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Trump's Disgusting Attempt to use Pat Tlllman's name will Backfire

In his war against the NFL players and Kaepernick, The disgusting human being Trump has dragged out Pat Tillman as the hero to be emulated. We are republishing this post that we try to post every memorial Day as the mass media tries to shut Pat Tillman out of history books.

How stupid is Trump. Tillman was a hero, a real hero who learned from what he saw and changed his views. He was loved by Rumsfeld, another war criminal and mass murderer who wanted to use him as the poster boy to get young workers join up but he was not going to do that, just the opposite. I can't believe that Trump not knowing that  to raise Tillman would be a mistake and instead, that no one warned him on purpose. Tillman had become increasingly opposed to the Iraq War and Bush?s agenda and did not like what he saw. He had planned to meet Noam Chomsky. But stupid Trump doesn't read so how would he know?  As the title below suggests, it is my view that he was assassinated under authority from the highest military authorities and others in the US government.

After I saw this film I remember telling some of my co-workers if you want to feel proud of being an American, watch this film and see how the family of Pat Tillman deal with this. His mother in particular was incredible. See his brother at the funeral, we never saw that on the news, we just saw McCain spouting state department and US military brass lies. See the young Mormon guy who was next to him when he was shot between the eyes, what a brave guy. See his fathers response to the politician that approached him and refusing to shake his hand. I was in Iraq in the 70's and fantasized about having the ability to go there again and announce to the Iraq's that here was a family, and an individual who also describe themselves as Americans--we are not all the same.

Trump is getting desperate. Don't let the US war machine eradicate Tillman from history and don't let the pig Trump defile his name. From: all of us at Facts For Working People

The Tillman Story: Was He Assassinated?
by Richard Mellor

Afscme Local 444, retired

I wrote this five years ago  after seeing this film. This Memorial Day let's not let them airbrush Pat Tillman from History. We owe it to Tillman to remember him and give him the place in history he deserves. Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Bush, they all loved him. They used him. But Tillman was not a person that could be bought off easily. He was a leader. He came from strong family; above all, he had principles and a person who has principles can change their views when the objective facts demand it.

If the reader hasn't seen this film you should. You might not draw the same conclusions as this writer when it comes to the issue of who fired the shot that killed him. But you will come to admire him for what he was-----a heroic figure. We don't need the spin doctors picking hero's for us.

The Tillman Story
Most Americans would know who Pat Tillman was and why he is so controversial, but for those readers abroad that might be hearing the name for the first time, he was a young professional football star, who, along with his brother, gave up a multi-million dollar sports future and enlisted in the US army. The Bush Administration and the capitalist media made Tillman the poster boy for their propaganda machine, he was a popular, modest figure respected by those that knew him; a perfect example of what a real patriotic American should be; having him be a spokesperson for their murderous foreign policy was a gift from above. Tillman, on the other hand, never explained his reason for enlisting keeping his views private.  He was killed in Afghanistan in 2004.

The official US government explanation for Tillman?s death was that he was killed in action, dying amid a hail of gunfire defending his troops against Taliban militia. But from the beginning things didn?t seem right.  The Tillman Story describes the now famous cover up that came to light only through the dogged persistence of Tillman?s mother and family. Much of it is already known but this powerful documentary directed by Amir Bar Lev strengthens my belief that Tillman was probably assassinated although the film doesn?t draw this conclusion, or, in my recollection even suggest it.

After his death the government continued to use him, as it did when he was alive; as war propaganda. The media spread the government?s line and there were memorials held and events honoring Tillman as a war hero, from his former college team Arizona, to a huge memorial a month after his death in San Jose's Municipal Rose Garden.

But, as the film shows, Tillman?s mother and entire family weren?t buying it.  The film describes how it comes to light that the US destroyed all his belongings, even his clothes were burned; and more importantly his diary.  Why would the military burn the diary of a war hero?  His fellow Army rangers were instructed not to talk to anyone about the details of his death. One of them, Russell Baer, attended his funeral and initially went along with the lies as instructed by his superiors.  It is Baer and another Ranger, Bryan O?Neal, who stood out for me as honest and brave people who helped get the truth out there.

