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Court Stops North Carolina GOP From Stripping Candidate of Party Affiliation Just to Win Judicial Race


All the eleventh-hour changes Republicans in North Carolina are making to election law continue to catch up to them.

On Monday, the North Carolina Wake County Superior Court blew up the Republican Party's latest attempt to change the ballot in their favor ? and left them with a self-inflicted wound that stands to jeopardize their chances of holding onto a seat on the state Supreme Court.

Judge Rebecca Holt decided to grant the injunction sought by Raleigh attorney Chris Anglin, who is challenging GOP Justice Barbara Jackson, to stay a law just passed by the GOP-controlled state legislature that would have blocked him from appearing on the ballot as a second Republican.

"We showed that their actions were specifically targeted and there was no valid argument they could present that they weren't targeting it at us specifically," said Anglin to reporters. "It's crystal clear that they want to make the judiciary a division of the legislature, and that they'll do anything to help their candidate win."

Republicans only found themselves in the situation of trying to strip Anglin of his GOP affiliation in the first place because of a dramatic shakeup in the judicial election prompted by their own prior changes to state law.

After Democrats won a liberal majority on the state Supreme Court in 2016, which promptly began striking down the heavily-gerrymandered Republican legislature's illegal power grabs, the GOP sprung into action, passing a series of laws designed to prevent Jackson from losing her own seat in 2018.

Among those changes: partisan affiliations on judicial ballots, so their supporters could more easily identify who was conservative, and the abolition of judicial primaries, in the hope that multiple Democrats would then run on the same ballot and split the vote.

These changes backfired when no Democrats stepped up to challenge progressive civil rights lawyer and former Clinton Justice Department official Anita Earls, but Anglin filed to challenge Jackson as a Republican. Consequently, there is now a risk that Republicans, rather than Democrats, will split their vote in November and lose the race.

The North Carolina Republican Party broadly accused Anglin of being a plant, noting he was a registered Democrat until a few weeks ago, and promptly passed a new law to strip party affiliation from any candidate on the ballot who has not had their party affiliation for more than 90 days. Anglin sued to block the law, and the latest court decision handed him a victory by putting it on hold.

Republicans have only themselves to blame for the situation they find themselves in. They tried repeatedly to rig the rules of judicial races, and as a consequence find themselves in more electoral peril than ever.

Source: Court Stops North Carolina GOP From Stripping Candidate of Party Affiliation Just to Win Judicial Race
Richard Mellor / We are all Animals. All Life is Connected.
« Last post by Richard Mellor on Yesterday at 06:01:27 PM »
We are all Animals. All Life is Connected.

I am almost at a loss for words as the video is so powerful it speaks for itself.  I could not stop crying for a minute or two, not just sadness at the death of a fellow primate but the obvious relationship we have with them. They are our cousins.

As I watch it and it sinks in, it is not just the understanding that animals have emotions like these, that they are intelligent, but that if we do not transform society and by that I mean eliminate the horrific and inhumane form of social organization we know as capitalism and replace it with a rational, collective democratic socialist system of production and the social structure that facilitates it, such beauty will be gone forever.  And not just relations like these, but all life as we know it will eventually be destroyed if the present system and its apologists are not sent in to the history books.

What joy is on this chimps face. What love it must have in its heart for this human being. This is what life can be like and it is just the tip of the iceberg, understanding these relations. Imagine the massive amount of time, capital, resources spent in destroying life and nature all in the rapacious quest for profits and what humanity could do with it.

We can change course. But we cannot travel down this road to freedom if we do not recognize the system of production that dominates the planet is the cause of our demise and that we do have an alternative but we have to fight for it. One thing is certain; we cannot make this system of social organization nice, or fair, or human friendly and respectful of the natural world in which we live.
It has to go.

A lot of people have viewed this and I only just saw it today and thanks to Patricia for sharing it on FB.   Most of us will love this because we are human and to be human is to be collective and social. It's is the system in which we live that is rotten.  We are like fish in polluted waters or plants in barren soil. Chane the water, change the soil and life flourishes.
Source: We are all Animals. All Life is Connected.
An 11-Year-Old at a Hacking Convention Demonstrates Ability to Hack and Change Florida Vote in 10 minutes

The young hacker described the process as easy.

