical sphere, new suggestions could come out of confrontations between different ideas, offering us more possibilities and instruments.

Affinity groups, individual actions, organizations. Simple techniques to use according to the opportunities that are presented in turn, or something deeper to put into practice

according ones own predispositions of character and their individual aspirations?

Simple techniques, to use coldly, with calculation and determination according to the social situation, to trigger a revolutionary process that will turn us into revolutionaries,

projecting ourselves into the future?

Or are these existential choices that are invested by our deepest being and make us live our own anarchy now, right now, in a continual confrontation with the existing?

Affinity groups, individual actions, organizations. Techniques, instruments, weapons to strike, each of them has defects and qualities. The only ?unit of measure? that we have, to know how we can act in the way most suitable for us, is the natural disposition that each individual carries within themselves.

It is an ?exchange? between the freedom we lose and the new possibilities we obtain. For some, limiting their freedom (by giving themselves rules) in exchange for a stronger impact may be worth it, for others not. It is also a character element, the factors are numerous, and all touch our freedom, our sensitivity.

The hatred we feel for the system is sometimes so strong that it can make us lose our supposed freedoms in exchange for greater virulence, greater strength and greater capacity. The important thing to know is that organizations, individual actions and affinity groups are all an equal part of those ?instruments? that anarchists have always used throughout history. It is ridiculous to cry scandal if an anarchist chooses to use an organization as an instrument for themselves, be it ?informal? or ?specific?, it is useless to be indignant, everyone makes their own choices.

The problem, in my opinion, is quite different: how to succeed in ?communicating?, at given moments, between comrades who do not know each other, who have different ways of acting, without negating each other, without stepping on each other, without the hegemonic coordination and superstructures that pass over organizations, individuals and affinity groups without ever coming into contact with each other. But who must join forces by giving themselves common temporalities of action. I believe that this is the real challenge that lies ahead, the main knot to undo.

Alfredo Cospito


Source: Ferrara Prison, Italy: New Text from Anarchist Comrade Alfredo Cospito
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Crossword Puzzle #26: Lifestylism

This weeks crossword puzzle is on Lifestylism.

Download it here:


From LBC about the book:

For those anarchistnews fans who miss Worker's acerbic and insightful bon mots on modern-day anarchy and anarchists, here is a fix (however temporary) for you.

Fifty crossword puzzles of occasionally ludicrous difficulty (there are scattered puff questions throughout also, for those of you, like me, who are terrible at these kind of games) are featured for your education and amusement. is the most popular, utilized, and non-sectarian news source pertaining to anarchists in North America. Its open commenting system continues to be one of the few spaces in which anarchists, nationally and internationally, converse about topics of the day, challenge each other, and critically engage with a wide variety of issues and events.

Worker retired from running the site after eleven years... Since then they have reflected on their time in the daily trenches of running the site, and this book is the result. These crossword puzzles speak to the years of comment threads, the ridiculousness and wonderfulness of the anarchist space in North America, and finally the absurdity of working with cantankerous, stubborn, and self-righteous people by way of essay or manifesto.

These puzzles should probably be done by a reading group or a group of friends. They are supposed to make you think, laugh, and perhaps smack your head. A more perfect metaphor for North American anarchism cannot be found.


[ Here are the solutions! Don?t peek!: ]


Source: Crossword Puzzle #26: Lifestylism
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