O?Neil was standing next to Tillman when he was shot by his own troops in what the US government describes now as ?friendly fire? or Fratricide. Baer also explains how so many of the young people that joined did it to get an education or to ?blow things up and shoot guns?.  Initially, Tillman?s mother believed that it was simply terrified young men shooting wildly in panic after being attacked, but given the evidence it was more like gross negligence she explains.

But I cannot help drawing the conclusion from the detailed description of the events that day that those that shot Tillman knew who they were shooting at. Tillman was shot, sniper style with a bullet to the Head.  At one point, O'neil describes Tillman standing up shouting ?I?m Pat Tillman?.  At this point the assailants (this was a half of the troop that were a half mile behind Tillman?s section) had moved to within 40 yards of Tillman and O?Neil, they had purposefully moved closer which doesn't sound like a frantic, uncontrollable melee.  O?Neil said that he started to pray and Tillman told him to stop praying and deal with the here and now or words to that effect. O?Neil described it as Tillman preventing him from going in to some ?La la land?,  O?Neil, described as a devout Mormon, commands a lot of respect in this documentary.

This raises another issue, Tillman?s politics and his religious views, or lack of them There is a clip from his funeral that shows Tillman?s youngest brother getting up to speak right after the preferred war hero, John McCain. I have never seen this shown in the thousands of hours of media coverage. He?s dressed in a tee shirt and has a beer in his hand that he takes a quick swig from.  He cusses a fair bit which is the only ?official? reason the film got an R rating, but it was more likely to reduce attendance by young people. He counters McCain?s previous remarks that his brother is ?with God? because Pat "wasn?t religious?. ?He isn?t with God?he?s fuckin? dead? he adds. 

Tillman was no idiot.  He read political literature and was interested in Chomsky. He was also an atheist. In one scene a military investigator claims in a radio interview that the reason Tillman?s family won?t give up on the case is that they?re atheists and that they don?t understand about duty. What scum these people are. Imagine how they treat their adversaries in foreign lands.

I am sickened by patriotism and all the phony nationalism that accompanies their propaganda efforts to get support for wars that no worker benefits from. But throughout this film I felt such admiration and respect for Pat Tillman and his family. I was transfixed as I watched the family, including Tillman?s wife, at an Arizona game honoring Pat. His mother was looking around at all the flag waving and circus atmosphere surrounding her son?s death and you could see she was sad and sickened by it.

Due to the Tillman?s family persistence, at one point, Tillman?s father wrote a letter to military bigwigs recounting all the lies the family had been told and concluded it with ?Fuck You? and ?Fuck Yours? the government was forced to address the issue and held a congressional investigation where the mass murderer Donald Rumsfeld and the generals were dragged before Congress. Prior to this, they had made a retired three star general the fall guy but the Tillman?s wouldn?t have it. As the father said about the military, ?You don?t piss unless you?re told to? and are we to believe this cover up didn?t go to the top?  The documentary reveals that a memo from Gen Stanley McCrystal had been sent to the entire chain of command informing them of the real sequence of events long before these thugs admitted it.

I don?t subscribe to the view that all that happens is the result of a conspiracy. But apart from the description of the events of that day that strengthen for me, the possibility that he was murdered, we should consider the threat the Tillman represented to them.  They had hung their hopes on this ?All American? white football star being the front man for their foreign policy.  But after returning from Iraq, Tillman was disillusioned with this foreign policy. He didn?t like what he saw and he was not a person who was afraid to speak his mind. Tillman was an honest, dedicated and independent thinker from a family that treasured such qualities; this comes across quite clearly in this film. The opportunity to return to football was there after his Iraq tours but he committed for three years and he believed in fulfilling his commitment.

Who knows what was in his diaries and we can only guess what he said privately to his fellow Army Rangers or the extent of his influence among them.  There is not a shadow of a doubt that on returning to the civilian life, Tillman would not play the role they had mapped out for him; he was a real threat.

The weakness in the movie for me is the weakness all of these expose type films have; there is no alternative put forward.  In response to the Congressional hearings Tillman?s mother said that she felt there was not  ?much else that could be done?.  Her husband refused to talk to a Congressman so disgusted he was at the whole charade; ?None of these actors are held responsible? he says.  Tillman?s brother said that his mother ?Hit the ball out of the park but the government kept moving the fence back.?