The second annual DEFCON Voting Village took place over a weekend at the end of July in Las Vegas, during the 29th annual DEFCON security convention. Computer experts and hackers meet annually to discuss and show off the latest and greatest computer security systems and practices. The Voting Village allow hackers to work on various ?in use? and ?not in use? voting machines, and see if and how they can hack them. It has been known for some time that our computer voting across the country is woefully lacking in state-of-the-art security, mostly because of a lack of financing and upgrading of our elections system. There?s a lot of money in elections?just not in the machines that count the votes.

BuzzFeed News explains that a dummy election was held using the machines, and then hackers were given the chance to monkey with the results. The basic idea in hacking these machines is to offer up opportunities for improvements in security. If you know the vulnerabilities in your machines, you can hopefully fix those before the next election.

Here’s the roundup of the Def Con Voting Machine Hacking Village discoveries, Day 2! @defcon

— DEFCON VotingVillage (@VotingVillageDC) August 12, 2018

If you can?t read the small picture there, they gave out awards for all kinds of things (i.e. fastest, most innovative, etc.); and they gave out awards for the youngest winners in a hacking contest of replica government elections websites as well. An 11-year-old was able to hack the dummy Florida secretary of state website.

In another area of DEFCON, organizers set up a semicircle of computers preloaded with copies of secretaries of states? websites to allow young children to try to alter the appearance of a vote result. While such an attack wouldn?t change actual votes, simply changing the appearance could cause havoc on Election Day, and reflects a tactic Russia did employ in Ukraine in 2014.

Notably, the kids were instructed to use a simple database hacking tactic called SQL injection, the same tool the US has said Russian hackers used when targeting state voter registration databases in the summer of 2016.

The 11-year-old, named Audrey, told BuzzFeed News that it was easy and once inside she could do just about anything she wanted. Florida?s secretary of state gave a statement to BuzzFeed reiterating that the website was not connected to the voting machines in any way.

One of the criticisms of the event is that hackers are given full access to the machines, which can include figuring out how to open those machines physically, in order to perform a hack?something that is less likely to happen in real life, officials say. Of course, when you consider the stories that come out every few weeks showing that our voting machines may have much bigger and accessible security flaws that are easily exploitable remotely, I don?t find much reassurance in the critics? assessments.



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Source: An 11-Year-Old at a Hacking Convention Demonstrates Ability to Hack and Change Florida Vote in 10 minutes
Inter Press Service - Labour / The Sun Powers a Women?s Bakery in Brazil?s Semi-arid Northeast
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The Sun Powers a Women?s Bakery in Brazil?s Semi-arid Northeast

?The sun which used to torment us now blesses us,” said one of the 19 women who run the Community Bakery of Varzea Comprida dos Oliveiras, a settlement in the rural area of Pombal, a municipality of the state of Paraiba, in Brazil’s semi-arid Northeast. “Without solar energy our bakery would be closed, we would […]

The post The Sun Powers a Women’s Bakery in Brazil’s Semi-arid Northeast appeared first on Inter Press Service.

Source: The Sun Powers a Women?s Bakery in Brazil?s Semi-arid Northeast
Richard Mellor / Turkey: total meltdown
« Last post by Richard Mellor on Yesterday at 01:13:16 AM »
Turkey: total meltdown

by Michael Roberts

The Turkish lira is in total meltdown.  It has lost 40% of its  value against the dollar in the last six months and fell nearly 20% in  the last week.  The turkeys have come home to roost on the country?s  economy and the erratic economic policy of its autocratic (recently  re-elected) leader, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

What triggered the crisis was when the US imposed asset freezes on  Abdulhamit Gul, Turkey?s justice minister, and Suleyman Soylu, interior  minister, for their alleged roles in the detention of Andrew Brunson, an  American pastor. Mr Brunson, who ran a small church in Turkey for two  decades before he was arrested in October 2016, is accused of  participating in a conspiracy to topple Mr Erdogan. The pastor has  described the charges as ?slander?. His detention is just one of a  number of disagreements between Turkey and the US that range over  divergent stances on Syria to the delivery of US arms.

Then on Friday, Wilbur Ross, US commerce secretary, said the US would  double the tariff on imports of Turkish steel to 50 per cent, because  the previous level of 25 per cent had not been enough to sufficiently  reduce Turkish exports to the US. ?Doubling the tariff on imports of  steel from Turkey will further reduce these imports that the [commerce]  department found threaten to impair national security,? said Ross.

