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Title: What's New with LBC - Summer of 2017
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What's New with LBC - Summer of 2017

From Little Black Cart

Welcome to the quarterly newsletter of the Little Black Cart project. We distribute anarchist anti-political books, pamphlets, and newspapers.

LBC is continuing on with our new, lighter 2017 schedule. This year we anticipate publishing 4-6 titles rather than the 10+ we have been making for the past five years.

Feel free to download the
2017 LBC Review for your amusement, edification, and to learn some of what we've been thinking during the past few years.

In a program that we're really happy with, LBC hosts a new intern every three months. If you are interested in becoming a close friend with LBC and being exposed to the ideas and personalities around the project and our environs, feel free to reach out to us at
our email address for more information. We are currently looking for an intern for the Spring of 2018.

New Material

Toward an Army of Ghosts - by Tom Nom@d

Tom Nom@d has been our near-constant collaborator since we met at the first Boston Anarchist Bookfair in 2011. We have previously published his book
The Master's Tools. We have also published both issues of his fantastic journal Insurgencies (a Journal of Insurgent Strategies). Now we have Toward an Army of Ghosts: immanence, conflict, and crisis. This rounds out Tom's initial material on tactics and strategy in our current time. We can't wait to see what happens next!

In  the  idealized  framework  of  police  tactics  all riot lines are orderly and controlled, but in reality cops  have  emotional  responses,  disobey  orders, make mistakes, and are sometimes overwhelmed with resistance. The police riot is a massive acceleration  of  action,  the  complete  breaking  of  coherence to reimpose coherence, but if it fails then they  fall  completely  into  incoherence.  Though there is a tendency to see the police as a unified force, the organization of a riot line is not a form of order, rather it is a by-product of the attempt to organize  a  certain  terrain  of  action  within  the paradox of contained crisis.

For more information -
Toward an Army of Ghosts

Black Seed Five

Welcome to issue five of the Black Seed project. If you have not seen or heard of us before let us introduce ourselves. We are a small collective of green anarchists who publish a paper-only (or at least paper first) publication intended to broaden and intensify our perspectives.

We begin, mostly by conversations with each other and with people who may also be anarchists but don't use the term. What does it mean to have a politics of pacing and contemplation rather than one of being in such a hurry all the time. What does it mean that the world is coming to an end, forever. Our project is the opposite of social media.  We hope to share themes that are expansive in scope, that merit reflection and contemplation. We intend to plant seeds and to care for them as they flower, mature, and decay. The half lives of our pleasures, concerns, and conflicts should be measured in decades and not in the blink of someones eyes or even the length of time the average radical stays active.

For more information -
Single Copy of Black Seed

Fifty Copies of Black Seed

Full Bundle of Black Seed

Against the Corpse Machine

This is one of those classics (at least in certain circles), and was notable at the time (20 years ago?) and maybe still, for being a post-left perspective that didn't come from the Anarchy magazine crowd. It's been kicking around at least the west coast for that whole time, and now we've given it a new cover and brought it back to our site.

For more information -
Against the Corpse Machine

Recent LBC Titles & Distro items

  1. An Inquiry into the Causes and Nature of the Misery of People - By Jean-Pierre Voyer

  2. The Wandering of Humanity - By Jacques Camatte

  3. Anarchist Speculations - The writings of John Moore

  4. Atassa: Readings in eco-extremism

  5. Anarchy & Nietzsche

  6. Elpis Journal - A Journal of Pessimistic writing

  7. Feral Consciousness

  8. Killing King Abacus collection

  9. Reprints from the UK Do or Die - Cracks in a Grey Sky

  10. 100 years of anarchist attacks - Smert Za Smert

  11. Ardent Press Coloring Book

New LBC t-shirt

After several years we have finally got ourselves a silkscreen setup. Here are some shirts.

Little Black Cart 2017

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Drop us a line.

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Send manuscript proposals to us at

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