Because no alternative is even hinted at, the need to build a mass party of the working class as opposed to the two Wall Street parties for example, this film can re-enforce the mistaken view that we have to overcome in this country that there is nothing that we can do; that you ?Can?t fight City Hall?. It can have a demoralizing effect as the control exercised by an ?all powerful? state and its flunkies seem insurmountable.  It would have been good had someone mentioned that given the lies around Tillman?s death, we can only imagine the lies and propaganda about the need to go to war in the first place. It would have been nice to have some mention that these wars were not about democracy or hunting terrorists or freedom, but a struggle for control of the world?s resources; they are wars conducted in the interests of US corporations

Perhaps, others will argue, a documentary would not get any distribution at all were this the case, or would not even me made,  but I would like to think this seed could have been sown in some form or fashion

Nevertheless, this is a very powerful indictment of the US government and the politicians in Washington.  It exposes the rotten ruthless nature of US capitalism.  After watching it I wanted to meet the Tillman?s and shake their hands.  Their actions alone are an encouragement to us all that it is better to fight than to not and it does show that their actions forced the mighty US government machine to defend itself.  Unfortunately, no one will pay for the murder of their son.

See this movie and take the kids. The Tillman Story
Source: Trump's Disgusting Attempt to use Pat Tlllman's name will Backfire
AlterNet / The 25 Best TV Shows This Decade
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The 25 Best TV Shows This Decade

From "American Crime Story" to "Game of Thrones," boob tubers have never had it better.


It's said we live in the era of peak TV ? a golden age of golden ages where prestige is often as important as ratings. Sure, we've got reality shows about nude dating and people who make semi-inedible cakes. But we've also got some of the most well-produced, most thoughtful, most engrossing and most expensive weekly and streamable series ever created.

This decade, in particular, has offered a bumper crop of picks from HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Showtime, basic cable and, yes, even those old-fashioned big networks. Scifi, fantasy, spy thrillers and historical dramas have risen to the top, though single-camera sitcoms haven't lagged far behind. Throughout, production values have never been higher, scripts have never been more well-written and performances by talented actors have never been more three-dimensional. Honestly, it's almost too much to deal with at times.

To help you make sense of it all ? and wear a hole into your sofa ? we've collected the best (and only the best) intelligent, gripping works available on your HD idiot box. Dig in.

It's said we live in the era of peak TV ? a golden age of golden ages where prestige is often as important as ratings. Sure, we've got reality shows about nude dating and people who make semi-inedible cakes. But we've also got some of the most well-produced, most thoughtful, most engrossing and most expensive weekly and streamable series ever created.

This decade, in particular, has offered a bumper crop of picks from HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Showtime, basic cable and, yes, even those old-fashioned big networks. Scifi, fantasy, spy thrillers and historical dramas have risen to the top, though single-camera sitcoms haven't lagged far behind. Throughout, production values have never been higher, scripts have never been more well-written and performances by talented actors have never been more three-dimensional. Honestly, it's almost too much to deal with at times.

To help you make sense of it all ? and wear a hole into your sofa ? we've collected the best (and only the best) intelligent, gripping works available on your HD idiot box. Dig in.

"Bojack Horseman," 2014 - present
At first glance, "Bojack Horseman" is a great late-night cartoon, one that draws you in with absurdist comedy. But its deep emotional layering is surprising, as are its emotional, dynamic characters. You can't help but relate to these cartoon animals.

The universe itself is bizarrely intriguing. "Hollywoo" posits a world where humans and anthropomorphized animals live amongst each other in every aspect of their daily lives. Bojack himself is a washed-up former sitcom star who struggles to find personal happiness and peace of mind in his life years after working in the television industry. (The show frequently includes flashbacks and scenes from times long before the show takes place in order to give the audience a deeper look at the type of person Bojack is, and why he acts certain ways and makes self-destructive decisions in the present time.) His self-loathing can often be exaggerated, but it's remarkably relatable ? depressing and entertaining all at the same time.

"Game of Thrones," 2011 - present

It's frequently said, but this is one of the best, if not the best, television show out there (even for all its many glaring faults). The author of the book series upon which it is based, George R.R. Martin, created an entire world so filled with complex characters, it's almost impossible to keep up with. This is not a show you watch while using your phone. The intricate plot lines and politics mixed with constant foreshadowing makes every second of the series necessary.