That was the trigger but it was not the revolver that now is pointed  at the head of Turkey?s economy.  That was the fast deteriorating  economic situation.  After the botched attempted military coup against  him in 2016, Erdogan launched a credit boom to boost the economy while  locking up thousands and sacking even more from their jobs in academic  and government positions.  He insisted on keeping interest rates low and  blocked any action to curb fast-rising inflation by Turkey?s central  bank, describing interest rates as ?the mother and father of all evil?.

Turkey?s capitalist economy could not handle this, just at a time  that the US dollar strengthened after the US Federal Reserve began to  raise US interest rates.  The problem for Turkey, a country without  energy resources and only its human expertise and cheap labour to sell  is that the vast majority of the funding for industrial development,  construction and real estate comes from abroad:  American and European  investors.  Turkey?s citizens and companies borrow significantly in  dollars and euros.

The apparently fast economic growth of the last two years was built on turkey legs (credit and foreign borrowing)
while imports flooded into the economy not matched by exports and the  profitability of Turkish capital fell sharply.  The rise of the dollar  and interest rates globally brought an end to the party and has exposed  Erdogan to the realities of global capitalism.

Turkey banks and corporations are now in dire trouble. Turkey?s  non-financial companies? foreign currency liabilities now outstrip their  foreign exchange assets by more than $200bn.

The country?s banks and corporations have billions of dollars of  hard-currency debt coming due.  Turkey?s banks are scheduled to repay  $51bn over the next year, while the remaining $18.5bn sits on  non-financial corporate balance sheets. These bills are coming due at a  time when corporate indebtedness sits at 62 per cent of GDP, half of  which is denominated in foreign currencies (dollars and euros, mostly).

Foreign investors are now worried that Turkey will not be able to  finance this.  Relative to its short-term external debt, Turkey?s FX  reserves have declined to new lows.

So capital has fled the country and the lira has tumbled.
Now the extra worry for global capital is that if Turkey?s banks and  corporations start defaulting on their debt servicing, then European  banks could suffer significant losses on their own balance sheets ? what  markets call ?contagion?, the spreading of losses and default  internationally.  Some of Turkey?s banks are foreign-owned and the  biggest lenders to Turkey are Spain?s BBVA, Italy?s UniCredit and  France?s BNP Paribas.

Turkey?s banks appear to have plenty of reserves and loans to Turkey  are just a small part of total loans made by these foreign banks.  But  even ?marginal? losses can sometimes be a tipping point when profits are  tight.  And bad debts in the banks have already been rising (% of debt  that is ?bad? graph below)

How can Erdogan get out of this currency crash?  The capitalist  solution is to hike interest rates to an astronomical height so that  further borrowing is stopped.  Then the government should dramatically  cut government spending and raise taxes (ie fiscal austerity) and use  the ?savings? to bolster the banks and meet foreign debt repayments.   Turkey should also turn to the IMF for a loan ? Greek style. 

Under IMF  rules, it could borrow up to $28bn to fund future debt repayments but  then be subject to the dictats of IMF austerity measures.  This  capitalist solution means an outright slump in the Turkish economy,  hitting its citizens hard and seriously damaging Erdogan?s support in  the country.

The government could introduce capital controls and block any money  leaving the country.  But this would mean that foreign lenders would  just stop lending, driving the economy into a slump anyway.  Or Erdogan  could try to get funding from Russia, China or Saudi Arabia (as Pakistan  has just done).  Unfortunately, he is on bad terms with all these  countries.  Erdogan is resisting all these options so far, telling his  supporters to ?trust in God? and him.

The bigger issue is the growing emerging market debt crisis. This is what I said in May after Turkey?s general election. ?Rising  global interest rates and the growing trade war initiated by US  President Trump are going to hit the so-called emerging capitalist  economies like Turkey.  The cost of borrowing in foreign currency will  rise sharply and foreign investment is likely to reverse?..Turkey is now  near the top of the pile for a debt crisis, along with Argentina  (already there), Ukraine and South Africa.?

So there?s more to come.
Source: Turkey: total meltdown
This Harrowing Video Shows Schoolchildren Just Moments Before Being Massacred by US-Backed Saudi Bombing

President Trump has enthusiastically continued the long-standing U.S. policy of backing the Saudi regime no matter how many innocent people it slaughters.


