Author Topic: Trump and Tom Friedman: Two peas in a pod.  (Read 244 times)

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Trump and Tom Friedman: Two peas in a pod.
« on: December 05, 2017, 06:00:39 PM »
Trump and Tom Friedman: Two peas  in a pod.

Hasan is responding to Tom Friedman's article in the NY Times praising  Mohammad bin Salman the new and younger Saudi tyrant and a close friend of US Predator in Chief Donald Trump. Friedman, in a reflection of the Zionist regime's closer links with the Saudi's refers to this butcher in Saudi Arabia as the leader of that country's "Arab Spring" an Arab Spring from above of course.

The horrific crises that has engulfed the countries of the Middle East, with its roots in 1916 and Sykes Picot, is consuming the area in flames. This is driven by US imperialism's foreign policy, driven by war criminals and bolstered by its proxies in Tel Aviv and Riyhad. As Russian imperialism and its Iranian allies makes inroads in to the region, the aggressive and violent nature of the US presence will increase. Turkey is also being drawn further in to the morass as it counters US support for the Kurds. There are some 20 million Kurds in Turkey and there is no way the Turks will permit a Kurdish state in what is now Northern Iraq.

Here is Friedman's "nauseating" article praising the murderous Saudi leader causing a humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen with the backing of the US.

Here's what the Arab American News had to say about it.

Source: Trump and Tom Friedman: Two peas  in a pod.