Indeed, the show has a narrative style that seems specifically geared toward angering the audience or leaving them stunned ? particularly given that characters you become deeply attached to are killed off with the swing of a sword or the sip of a glass of wine. While more recent seasons have narrowed down the storyline and increased focus on fewer characters, "Thrones" as a whole has redefined storytelling and mainstream drama.

"Westworld," 2016 - present

HBO hit it out of the park with "Westworld" from the very first episode. Like "Game of Thrones," it engulfs viewers in a world that is far different from the one we currently live in, but one that continues to offer parallels to contemporary society. It makes you think about artificial intelligence in a completely different light, leaving you more scared about the future than eager for it.

With heavy, heavy performers such as Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris buttressing a flock of talented core players and a plot that brings out some of the worst qualities humans can exhibit, it's so much more than an exercise in world building. In an amusement park in which guests hang with "hosts" that look, think and act lifelike and are expected to serve the visitors' every want and need imaginable, what could possibly go wrong? Answer: Everything.

"Louie," 2010 - ???

It's almost difficult to describe what exactly this show is. The fun of it is ? or should be ? that you just get to witness an incredibly awkward, yet lovable character played by Louis C.K. go through his daily life as a single dad with two daughters in New York City. Yet, it's the weirdness, the cringeworthy moment, the dad jokes and sometimes deflating insights that make it so valuable.

Truly, the whole series is just a hilarious extension of Louis C.K.'s dry, sarcastic and piercing sense of humor seen in his stand-up routines, one that only becomes more developed as the show cycles through seasons. Standout performances by supporting actors ? Pamela Adlon in particular ? only deepen the offerings here.

Yes, this is perfect for anyone looking for late-night laughs, anything that is ? on its surface ? a little bit less serious than typical shows. But its humanity and unavoidable weirdness make it something much, much more.

"Better Call Saul," 2015 - present

For those who loved "Breaking Bad," this is a seamless transition into the absurd backstories of some of your favorite characters. Saul Goodman ? real name Jimmy McGill ? is ridiculous, pathetic and yet often noble and heroic. No matter what kind of jam he find himself in, with his wit and sometimes pure luck, he manages to weasel out of trouble in intriguing ways. The same could be said for the series itself.

The production alone, just as in "Breaking Bad," is one of a kind, grounded in the world outside our windows and yet surreal. The characters, too, are both commonplace and Lynchian. For anyone who wanted more out of Mike Ehrmantraut, Gus Fring, Hector Salamanca and other favorites from "Breaking Bad," this series adds dimension and light touches to their stories. For fans of the former AMC show, this shouldn't be passed up ? though it stands on its own as a fully realized work.

"Master of None," 2015 - present

Aziz Ansari plays a charming and witty ? and yet often defeated ? character who experiences the various ups and downs of being a struggling actor in New York City. The show provides humor that's similar to "Parks and Recreation" but also evokes a range of other emotions, some of them beautiful, some of them complicated. Overall, it offers a wholly different, though sometimes problematic, look at modern masculinity with strong nods to multiculturalism, the patriarchy and queer issues. If you can find a better looking, better directed half-hour show, go watch it.

"The Night Of," 2016

This HBO miniseries is one that won't leave you wanting more from it, which is, surprisingly, a good thing. It was perfectly fit into eight thrilling episodes that pull you in from the first scene. It shines a light on politics, law enforcement and the justice system in America post-9/11, and hits a strong note on what it's like to live in this country as a Muslim-American. Plot-wise, character-wise, direction-wise, every moment almost impossibly gripping.

"House of Cards," 2013 - present

This brilliantly executed political drama shows you the dirty inner workings Washington, D.C., and the politicians who run our country, albeit in a heightened, often Shakespearean format. Kevin Spacey does a fantastic job as Frank Underwood, a delectable villain/protagonist you love to hate through and through. Anyone who enjoys politics and mystery thrillers will have a blast with this Netflix Original.

"Homeland," 2011 - present

Another political thriller that keeps audiences yearning for more ? even when it lazes off its own track ? "Homeland" provides a churning look into the Central Intelligence Agency and covert operations in the Middle East (though in sometimes problematic ways). Ultimately, though, it all hangs on Clare Dane's engrossing performance as Carrie Mathison, a manic-depressive operative who becomes more and more estranged from the agency as the seasons go on.