As funeral ceremonies for the 51 Yemenis?including 40 young children?massacred by the latest U.S.-backed Saudi bombing took place in the war-torn district of Saada on Monday, cellphone footage captured by one of the murdered children just moments before the coalition's airstrike hit shows the dozens of kids excitedly gathered on a bus for a long-awaited field trip celebrating their graduation from summer school.

According to CNN?which obtained and published the footage on Monday?most of the children on the bus were killed by the Saudi airstrike less than an hour after the video was captured.

This is just the latest horrific attack on civilians by the Saudi-led coalition, which has received explicit military and political backing from the United States. Images sent to Al-Jazeera by Yemen's Houthi rebels suggest that Mark-82 bomb?which is manufactured by the massive American military contractor Raytheon?was used in the strike, though the photos have yet to be independently verified.

Watch the footage (warning, the video is graphic):

According to the Houthi Health Ministry, 79 people in total and 56 children were wounded in the attack, which quickly drew condemnation and demands for an independent investigation from international humanitarian groups, the United Nations, and a small number of American lawmakers.

"By backing the Saudi coalition's war in Yemen with weapons, aerial refueling, and targeting assistance, the United States is complicit in the atrocities taking place there," Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) wrote on Facebook. "We must end our support for this war and focus our efforts on a U.N.-brokered cease-fire and a diplomatic resolution."

As Al-Jazeera notes, the U.S. "has been the biggest supplier of military equipment to Riyadh, with more than $90 billion of sales recorded between 2010 and 2015."

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has enthusiastically continued the long-standing U.S. policy of backing the Saudi regime no matter how many innocent people it slaughters in Yemen, openly applauding the kingdom for buying so much American weaponry.

Ahead of Monday's funerals for the dozens of children murdered by the Saudi-led coalition last week, images on social media showed Yemenis digging graves in preparation for the ceremonies.


As's Will Bunch noted in a column on Sunday, the Saudi-led coalition's school bus bombing forced the corporate media?which has almost completely ignoredthe humanitarian crisis in Yemen?"to pay at least a little bit of attention."

"It shouldn't have taken so long," Bunch wrote. "This blood is on America's hands, as long as we keep sending the bombs that kill so many Yemenis, and as long as we give the Saudis our unqualified diplomatic support in a messy regional conflict. And yet there's been no public debate about the murky U.S. role out of this, and no clarification from the White House or the Pentagon over what we hope to accomplish by our support of the mayhem."

"If the American people can take back control of what is being done in our name," Bunch concluded, "maybe we can finally begin washing away this spreading moral stain."


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Source: This Harrowing Video Shows Schoolchildren Just Moments Before Being Massacred by US-Backed Saudi Bombing
'Fiscally Disastrous': Conservative Writer Destroys the Pretense that Republicans Care About Being Financially Responsible


This has been clear for a long time.

Whenever progressives want the government to spend money on programs ? universal health care, parental leave ? Republicans consistently denounce the plans as too costly. But when Republicans want to spend money on ridiculous and unnecessary ideas like massive tax cuts for businesses or a "space force," somehow the expense is no longer an issue.

And under President Donald Trump, Republicans have completely abandoned the pretense that they are concerned about increasing government debt ? despite using the issue to hamper President Barack Obama's efforts to recover from the 2008 financial crisis.

In a new op-ed on Friday, conservative writer Jennifer Rubin with the Washington Post denounced the party's utter hypocrisy on government spending.

"Let?s remember Republicans promised ? swore up and down ? that the cuts would pay for themselves," she wrote. "This was categorically false, obviously so at the time. Sens. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), Susan Collins (R-Maine) and others who made this ludicrous assertion should be held accountable ? and voted out of office."

She notes that a new Congressional Budget Office report shows that under GOP policies, "the debt is mushrooming."

And there's no surprise about why: "Congress shrunk revenue while spending is expanding."

And yet, despite these obvious facts, the Trump administration is considering even more tax cuts for the people who need them the least.

"There is an argument to be had as to what the ideal level of taxes should be, balancing the needs of a dynamic society with the genuine need for public expenditures," Rubin wrote. "But one thing is clear: The 2017 tax cuts were fiscally disastrous and should not be repeated."


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Source: 'Fiscally Disastrous': Conservative Writer Destroys the Pretense that Republicans Care About Being Financially Responsible
This Republican with Ties to Trump Reportedly Paid Thousands of Dollars to Get Hillary Clinton's Hacked Emails


BuzzFeed reportedly obtained documents showing his "suspicious" cash withdrawals.

