Author Topic: A Poem: The Groper in Chief  (Read 196 times)

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A Poem: The Groper in Chief
« on: December 05, 2017, 06:01:18 AM »
A Poem: The Groper in Chief

Go to this link to read and see this serial sexual offender's accusers. They're all lying say the Groper's defenders

The Groper in Chief

The great pretender, the groper in chief
A sexual predator, a liar a thief
The Nazi's they love him the Klan do too.
He's nothing but bad news for me and for you

He's never worked, not a day in his life
What must it be like, to be his wife
But it's no partner he wants, a friend, or a pal
Just a thing with two legs, he calls it a gal

He likes their equipment, its mine he will say
Come to my place, a game we will play
I have the power, to do what I choose
Don't you dare tell, your job you will lose

He is proof to us all that hard work doesn't pay
He's never done it, not even one day
He was born in to welfare, stolen money was gave
stolen from tenants, from workers from slaves

But he's found Jesus some Christians will say
That Muslim Obama, he doesn't pray
I love our dear Donald for he has my back
Not like that Obama, so Godless and black

They say,  I'm no racist, I don't hate Islam
But let's be real honest, that religion's a sham
And these women below, they're liars each one
Our beloved Donald was just having fun

Look at them all, their bodies exposed
Could Donald be tempted by this I suppose
Remember the garden and Eve's fatal sin
It's women's own fault if she did it again

Degenerate he is but this poem won't dare
to insult any animal with him to compare
Not a rat nor a pig nor a beautiful snake
The repulsive Trump was a coital mistake

Art Van De Lait
Source: A Poem: The Groper in Chief