"Black Mirror," 2011 - present

A dark and thrilling "Twilight Zone" for the iPhone age, "Black Mirror"  provides an intricate look into the consequences of technology and is filled with plot twists and satire. Creator Charlie Booker's mastery of dread and allegory has produced what may be the most disturbing must-watch series of all time.

"Orange Is the New Black," 2013 - present

"OITNB" is refreshing not for its prison location, but for a wide range of three-dimensional characters played by a game cast of talented women. The glimpse at life behind bars in a women's prison can be stagey at times, but the array of characters, all from different backgrounds, gives it an almost unmatched humanity. It's funny, sad, angry and highly, highly entertaining.

"Shameless," 2011 - present

The one thing to know about this show is that it more than lives up to its name. "Shameless" is filled with intense, hysterical characters all wrapped around a family that redefines the word "dysfunctional." It's hard to believe the show is going on its eighth season, but each episode and each season seems to outperform the previous one with antics both comical and shocking.

"Fargo," 2014 - present

This is another show with star-studded casts each season that really help bring the show to life. As surreal, mordant and funny as the Coen Brothers film that inspired it, Noah Hawley's anthology crime drama will have you in deeper with each episode you watch. Though currently on hiatus, there's a good reason why so many are clamoring for a fourth installment of the series.

"Stranger Things," 2016 - present

Both an '80s film pastiche and a unique thriller, fans of science fiction and the supernatural will come for the retro perks and stay for the vision and performances (many of them from child actors). The show is intense and reminiscent of the works of Stephen King; you can't really walk away from it without a smile (or a set of jangled nerves).


"Making a Murderer," 2015
No lie, these are 10 of the most infuriating, jaw-dropping episodes of television you'll ever see. The story of a convicted murderer who may ? or may not ? be innocent, the incredible documentary series took 10 years to make and provides an intense look at America's sometimes cruel and often unforgiving justice system. There's a reason many people watched the whole thing in one day.

"American Crime Story," 2016 - present

The first season was a brilliant, intense and sometimes farcical deep dive into the trial of O.J. Simpson. There are plenty of crime-thrillers and shows that center around the justice system on this list, but the charm and tumult of the first installment of Ryan Murphy's anthology series may just be the best. For those too young to remember the trial of a former football icon, it offers the chance to see the truly bizarre series of event unfold before their eyes. For those who lived through it, it's a powerful, sometimes funny reminder.

"Mr. Robot," 2015 - present

This thrilling, unique show will leave you wanting to know more about the world of cybersecurity and what the future holds for it ? two subjects that are rough going for many. Anchored by Rami Malek's standout performance as a possibly mentally ill hacker, the plot both reminds you that technology is something we can never fully understand or keep up with, both in its subject matter and its complicated, twisting format. It almost needs its own category.

"The Handmaid's Tale," 2017 - present

This is a show that brings an all-time classic novel to life in many different ways and pulls you into a misogynistic, patriarchal dystopia that is frightening to imagine through a indelible performance by Elisabeth Moss and a script that keeps you permanently on edge. As if it wasn't chilling enough to read in print, the story gains new dimension as you watch. The parallels between the show's enslavement of women and today's political trends are unmissable and necessary.

"Transparent," 2014 - present

"Transparent" deeply explores not only ideas of gender identity, but of family. Jill Soloway's sophisticated show gains strength from its cast ? Jeffrey Tambor as a transitioning father and Judith Light, Amy Landecker, Jay Duplass and Gaby Hoffman as his neurotic, self-destructive family ? and its illuminative themes of acceptance, both social and personal. It's almost too human.

"Sherlock," 2010 - present

There isn't a bad thing to say about "Sherlock." It really brings a legendary character to life and adds unique twists and turns that constantly leave viewers on the edge of their seats. It's different from other crime-thrillers in the sense that Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) is perhaps more florid and cartoonish than other leads. But, oh, what a ride it is!

"Downton Abbey," 2010 - 2015
This beloved historical drama that dives deep into the lives of British aristocrats and those who serve them begins with the sinking of the Titanic and cycles through all the broad social changes of the 1920s to the 1930s. A unique look at British society, it's also as lush and beautiful a soap opera as you'll ever find.

"Key & Peele," 2012 - 2015

Easily one of the funniest shows of this century, this easygoing sketch series by the comedy duo Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key leaves its audience in tears of laughter and hands out ample food for thought. It contains plenty of political satire and ridiculous scenarios you'll be quoting with your friends for years to come.