Peter Smith, a GOP operative, tried to obtain Hillary Clinton's emails from believed to be Russian hackers during the 2016 campaign, according to a Wall Street Journal report published in June 2017. This finding was especially significant because Smith appeared to have ties to Michael Flynn, an adviser to then-candidate Donald Trump who briefly became national security adviser.

While this thread in the Russia investigation has largely remained dormant since the initial reports, a new article from BuzzFeed on Friday breathed new life into the potentially crucial story. According to the report, Smith made "suspicious" money transfers in his effort to secure the emails:

Just a day after he finished a report suggesting he was working with Trump campaign officials, for example, he transferred $9,500 from an account he had set up to fund the email project to his personal account, later taking out more than $4,900 in cash. According to a person with direct knowledge of Smith?s project, the Republican operative stated that he was prepared to pay hackers ?many thousands of dollars? for Clinton?s emails ? and ultimately did so.

His bank, Northern Trust, reportedly found records of $140,000 of suspicious transfers in his accounts, according to BuzzFeed.

Smith died on May 14 in 2017, about 10 days after the Journal spoke with him for its article. Flynn, who was fired by Trump after he lied to federal investigators about his contacts with Russian officials, has pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI and is reportedly cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller.

According to the report, federal investigators, and the Senate Intelligence Committee are pursuing the financial documentation to see where it leads.


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Source: This Republican with Ties to Trump Reportedly Paid Thousands of Dollars to Get Hillary Clinton's Hacked Emails
AlterNet / Omarosa Claims Trump Campaign Offered Her $15K a Month in Hush Money: Report
« Last post by AlterNet on August 12, 2018, 06:00:12 AM »
Omarosa Claims Trump Campaign Offered Her $15K a Month in Hush Money: Report

The offer reportedly came after her firing.

Former Donald Trump confidante Omarosa Manigault Newman was offered $15,000 a month from the president?s campaign to ?stay silent? after being fired from the White House, The Washington Post reported Friday.

The offer was refused.

The hush money offer was reportedly offered by Trump campaign advisor and daughter-in-law Lara Trump, who is married to Eric Trump.


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Source: Omarosa Claims Trump Campaign Offered Her $15K a Month in Hush Money: Report
Russian Capitalism/Imperialism, Putin And The Russian Working class.

Russian Workers On March against Raising of Pension Age. 
Sean O'Torain.

There are whole volumes to be written about the rise of Russian capitalism/imperialism out of the collapse of the Stalinist regime in the past decades. This Blog has continually pointed out the problems that face US capitalism/imperialism in dealing with Russian capitalism/imperialism. And these problems are not only because of the personal/financial problems of the Trump regime and Trump's fear of what Russian capitalism/imperialism in the form of the Putin regime can reveal about him. It is a much more serious problem.

US imperialism very actively intervened to bring down Stalinism and very actively intervened to make sure that it was replaced with Russian capitalism, that there was no move to replace it with democratic socialism. US imperialism intervened to make sure that the previously nationalized dominant sectors of the Russian economy rather than being taken into collective ownership and being collectively owned and managed and run by the Russian working class, were taken into ownership by the new Russian capitalist class. So US capitalism/imperialism played a major part in bringing about the new Russian capitalist class and putting it in power and this is whom Putin represents - the new Russian capitalist/imperialist class. This should not be forgotten when we read of US imperialism whining about Putin.

This Blog has pointed to the contortions US capitalism/imperialism and all wings of its mass media go to to try and hide this fact. One example is how they insist on calling the Russian capitalists - oligarchs. They are determined not to call them capitalists which is what they are. But if the US capitalist media called them capitalists then they would be seen to be similar to the crowd of capitalist  gangsters that run the US economy, That is, in the great class conflict of the world, they would be seen to be brother and sister capitalists.

But to move on to the main point of this article.

This Blog has continually said that the Russian working class would soon make its presence felt. That after the shock of the collapse of Stalinism it would recover and begin to act as a class. This and the rise of the Chinese working class and the rise of the US working class will be major factors on the world situation in the years ahead. But back to Russia. This Blog has recently had an article on a demonstration in Moscow for better housing. This was led mainly by women workers. This demonstration is not to be confused with the demonstrations that are regularly held by other wings of the Russian capitalist class who wish to have a greater share of the loot than the Putin wing. Now we have had a more important movement of a section of the Russian working class.