"The Americans," 2013 - present

While "The Americans" takes place during the final throes of the Cold War, it seems eerily similar to contemporary political theater. The story revolves around the marriage of two Soviet spies and how they cope with having children while living in enemy territory. More about daily life than it is about international politics, it offers a unique kind of intrigue and enough to keep you up at night.

"Black-ish," 2014 - present

A rare great sitcom in an era with fewer and fewer of them, "Black-ish" is refreshing, easygoing, funny, touching and illuminating. Centering around an African-American family, the show accurately and unapologetically highlights social-justice issues in everyday black life. The discussions of racism, police brutality, LGBTQ rights and Donald Trump are serious, but always effortless within its genuinely charming context.


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Source: The 25 Best TV Shows This Decade
Centre for Research on Globalisation / Slow Boat to China
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Slow Boat to China

There was a day

It was still called Cathay

By those in the West

Who travelled that way

Silk and tea

Porcelain and spice

They brought us


We even took rice.

For centuries

We bought there

Things we don?t …

Source: Slow Boat to China
Centre for Research on Globalisation / Facing Irma in Cuba: ?¡Saldremos adelante!? (?We Can Only Move Forward!?)
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Facing Irma in Cuba: ?¡Saldremos adelante!? (?We Can Only Move Forward!?)

?Saldremos adelante!? (?We can only move forward!?). This is what a colleague exclaimed during one of my several phone calls to Havana in the days after Irma unleashed its wrath on the capital.

Others, when asked how they, their families,

Source: Facing Irma in Cuba: ?¡Saldremos adelante!? (?We Can Only Move Forward!?)
Centre for Research on Globalisation / Statement by Syria?s Deputy Prime Minister H.E. Walid Al-Moualem at the UN General Assembly
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Statement by Syria?s Deputy Prime Minister H.E. Walid Al-Moualem at the UN General Assembly

President of the seventy-second session of the United Nations General Assembly,

I would like to congratulate you on your election as president of the current session of the General Assembly and wish you all success. I would also like to

Source: Statement by Syria?s Deputy Prime Minister H.E. Walid Al-Moualem at the UN General Assembly
Anarchist News dot Org / [Video] Vanguard America Attempt to Storm Houston Anarchist Book Fair
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[Video] Vanguard America Attempt to Storm Houston Anarchist Book Fair


HOUSTON ? With chants of ?Blood and Soil? about 30 fascists affiliated with Vanguard America and the Proud Boys attempted to rush the entrance of the Houston Anarchist Book Fair underway at MECA Houston community center on Sunday, September 24. The attempt occurred at 11:50am but was quickly rebuffed as the security team present locked the doors to the facility, blocking the entrance briefly but foiling the effort of the fascist groups to enter the building to intimidate and likely attack organizers and attendees.

The incident lasted roughly 20 minutes in total and no confrontations or injuries occurred as the the fascists gave up, circled the building in their trucks and left the scene according to members of Black Rose/Rosa Negra ? San Antonio, who were present at the book fair tabling. Members of the Proud the Boys and Vanguard America were both involved in the violent ?Unite the Right? march one month ago in Charlottesville, VA, where a participant linked to Vanguard America rammed their vehicle into a crowd of counter-protesters, resulting in the  death of Heather Heyer. This incident at the Houston Anarchist Book Fair occurred immediately before lunch, which suggested prior planning and knowledge of the event.
Correction: The original headline of this article incorrectly identified the group present as the ?alt-right? Proud Boys groups. Members of this group may have been present but our understanding is that this was led by members of Vanguard America.
Video clip of the incident taken by a member of Black Rose/Rosa Negra ? San Antonio. At this point members of Vanguard America, identified by their white polo shirts, had given up and were circling the building to leave. 

Video Player


Source: [Video] Vanguard America Attempt to Storm Houston Anarchist Book Fair
Kaepernick's Persistence and Pressure from Below Forces Owners to Act

By Richard Mellor
Afscme Local 444, Retired

We can see that Colin Kaepernick?s persistence is paying off. More players are joining him as are other groups including some cops. Today, September 24th, more actions are being taken with some teams not coming out of the locker room at all for the national anthem and in London England, Ravens and Jaguars players locked arms or kneeled in support of Kaepernick and protesting racism and police brutality. Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan knelt arm-in-arm with his players.