The Putin regime is moving to pass a law to raise the retirement age. At the moment men can retire and qualify for pensions at 60 years and women at 55 and in some industries women can retire and qualify for pensions at 50. Compare that to the USA!  This proposed new law would raise the retirement age to 65 for men and 63 for women. This is a major attack on the Russian working class. This at a time when the Russian capitalist class are living in the most extreme and crude luxury from the property they seized from the state when Stalinism collapsed. But this attack is not going unopposed.

89% of Russians in polls oppose the increase in retirement age. Naturally enough this opposition is greatest amongst older Russians which to now have been Putin's main base. The demonstrations have taken place in 150 cities throughout Russia. They have have not yet been enormous in size. But they have been angry. One woman demonstrator in the city of Tver, a city north of Moscow, referred to the Chinese example in dealing with corrupt bureaucrats. She stated: "In China, thieving officials are taken into the street and shot, and their property confiscated. We want that too". No holding back from this lady. She sees clearly what she wants done. No wonder Putin is trying to suggest that he has doubts about the new law. Some others in the demonstration in Tver were heard to shout: "Let Putin live on a pension". These demonstrations and this opposition has led to some splits in Putin's so-called United Russia Party. One newspaper in Russia has described Putin's party as the "praetorian guard of Stability". That is, of Russian capitalist/imperialist stability. Well it is showing the odd crack.

The Russian capitalist class which is represented by Putin and his Party is unique in history. It came to power and seized the economy as Stalinism collapsed. It took capitalism centuries to come to power and establish itself worldwide. In Russia it has been a different story. The new Russian capitalist/imperialist class, made up of KGB and former Stalinist state officials,  came to power in a matter of years. This is unique in history.

This new class is also different in other ways. It brings with it the repressive traditions of Stalinism. The crushing of the opposition in the 1920's and 1930's. It  brings with it the experience of the second world war when the Russian masses bore the brunt of the the war against and the defeat of Fascism. It brings with it the experience of the decades of the cold war.  US capitalism/imperialism helped to put the Russian capitalist class in power and now it is faced with this new class as a major rival. Be careful what you want, you might get it, is the saying that comes to mind. US capitalism/imperialism is whining about how Russian capitalism/imperialism intervenes in US elections, this from the class that spent the last century trying to bring down Stalinism and to intervene in every election on the planet and organize military intervention and assassination on a mass scale to get the governments it wanted in country after country. The problem that US capitalism/imperialism has is that it has been outdone by the Russian capitalist/imperialism  at its own game.

This Blog will seek to follow and publicize the struggles of the Russian working class that are just beginning. And to follow and publicize the struggles of the Chinese working class that are showing signs of emerging. And of the US working class that is beginning to stir. Human society is faced with a race against time. Unless capitalism is overthrown and replaced with a democratic socialist world where the international working class come to power and democratically run things, then life on earth as we know it will be destroyed. It will be destroyed either by climate change, nuclear war, pollution, or a combination of these.

It is heartening to see the first stirrings of the Russian working class. This Blog has been covering the new movements of the US working class in the teachers and educators movements in West Virginia, Kentucky, Arizona, Puerto Rico, and other states and the recent movement of the transit workers union in Washington DC where these workers refused to transport the Nazis and fascists to a demonstration. These are the first beginnings of the coming movement of the US working class. These movements are being led by new leaders from the rank and file of the US unions and workers and in some cases by leaders of some of the union locals, And they are overwhelmingly being led by women activists. Things are looking up.

This is no time to be pessimistic. Great struggles lie ahead. The international working class will seek to put its imprint on the developments in the world. The Russian working class will play its role in this. The Russian capitalists, what the US capitalist class call the Russian oligarchs, they call them this so as to try and make out they are not the same type of bunch of crooks and exploiters as the US capitalist class, will also be challenged.

As these struggles develop here in the US the trade union leadership which are wedded to US capitalism/imperialism will be challenged. Already signs of a new leadership is emerging. All those who are opposed to US capitalism/imperialism have to orient to these new movements and have to examine their ways of working and assist these new movements and assist a new fighting anti capitalist/imperialist leadership to emerge.
Source: Russian Capitalism/Imperialism, Putin And The Russian Working class.
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