This all comes two days after Trump called on team owners to ?fire? players that participate in the protests calling them  "son of a bitch" players. National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell responded attacking Trump?s "divisive comments", revealing an an "unfortunate lack of respect" for the NFL and contributions players make to their communities.

And now Robert Kraft, another billionaire team owner worth $6.2 billion and so-called friend of Trump, has joined the fray. Kraft said he is, "deeply disappointed by the tone of the comments made by the President.? He goes on to say that,  ?There is no greater unifier in this country than sports, and unfortunately, nothing more divisive than politics.? These team owners as I pointed out last week are all billionaires and Roger Goodell made $34.1 million in the 2014 calender year according to NFL tax returns, and remember, for 50 years, the NFL was tax exempt as a ?nonprofit trade group,?. 

So what?s happening here? 

It?s good this is happening but we have to not lose sight of why it is and who were dealing with here. Kraft says that nothing is more divisive than politics and no greater unifier than sports. So unity is important to these people is it? Well, politics is even more important to them, they just say it?s not important when they?re talking to us.  Kraft didn?t give Trump $1 million towards his inaugural for nothing; he wanted something in return and he?s not getting it. They thought they might be able control this moron, control what comes out of his mouth but it appears they can?t. Trump is becoming a liability for business and capitalism. For them, there is no friendship except money friendship.
You're costing us money Donald and I'm richer than you

Neither Kraft, nor any of them called for unity against police abuse when Rodney king was beaten or when Trayvon Martin and other innocent people were murdered. No keeping the players in the locker room then to support protests and the BLM movement. No encouraging players to support workers on strike or the teachers whose livelihoods have been savaged. They never encouraged sports figures to support low waged stadium workers. No, they call for unity when their interests are threatened, when their system is threatened which is what these protests can lead to.

They want to head it off because it can interfere with money making. That?s why the
former presidents, all smiling and laughing together, joined through Twitterland by the Predator in Chief Trump, basically called for unity after Hurricane Harvey at a televised football game. We are all one is the mantra. They didn?t put a face on those responsible for the disaster being worse that it should, the home builders the lobbyists that bribe the politicians to ensure no legislation or regulations are passed that interferes with profits. Bush lives in Texas, he knows intimately why the disaster was such a  disaster. He is part of the cause. We do not want unity with them.

They cannot blame the system, they can?t point to the killers, those responsible for the death and destruction because they defend the system, it is "their" system and no ruling class commits class suicide. They must convince us we are all in this together, they are afraid things could get out of hand.   Class solidarity changes things this is why the big guns of the bourgeois are beginning to turn. It is the movement and movements from below that are forcing these activities from the top.

The anger from Harvey and Irma is not yet done. The like of Kraft and his class are aware that in US society there is much anger, from Flint and other communities that have poison water. There is anger about the environment, the poverty in society, the health care crisis, homelessness, education, a savaging of wages, benefits and right on the job and sports events that a working or middle class family cannot afford to go to even though it is our taxes that pay for the arenas. The daily mass shootings, sometimes of entire families and the opioid addiction are all related to the crisis in US society, a crisis of capitalism.

Every day and waking hour filled with sports, not where we participate as part of human culture bus as spectators watching millionaire athletes play, wholly owned subsidiaries of corporations who our children are encouraged to emulate and see as heroes. We participate mostly through their media and live if we can afford it. It is a very profitable venture but more importantly keeps us out of politics, acts as a diversion from politics and discussions about our lives and society that might lead to real unity not with the 1% and the billionaire owners of sports teams but with teach other, workers whose labor creates the wealth in society.

They use racism and racial tension to keep people apart and undermine working class unity, it is the most prominent tool in their arsenal for that here in the US. They don?t want it to get out of hand if they can help it. However, they will resort to open race war if need be, but we have the numbers and the cause, that?s why fighting racism and all such socially constructed divisions, and building a united working class direct action movement is so important. We should not underestimate the cunning and violent nature of the US ruling class. We need only look at the condition and history of the native peoples as proof of that.

The disproportionate killing of black folks by cops in the streets is not new, it?s been ongoing, its simply been brought to the public eye due to cell phone cameras. These billionaires and politicians now crying crocodile tears about the right to protest and American values know all about it and have remained silent all along.

It is the refusal of the black population to remain silent and to protest not through ineffective candlelight vigils but through mass action that is putting pressure on. It is the numerous actions and movements springing up in the US around racism and the unleashing of the generalized anger that exists beneath the surface of US society that they?re worried about.

Let?s not be fooled, unity is a good thing but what is more important is with whom and about what.      

Source: Kaepernick's Persistence and Pressure from Below Forces Owners to Act
AlterNet / Advice for Trump?s Speechwriters: Quit
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Advice for Trump?s Speechwriters: Quit

Former Obama speechwriter David Litt says the president is a "moral monster."


If David Litt, an Obama speechwriter and author of the new book ?Thanks, Obama: My Hopey Changey White House Years," could give one piece of advice to President Donald Trump's speechwriters, this would be it: "quit," he told Salon's Andrew O'Heir on "Salon Talks."

"I'm not saying that to be glib," he continued. "Trump's problem is not that he doesn't have the rhetorical gifts or if you wrote a better speech, he would be a good president. There's a line that you cross when you take that job."

Litt joined the Barack Obama campaign immediately out of college, and by 2011, he was one of the youngest speechwriters in history. Litt was Obama's source for all things comedy, and his writing was put to use both in speeches and in crafting jokes for the annual White House Correspondent's dinner. "Thanks, Obama" is as much a memoir of Litt's tenure in the White House as it is of Obama's legacy, one that he has no doubt will long outlive the chaotic presidency of Donald Trump.

"Maybe you could claim on January 20 of this year that you didn't know or that Trump was going to change," Litt said of the naïveté of Trump's speechwriters. "But certainly after Charlottesville, and certainly after some of the other things we're seeing, this is not about policy, it's about a basic sense of 'do we believe in a democracy?'"

Litt explained that Trump's ills go far beyond someone who is "morally questionable." "Trump is a moral monster, and it's reflected in his policies," he said. "So yeah, if you're writing speeches for him, go get a better job."

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Source: Advice for Trump?s Speechwriters: Quit
Gov?t Actions, Not Religion, ?Tipping Point? for African Youths Joining Violent Extremism

Government action, rather than religious ideology, is a stronger predictor for radicalization in Africa, according to a two-year landmark study by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). A comprehensive report on the study, recently launched at the UN, highlights crucial aspects in the journey towards extremism in Africa. Far less is known about the causes […]

The post Gov?t Actions, Not Religion, ?Tipping Point? for African Youths Joining Violent Extremism appeared first on Inter Press Service.

Source: Gov?t Actions, Not Religion, ?Tipping Point? for African Youths Joining Violent Extremism
Anarchist News dot Org / TOTW: Bullshit Jobs and Anarchist Integrity
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TOTW: Bullshit Jobs and Anarchist Integrity

How does one make a living in this world and still have some kind of integrity as an anarchist? Usually this means handling money, and often that means having a job, and most likely that job is bullshit. But of course, none of this necessarily has to be the case.

Various sub-philosophies within anarchism have been advocated for how to do this, namely Illegalism (stealing for a living), Agorism (black market businesses), Rewilding (hunting & gathering) and Communalism (living & working on communes). But even though these approaches exist, very few anarchists seem to actually practice this. And those who do practice it don't tend to do it for very long or they treat it as a kind of side-hobby to engage in on their free time off of work (i.e., that which really pays the bills).

And then on the other end of the spectrum, there are the ways of making a living that are absolutely off-limits for anarchists. Usually these are considered to be jobs in law enforcement, the military and being a prison guard. Sometimes the sphere of forbidden jobs is expanded to include anything where one is employed by a government or where one is a boss who has the ability to fire & hire other people. But even with that, there are anarchists out there who have those kinds of jobs. So the zone where one can lose one's anarchy card based on one's profession then gets to be a bit murky.

So between these two extremes, pristine revolutionary purity on the one hand and complete hypocritical douchebaggery on the other, how do we navigate life in this world dominated by capitalism and statism, maintain some sense of dignity and integrity as anarchists, and still reliably get food on our tables and keep a roof over our heads? (and once you've figured that out please put in a good job reference for us)


Source: TOTW: Bullshit Jobs and Anarchist Integrity
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